Some Wonderful News,
and some news not quite so wonderful!
It is just about a month ago that Esther Meira, our 6th great grandchild was born. Yes, this beautiful little girl was named Esther in honor of Queen Esther as the Holiday of Purim was fast approaching, and Queen Esther was one of Purim's main heroes. Esther joins her older sisters, Leah Tova, Rachel Tehilla and Ahuva Bracha, and her new cousins, Rebecca Chloe, and our Israeli great grandson, Be'eri. 

Our great grandchildren range in age from one month old to 7-1/2 years old, and I call this survival and continuity We are ecstatic with our great-grandchildren, and wish them, and children everywhere, long, healthy, and productive lives, in a world of love and peace.

And it was about the time of Esther's birth that Nathaniel was diagnosed with a major health issue. There will be several hurdles to overcome, and B"H, he has already overcome the first of them.

It was because of Nathaniel's hospital stays and need for care that my school presentation visits have had to be put on hold. Nathaniel feels so badly about this as he, being my #1 fan, feels every student in the country should hear me share my personal Holocaust story experience!

I need to publicly thank each of my contact teachers and their schools, for their complete understanding, good wishes, and prayers on Nathaniel's behalf. So many of these teacher contacts went to great lengths to write grants and connect with additional schools in their area.

In Tennessee, thank you, Danielle Kahane-Kaminsky and Charlotte Ector of the Tennessee Holocaust Commission.

In Missouri, thank you Nikki Carter of South Nodaway K-12 School, Mark McDaniel, Jeffrey Maronde, and Dr. Devlin M. Scofiel of Northwest Missouri State University.

In Pennsylvania & New Jersey, thank you to Jennifer Sarnes and Teresa Lubas, Karen & Mike Mazzio, David Zikoski, and Jacqueline Matacchiera.

In Idaho, thank you Michelle Chavez, Devon Barker, Father Len MacMillan, Rabbi Mendel Lifshitz, Courtney Phillips, Mike Caldwell, Erica Holley, and Andi Kane.

In Wyoming, thank you Barbara & Mike Scher, Mary Grossman,   Wendy Meadows, Laurie and Thal.

In Albany, New York, thank you Chris Michael, Lisa Lehman, Jennifer Drautz, Marci Galinkin, Autumn Wallace, Jean Winkler, and Laura Yerou.

Thank you, Delta airlines, for your complete understanding in the cancelling of our many flights.

We are not certain about additional local presentations that are scheduled for Spring but will do our utmost to fulfill these obligations.

In closing, please join me in wishing Nathaniel an easy, speedy, and complete recovery.

Our very best wishes to all for a joyous Easter and Passover Holidays, and a wonderful Spring season.

Hugs, Marion

Marion Blumenthal Lazan
Four Perfect Pebbles

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