April 2019
COST:  $85
2-Year Certification
April 11
Time: 5 - 9 p.m. 
Location: KTN Training Center 
Instructor: David Martin
April 16
Time: 8:30 - 12:30 p.m. 
Location: KTN Training Center 
Instructor: David Martin
April 24
Time: 9:00 a.m. - 1 p.m. 
Location: Juneau-Nugget Mall 
Instructor: David Martin
April 27
Time: 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. 
Location: KTN Training Center 
Instructor: Ginny Clay
May 7
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. 
Location: KTN Training Center 
Instructor: David Martin
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10 a.m. AK Time
  1 p.m. CS Time

Webinar: "It Wasn't Mine" & Other Excuses: Busting Myths About Failed Drug Tests 
April 9, 2019
Cost: $19.99
Sometimes employee explanations or excuses can cause an employer doubt and confusion about what to do next to ensure that they are following the workplace drug and alcohol policy.  Don't let this happen to you. We can help.

Webinar: Addressing the Dangers of Distracted Driving
April 9, 2019
Sale Price: $9.99
This webinar covers strategies for avoiding distracted driving accidents and provides a template to employers for a workplace distracted driving policy.

Webinar: I'm a Supervisor, Now What?
April 25
Cost: $91.88
Whether you were hired into the position, worked your way up through the ranks o r have many years of experience, this training is designed to keep you, your  employees and your workplace SAFE. We will cover supervisory responsibilities,
safety training compliance, incident/accident reporting, job safety analysis and much more!

Webinar: Signs & Symptoms for Supervisors
May 14
Cost: $133.05
Forty percent of workplace fatalities involve employee substance abuse. Do YOU know the signs & symptoms?
It is essential for employers to understand the prevalence, trends and costs related to substance use among employees and how to respond. This training meets the requirements for DOT mandated training on drugs and alcohol and is appropriate for all supervisors, DERs and employees who need training.

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TSS Podcast
We are thrilled to announce the newest addition to our collection of safety resources. As a veteran in the safety industry, TSS CEO Renee Schofield has just about seen it all. In her new series of podcasts, Renee will share her experience and wisdom on a variety of topics related to community and workplace safety. Take a listen!
Recent News
Congratulations to TSS CEO
Renee Schofield! Renee was recently elected to the position of Flotilla Commander for the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. Her husband, Ed Schofield, was elected as the Vice Flotilla Commander. The duo joined the auxiliary in 2016 to assist the community with boating safety measures. Renee also holds certificates as an instructor, vessel examiner and recreational boating program visitor for the auxiliary.

New Iowa Collection Site
Bi-State Consortium members, we've added a state-of-the-art collection site in Muscatine.  For more than 20 years, River Rehab Physical Th erapy has performed WorkSTEPS employment testing, hearing testing and drug screen collection for many companies in Eastern Iowa. NOW we are offering DOT drug testing.

With the WorkSTEPS testing program, we can offer not only pre-employment testing but also Return to Work, Fit for Duty exams, and Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) if needed.
If your company can benefit contact River Rehab Physical Therapy
 at (563) 264-8638 or  aeversmeyer@riverrehabpt.com.
By Renee Schofield, CEO

For nearly 20 years, I have been working in a safety environment. That means different things on different days. No two days are the same.

One day, it might mean drug screening. Screening for a new job, custody matter or safety compliance after an accident. The test might be via hair, urine, breath, saliva, fingernails or a combination of these. What I know for sure is that I have to be familiar with ALL regulations that apply to each situation and execute them exactly as mandated. Doing so ensures the best, most accurate result for the donor and the requesting agency. #SafetyIsMySuperPower.

On another day, I may be teaching CPR and First Aid to new babysitters. This kind of work, to increase people's ability to respond in an emergency situation, is incredibly rewarding. Knowing that those who our community relies on have skill sets to help when called upon is immeasurable - especially when it comes to people who care for our children. #SafetyIsMySuperPower.

Another part of my job is making sure that employers have the safety knowledge they need. To that end, TSS offers amazing online webinar trainings that bring safety right to your desk. From harassment to fall protection, drug and alcohol abuse recognition to seasonal worker safety, we take safety seriously. Our website has many opportunities for employers to broaden their knowledge base. 

My favorite tool is our Safety Toolbox kit. Employers can choose 12 topics from our list of nearly 40, to tailor a safety program for their company. We give you the topic, the training, the quiz, even the sign-in sheet! The employer can lead the training or bring in TSS safety staff to assist. Our Safety Coordinator, David Martin can guide you on the best program for your workplace because, well, #SafetyIsMySuperPower.

You need it? We'll find it. Ask us how. #SafetyIsMySuperPower.
Distracted Driving 
Awareness Month

TSS has written a lot about the dangers of distracted driving over the years. So, as April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, we want to share a few reminders. 

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every day nine people are killed, and more than a thousand people are injured in automobile crashes that involved a distracted driver. 

There are three primary types of driving distractions visual, manual and cognitive. The following are some tips on how to avoid these types of distraction:


Keep your eyes on the road. 
Pull over if you need to read directions.

Put your device on "Do Not Disturb" mode.


Keep your cell phone out of easy reach.

Make all adjustments to the steering wheel, seat, etc. before you begin driving.

Don't reach for items while on the road.


Avoid all phone calls - even hands-free. 

Keep your focus on the road. 

Keep your emotions in check. 


For more information on how to avoid distracted driving accidents, helpful tools and a tutorial on how to develop an effective workplace distracted driving policy, join our webinar on April 18 (see sidebar). 


In recognition of the month, we are offering the course at a discounted rate of $9.99!

SAFETY CORNER: Manage Workplace Stress

By David Martin, Safety Coordinator                                
While many of the reasons for workplace stress can seem out of your control, how you cope with them is up to you. Through preparation and by incorporating some practical, calming strategies, you can eliminate a lot of the stress and foster a healthy, productive work-life balance.

What is the difference between Pre-Employment drug testing and Return to Duty screening?
Occasionally the donor and/or the DER may be confused by these two different types of drug tests.
Here is clarification:

A Pre-Employment drug test is a drug test that an individual must take either prior to beginning safety-sensitive functions as a new employee .... OR, to enter a consortium if the donor has been out of the random pool for at least one quarter.

When an employee is part of a consortium the federal agency recognizes them to be enrolled and participating in a random drug screening process. This promotes public safety, security and confidence in those holding safety-sensitive positions that are regulated by the federal government.

A Return to Duty test is a drug screen that is required after a donor has failed a drug or alcohol screen, has completed the SAP evaluation process and is returning to their safety-sensitive work duties. These tests are required to be performed under Direct Observation.


Sometimes DOT rules and regulations can be a bit confusing. TSS's dedicated staff has years of experience in understanding and implementing these rules. Whether you are working on a company policy or you are just not sure what to do in a situation, TSS is there to help guide you. Contact info@tss-safety.com with your questions. 
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