April 2019 Board Update
The Naramata Centre Board of Directors met in Naramata April 5-7. We were very pleased to be back at the Centre enjoying the spring weather, the rushing waters in the creek, the beautiful green buds on the weeping willows and, as always, the sense of Spirit in this place.

Jack Best
We were saddened to learn of the passing of  long-time Centre friend, Jack Best.  Along with his partner Marion, Jack came to work at the Centre in 1977 where he focused on fundraising, in particular for building the Maple Courts.  Since that time, Jack spent countless hours as a Centre volunteer, program leader, trusted colleague, wise counselor and much more.  

For several current board members, for generations of people who have come to the Centre and for countless individuals throughout the United Church, Jack has been a friend and mentor. He taught us what caring for community means, and modeled a life lived with integrity and faith.  

We are all better people for having known Jack, and will recall fondly the sparkle in his eye and his willingness to work for the betterment of his community, his church and Naramata Centre.  Well done, good and faithful servant - you will be missed!

Managing Director
Working with Nelson/Kraft and Associates, our search for a Managing Director is under way. The role description outlining required skills and experience is posted here  . If you are interested in serving in this role or know someone who would be a good fit for this position, please contact Larry Nelson or Mark Kraft at 1-778-982-4427.

This is an exciting time of growth and development for the Centre. The Managing Director will work with the board to enhance our programming and grow revenues, and to establish additional partnerships with the South Okanagan community and the United Church in BC and Alberta.

Naramata Centre Land
We are excited to announce that we have hired Modus Planning Design and Engagement as well as   Landform Architecture to help the Centre develop a master site plan for both the land we wish to retain and the land we are planning to sell. We began this process with a three-hour working session at our board meeting. A large and important part of the work will be engaging with our Centre community of supporters, as well the Naramata Village community, about future possibilities for the land and buildings at Naramata Centre.

Two days prior to the June 29th annual general meeting (AGM), Modus will lead a Design Charette in Naramata and then provide a report to members on the day of the AGM. Opportunities for input from Centre supporters, the week of our AGM, will be announced in an upcoming newsletter. We encourage you to come to this event to share your views and help inform the important decisions that will shape the future of the Centre. If you want to participate, you may wish to book accommodations for this time soon, as spaces are filling.

2019 Programs
We were also excited to hear about the programming in place for this year through the spring, summer  and fall. Many weeks and programs are filling up for summer, so please check out the Program pages on our website and book now so you are not disappointed. Work has also begun to set programming goals for the next three-to-five years as the Centre continues to grow and establish our focus on creating welcoming communities where all are valued for who they are.

Interested in Joining the Board?
We are seeking a new Board member who is under 30 years of age to fill a vacancy. The three-year term for new board members begins at our AGM on June 29th. If you or someone you know would be interested in joining the Board, please contact our Board Chair at Doug.Woollard@naramatacentresociety.org.

We are pleased that staff are now taking over responsibilities that have been looked after by Board members for the past three years. Our Program Manager Charmaine Pearce has now taken over the communications role that Board Member Barb Green has managed. We thank Barb for all the work she has done to establish and improve our communications during this time. Barb's dedication to writing the newsletter, editing the board report, posting on Facebook, designing communication plans and ensuring all our communications are first-rate is deeply appreciated.

In Closing
This is an exciting time at Naramata Centre as we plan important next steps in our land development, hire new staff and prepare for the busyness of our summer season. We invite you to participate by attending the important events during the AGM week, coming to the Centre for a program or simply joining our inclusive community with other like-minded people this spring, summer or fall. In doing so, you have the opportunity to nurture your spirit, demonstrate your support for the long-term success of Naramata Centre and leave feeling refreshed and revitalized!

Come and join us at the Centre this year ... You belong here!

Doug Woollard
Board Chair

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