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April 2019
April 6th
Springfield, VA
Dr. Lacy Gilmer
April 7th
Gaithersburg, MD
Dr. Lara Backus
April 13th
Fairfax, VA
Behavior and Training
April 14th
Jacksonville, FL
No Place Like Home
April 27th
Alexander, NC
Husbandry Skills, Emergency Prep and Toy Making
April 27th
Fairfax, VA
No Place Like Home
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There is always something new to learn to improve the lives of our parrots in captivity, from parakeets to macaws.  We hope you'll join us often!
Springfield, VA
Chronic diseases and anatomy - it's not always a-parrot! Birds have unique anatomical features that make treating some of their illnesses more than challenging! Come join Dr. Lacy Gilmer, past speaker at ExoticsCon 2018, for an informative and interactive talk on some of the more common chronic conditions facing our avian friends and what about their anatomy makes it so difficult to treat.  We work with Dr. Gilmer and her practice at the Calvert Veterinary Center in Pasadena, MD.
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Gaithersburg, MD (new location!!)
Dog and cat owners know to bring in their pets in for check ups at the vet but did you know that birds need just as much (if not more) attention? Dr. Backus will go over the different parts that are involved in an avian wellness exam and signs to look for at home to tell you if your parrot isn't feeling well. She will also give some examples of problems that were found during a supposedly "normal" wellness exam that showed that things weren't so normal after all. Dr. Backus is a veterinarian at Maryland Avian and Exotics in Rockville, MD.  More info at:
Some of Our Many Adoptable Birds
Almost every bird will need more than one home. Sometimes it is because people have not taken time to understand how to live successfully with a parrot; but most often it is simply because our lives change. It's no one's fault, it's just what needs to happen. So it is really important that we promote adoption as a positive way to find a bird companion.  To l earn more about our process go to
MARNIE and OBERST are male conures, a sun and green cheek respectively. They are 3 years old, sweet and a blast to be around. They have irresistibly fun personalities and love to be around people as well as each other. Marnie and Oberst have a bond that cannot be broken which makes them very protective of each other. This means we have to be respectful first and foremost of their relationship, and not expect to touch them upon demand.  When adopting a pair, which is great from the bird's point of view, we need to tailor our expectations even more than usual. Marnie has a calm and colorful personality and Oberst has an excited yet sassy demeanor which is always amusing. They love to sing and dance to music all day long. These little ones enjoy lots of vegetables, pellets, baths in their water bowl, and love to climb anywhere they can. (Jacksonville, FL)
PHOEBE  is looking for her next Phoenix Landing home. She is a 10 year-old yellow shouldered Amazon parrot. If you're her person, she loves to have her head scratched. Phoebe enjoys a variety of foods including mash (mix of greens, veggies, quinoa and legumes) and pellets, and her favorite nut is a cashew although she will also eat walnuts and almonds. She loves to play independently with her toys in her cage, a great attribute. She also appreciates and enjoys time outside of the cage, but on her own terms, as sometimes she just wants to be left alone! She will call loudly for attention around dinner time, common for many parrots at that time of day. (Maryland)
SCOOTER  is a sun conure who recently lost his person of 25 years. He is an avid and elegant flyer, so a home where he can safely maintain his flying privileges is preferred.  He will often fly to your shoulder, have a little interlude, and then fly off to something else more interesting to him.  He's been on Harrison's Fine pellets his whole life, so we are trying to introduce him to the benefits of whole fruits and vegetables as well. He explored the aviary for the first time this week, and really enjoyed it. (Alexander, NC)
SOLSTICE  is a parakeet that was found outside in the Asheville area, so we don't know its age or sex. We named it Solstice because of its wintery white color. Since we cannot tell the gender of an albino parakeet, we are testing DNA so we can place him/her with other parakeets of the same gender.  Parakeets often reproduce in short order, so we want to avoid that.  Isn't he lovely? (Alexander, NC)
CONRAD  is a 22 year old yellow nape Amazon. Like most Amazons, he can be very clear about who he prefers, and if you're liked, then you have a dedicated friend and companion. He says a few things  "hello" (to get attention), "how are you?" (when the phone rings), "I love you, Kaela" (daughter's name), "Conrad, get out" (questioning inflection like he would like to get out). He loves the less healthy starchy foods, but if you model eating something good, this can pique his interest. It's really important for long-term health that heavy bodied Amazons, prone to little exercise, learn to eat nutritiously. Conrad loves to climb and explore new areas. He ignores a lot of bird toys, but wants to investigate anything any human has. He loves music!  (Virginia)
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2019 "Step-Up" Workshop Dates
Ron teaching Chili Bean to push a cart
Sometimes we think that a bird must learn to step onto our hands, but this may actually be the last thing we teach, as it requires the ultimate level of trust. However, there are many ways to have a positive relationship, and touching is not always the best or only approach. That's why our "Step-Up" workshops, which actually stands for " S kills T Empower  P eople to U nderstand P arrots" can be very helpful.  
2019 workshop dates are: Our June weekend is full, and there's one space left for August 23-25. We've added another weekend, November 9-11 (Saturday-Monday/Veteran's Day weekend). This intensive 3-day event is designed to give people an abundance of information about parrot care,  from behavior and health, to nutrition and enrichment. In addition to lectures, there will be hands-on  training sessions, cooking classes, and time to discuss issues of specific importance to you. We will work with  the adoptable birds at the Phoenix Landing facility, so you can teach behavior, foraging and feeding new foods first-hand. All of us can learn new things to improve our relationships with our parrots. Anyone with parakeets to macaws will benefit!  More information at:
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