Volume 64, Issue 3 | April 2019   
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April 2019 Community Center Calendar
  2 | HVCA Board | 7:00 PM
  5 | Kids Night Out | 5:00-9:00 PM  
  9 | HVLT Board | 7:30 PM
16 | Firewise Committee | 7:30 PM
16 | Music Festival Committee | 7:30 PM
19 | Kids Night Out | 5:00-9:00 PM
23 | Sanitary District Board | 7:30 PM
1st/3rd Wed. | Tam Design Review Board | 7:00 PM (Log Cabin, Tam Valley)
Saturdays     | A. A. Meeting | 10:00 AM
Wednesdays  | Dance with Miss Anna | 11:30 AM
Wednesdays  | Mill Valley Zen Meditation | 7:00 PM
Fridays         | SingDancePlay - Music Together | 9:30, 10:30 & 11:30 AM

Save the Date

May 8  | Joint MHS-Homestead Valley Community Meeting | 7:30 PM MHS Library

2019 Homestead Valley Pool
Early-Bird Pool Memberships Now Available

It has been one very cool and wet Winter, but Spring is here and that means he Pool opens this month -  Saturday, April 20th.  You can view our 2019 brochure at  homesteadvalley.org.

Jump in now and get your Early-Bird pricing online at hvcaonline.com 
- Easy!!

We're Hiring!
We're now accepting applications for lifeguards, gatekeepers and swim instructors. This is a great opportunity for all ages to serve the community while working outdoors. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, retired or a student come join our team!
Camp Funderblast
Amazing and Inspiring!

By Veronica Cowen
What an amazing and inspiring year it has been at the Homestead Valley Community Center! Camp Funderblast has been having a ball operating After School Camp Mondays-Thursdays. We've incorporated Science on Mondays, Sports on Tuesdays, Cooking projects on Wednesdays and Nature adventures on Thursdays. We've taken field trips to Stolte Grove, Boyle and Molino Parks. We've learned how to make lots of delicious foods with local ingredients - all from scratch, fresh tomato soup, grilled cheese, smoothies, granola, and fruit mandalas just to name a few! We've played epic games of dodgeball, gaga ball and tag-a-palooza! We've learned about angular momentum - the physics behind why ice-skaters spin so fast, made slime and had balloon races. And that's all in the just the last month! Basically, we're taking all the magic and love of a Funderblast summer and sprinkling it throughout the year. It's pretty amazing to see how kids shine when given the space and time for creativity and inspiration! They are learning freedom, fun, and how to spread love, all while they experience possibilities that are outside the box - like winter gardening and making parsnip muffins!
Recently one Funderblast After-School-Camper explained that although she does art in school - she is always assigned or told which specific projects to complete. At Funderblast she simply gets to be creative and inventive all on her own! 
Funderblast's mission and vision is to create a safe space where kids feel loved and seen, a space where kids can thrive! And that's what is happening all year long! We also have Kids Night Out events two Fridays a month where dance parties, hide and seek and sunset tag take place! Not to mention dinner and a movie! 
We've been working hard this school year to make super cozy Louie the Lightning Bolt of Love pajama pants! Campers have been helping us brainstorm ideas of all the amazing things Louie can be doing on the PJ's - things like skateboarding, playing dodgeball, painting a self portrait, eating spaghetti and lots more! You won't believe how silly and joyful these pajamas are going to be! 
Summer is just around the corner and we're gearing up for so much more magic, healing, fun and laughter! Louie the Lightning Bolt of Love is ready to shine bright and bring new games, activities, art projects and adventures into the lives of all Funderblasters! This summer, Funderblast is filling up so if you haven't already, register online and reserve your spot! We can't wait to see you soon and spread positive energy with your family! 

Visit Funderblast today!   https://www.funderblast.com/
2019 HVCA Board
HVCA Board Looking to Fill Vacant Seat

The Homestead Valley Community Association Board of Directors is preparing to fill a vacancy on the board following our recent opening.
Serving on the HVCA Board of Directors is a great way to be more involved in your community and help shape the direction of the HVCA for the future.  Board Members are asked to attend monthly meetings (first Tuesday night of the month - the public is invited!) and to participate in at least one Committee that provides direction for services like the pool, events (4th of July, Halloween and Holiday parties, etc..), communication, finance and other critical elements of running the HVCA.
If you are interested in serving on the HVCA Board, please contact David Ross, Executive Director of HVCA, at david@homesteadvalley.org.
Homestead Valley Vignettes by Chuck Oldenburg
Marin Theater Company 

Throughout the 1960s, the Homestead Players acted in plays in Brown's Hall, the community center of the Homestead Valley Improvement Club on Miller Ave. On May 6, 1966, it was the American Premiere of "The Obscene Temple" written by famous San Francisco playwright Lester Cole. The first performance was a benefit for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), a significant organization in the American Civil Rights Movement. Sali Lieberman, a craftsman upholsterer by profession, was the key contributor to the decade long success of the Homestead Players. In 1967, the Mill Valley Center for the Performing Arts was founded under Lieberman's leadership. Plays were held in the Mill Valley Golf Clubhouse. Sali Lieberman is credited with the success of this venture. The name was later changed to the Marin Theater Company (MTC). In 1984, MTC purchased property across Miller Ave. from Brown's Hall and constructed a new building. Two theaters share a common roof with the adjacent commercial building. They are the 99-seat Sali Lieberman Theater opened in 1985 and the 225-seat proscenium Boyer Theater opened in 1987. MTC attracts theatergoers from throughout the Bay Area.
Homestead Valley Contact Information
Community Center Office
David Ross, Executive Director                      

Summer Shapiro, Associate Center Director

Community Association
Leslie Dixon, President

Alex Scalisi, Vice-President
Land Trust
Brian Spring, President

Mark Stahl

Sanitary District
Bonner Beuhler, Manager

Stolte Grove Rentals
Sheila Nielsen

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