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Development Projects in the First District
Development in the First District continues to expand since we have exited the Great Recession. I wanted to take a moment to share with you the current status of permitted projects or where proposed developments are in the review and approval process. As projects go through the review and approval process it is my intention to keep you informed, share developer community meetings, public hearings, and opportunities to share your thoughts, concerns and ideas. As we face new land use policies, changes to existing practices or proposed new policies it is my goal to keep you informed, advocate for smart sustainable development that focuses on reducing vehicle miles traveled, and integrates into the existing community. 
Plans For 7 th Avenue & Brommer Street
The 7th and Brommer project is located on the corner of 7 th Avenue and Brommer Street. Currently most of the space is undeveloped, with only two single-family homes on the 9-acres owned by the County. After issuing a Request for Proposals for this site, the County entered into an exclusive negotiating agreement with Barry Swenson Builders.  Barry Swenson Builders recently hosted two community meetings to get feedback on their proposal, which includes housing, a small hotel, over 5,000 square feet of retail space, a youth hostel and a one acre park. There has not been a formal application to the County yet. Click HERE for for more info. 
Proposed NEW Medical Office Building 
The proposed project at 5940 Soquel Avenue is a 160,000-square-foot Specialty Medical Office Building being developed by Pacific Medical Builders (PMB). It is envisioned to be occupied by Kaiser Permanente. The facility will include advanced medical services, an urgent care clinic and medical offices. It is an outpatient facility, not a hospital. The 4.98-acre site is currently used as open storage.  The project includes 720 parking spaces, including more than 40 EV charging stations in the parking garage. Also, there will be bike racks for short-term parking and an enclosed bike parking area. 
A traffic study is in progress. PMB is currently studying traffic control and mitigation measures including adding traffic lights, restriping and redirecting traffic patterns to better manage the area's traffic. Ride-sharing and mass transit options are also being looked at. Many of the traffic trips related to this project will be rerouted healthcare trips, not wholly new trips. Click HERE to see project website by PMB. 
17th Ave & Capitola Road Mixed-Use Project  
The project at the corner of 17th Ave and Capitola Road is proposed as a mixed-use affordable housing project being developed by Mid-Pen Housing. The commercial businesses will be a new healthcare facility for Santa Cruz Community Health Centers (click Here for more information on their services) and a new Dientes clinic. There will be an additional small format neighborhood serving commercial business that has yet to be identified. The project is in the application and review process. 

For more information please click HERE
17th Ave & Brommer Street Mixed-Use Project  
The project at the corner of 17th Ave and Brommer Street was originally applied for in 2007 as a condo-mixed-use project. It was then amended in 2014 to become a 13-unit rental mixed-use project. Construction began this winter, and the developer is Barry Swenson Builders. 

Permit History Can be viewed HERE
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