Foster Care + CompaCare = Easter Salvation
On Easter weekend, while worshippers all over the world were gathered to celebrate the risen Savior, one mother began her new life in Christ. Just 12 months earlier, Brittany* was in the throes of addiction, living a chaotic and unstable life. Her two children had just been removed from her care and placed by the state in a COMPACT foster home. Their father had been arrested, and she had virtually no support.  
God began using the foster family in an intentionally missional way, demonstrating God’s love towards these two beautiful children. In time, the family reached out to Brittany*, offering prayer, encouragement and support. Soon, the foster family and their CompaCare church were completely wrapping around this struggling family. The foster family’s small group at church helped connect this mother with safe housing and provided her with needed appliances.
In March of this year, the judge began to talk about reunification. He asked Brittany* pointedly, “How will you manage to care for these kids if I return them you?” Just then, the COMPACT foster mother stood up and offered her support: “Your honor, my family has committed to helping her with anything she needs.” 
Now, with reunification just a few weeks away, the foster parents invited Brittany* to join them and her children in services on Easter weekend. She accepted their offer and attended a Saturday night service. At the conclusion of that service, she responded to the invitation to receive Jesus as her Savior. She’s now been  united  with Christ, and will soon be  reunited  with her children!
*To protect the identity of this family, we have given the mother a pseudonym.
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Thank You
On behalf of the children, youth and families at COMP ACT Family Services, we would like to say THANK YOU for contributing to our growing ministry. Thank you for being faithful to God in giving your treasure to His work in our ministry. We could not do this without your support.
2019 Project List
We are so grateful for the talented men and women God sends our way to help with projects big and small. If you are looking for a way to give to COMPACT, take a look at our 2019 Project List. You can give towards this list through your time and talents or through financial gifts. Here are just five of the 40 opportunities to partner through projects:
  1. Hardcastle Rear Deck Railing Repair ($600)
  2. Transitional Living Center Mini-Split HVAC System Installed ($5,000)
  3. Anderson II Furniture ($7,500)
  4. Hinson House Roof Repair ($1,000)
  5. Netzel Gutters and Retaining Wall Repair ($1,000)
Summer Camp
Throughout scripture, the Bible places importance on the geographical places where people met with God.    Jesus retreated to be alone with God in the Garden of Gethsemane.    Moses met with God on the mountain of Sinai. When a place was chosen, time was set aside and distractions were removed. 

Summer camp is just that. A place where our students have a chance to    set aside the many distractions    they face. They have an opportunity for a week long experience of    time with God .

We want our youth and kids at COMPACT to have this experience and we need your help. The cost per camper is $150. 

Can you help send one 
student to camp?

Upcoming Birthdays
Birthdays are a big deal to our residents here at COMPACT. Sometimes we get to throw a child their first birthday party ever. Sometimes it is hard to spend a birthday apart from their biological family. Below is a list of upcoming birthdays on our campus. Please consider sending a card of encouragement to uplift and brighten a child's birthday.

We had no birthdays in the month of April!

Cole* - 10 - Male
Lori* - 18 - Female
George* - 7 - Male
Michael* - 9 - Male
*In order to protect the identity of our residents, the names listed above are pen names. Pen names reflect actual children on our campus and have been chosen by each resident when they come to COMPACT.
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