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A New IEEE Guide for Field Test on Power and Distribution Transformers
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Since the invention of the transformer, the design, quality and efficiency of this magnificent machine has been improved thanks to the development of electromagnetic materials, computer design algorithms, insulation materials, cooling systems, structural design, etc. Nowadays, a vast number of transformers operate worldwide aiming to provide reliable and safe operation under the most cumbersome environmental and operational conditions.

Even though the materials, design and manufacturing processes have improved, the most common insulation system is a combination of liquid insulation, cellulose and impregnated in oil cellulose. These components of the overall insulation system go through an inevitable aging process that leads to the end of the service life of power and distribution transformers. One can expand this statement into other components with similar insulation construction such as bushings and instrument transformer with oil-impregnated paper insulation.

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OMICRON MONTESTO 200 OMICRON’s MONTESTO 200 combines on-line partial discharge (PD) measurement and temporary on-line PD monitoring functions into one portable system. The IP65 rated MONTESTO 200 can be used both indoors and outdoors for insulation condition assessments on various medium-voltage and high-voltage electrical assets under load, including motors and generators, power transformers and power cables. Partial discharge activity is a reliable indicator of insulation condition, as it is often a sign of insulation defects that can potentially cause failure in electrical assets. For more information on the OMICRON MONTESTO 200, click here or visit

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Protec Connect Renting and managing electrical test and measurement equipment just got a whole lot easier with Protec Connect. the mobile app that enables customers to access a nationwide fleet of electrical test equipment anywhere, anytime. A product driven by an obligation to better support and service the electrical test industry, Protec Connect is part of Protec’s commitment to assisting customers with all of their equipment rental and management needs. Protec Connect is available for immediate download by scanning the QR code, and an app demo can be seen by clicking here . For more information on Protec Connect, contact Tracy Burgener at

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Megger TTRU3 The Megger TTRU3 performs ratio tests on power, voltage, or current transformers. It uses the patent-pending step-up ratio test method, exciting all three phases at once! It is designed to be used in severe field conditions, guaranteeing ±0.05% turns ratio accuracy.Tests performed with the TTRU3: true 3 phase turns ratio, single phase turns ratio, excitation current, polarity, phase angle deviation, magnetic balance, vector recognition, and phase shift. Two interface options are included: 7” onboard display (standard on all models) or USB for PC control. Vector configurations are displayed during test setup, providing assurance that correct setup has been selected before the test begins. PowerDB Lite software comes with the TTRU3.

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