April 2019 Fresh News
Landmark Studies In Diabetes Care
In the past 25 years, several large research studies in persons with prediabetes and diabetes have led to a great deal of important, scientifically supported information. These studies have shown how to effectively prevent diabetes and its complications and how, in some persons with diabetes at high risk for cardiovascular disease, less intensive targets for blood glucose control may be safer.

A program that provides peer-to-peer health counseling applies University of Michigan research in a faith-based setting. See how it’s helping parishioners in need.
Congratulations! Virginia Diabetes Council Announces Grant Awards to 21 organizations across the Commonwealth.

The VDC Diabetes Prevention Program Committee reviewed requests totaling over $125,000 for this Spring's Mini-Grant Program.
Great news! Building only a moderate amount of muscle mass could help lower your chances of developing diabetes. And you don't even have to hit the gym! A few squats, planks, and push-ups can be a game-changer. 
Snack on This! What do eggs, edamame, and popcorn have in common? They are all good snacks! When your blood sugar drops, here are some more suggestions for a quick-fix.

April 8 | DSMES Committee Conference Call | 12 - 1 p.m. | Details
April 9 | VDC Board Meeting | 5 p.m |
April 12 I Diabetes Prevention Program Networking Meeting I Details
April 17 | Diabetes Prevention Program Conference Call | 3 p.m. | Details
April 26 I Virginia Diabetes Council Open Meeting I 10 AM-2 PM I Details
June 8 I VCU Practical Endocrine Topics for Primary Care I Details
June 21 I DSMES Program Coordinators Networking Meeting I 9-3 Info TBA
The Virginia Diabetes Council sends you warm wishes for a Happy Spring!