President's Letter, Fr. Paul Demuth

Recently our BACC board began its four month training program in foresight analysis. What an exciting adventure for us and hopefully for our entire community as we learn how to scan for trends that will impact how all of us will wisely plan for its future growth.

At the same time, I am reflecting on the future using the wisdom and insights of deep thinkers like Richard Rohr, OFM (Center for Action and Contemplation) and Ilia Delio, OSF. Both are spiritual thinkers who use the wisdom of the centuries and the advances in science and technology to forge a vision of the future based on love, convergence, and inclusion of all people. A few of their relevant works are cited later in this newsletter.

Neither foresight analysis experts like Garry Golden nor spiritual seekers dare to predict the future! Rather, they help us to listen to the greater needs of the world (dare we say “universe”?) in a way that takes us to a new appreciation of our advances while at the same time asking, "What is the greater good for the community?" New advances in computers, medical science, manufacturing and artificial intelligence will only be a true advancement if it helps people of every race, ethnicity, religion and socio-economic segment grow in love and appreciation of all that we are and have been given.

We’ve got a lot to learn! As thought leaders in the community, BACC hopes to see the big picture and offer insights and wisdom to community leaders. We invite you to continue to walk with us on this journey.