April 2019                                                                          

President and CEO's Farewell Message
thank you to our stakeholders, from dave grundy

Over the past 8 years, I have been honoured and privileged to serve as President and CEO of the WSCC. This was not something I ever took for granted. During my time as President and CEO, as well as the other 9 years as an employee of the Commission, we have celebrated some incredible achievements together. These would not have been possible without the hard work of the WSCC team, our Governance Council and all of our stakeholders.

We collectively moved forward with our e-business solutions, making it easier for employers to obtain information from the Commission. We continue down this road today and will so for years to come as we aim to provide our stakeholders with the best service possible. We reduced administration costs by over 18% in the last 7 years, helping employers' costs to remain stable. Although we are dealing with rising claims costs, our cost per claim is decreasing with the help of our prevention programs and our return to work policies. We continue to provide fair benefits to our injured northern workers as they recover. None of this would be possible without the cooperation of our stakeholders.

I feel lucky to have worked two separate and different careers, both involving dealing with people. Currently we have 150 employees in 3 offices: Yellowknife, Iqaluit and Inuvik. Though many of these employees might not have an opportunity to deal directly with you the stakeholder, they work tirelessly behind the scenes to make the WSCC a more efficient organization. What I see here at the WSCC is a group of dedicated, educated and highly motivated individuals that truly want the best for our claimants and our stakeholders.

May 3, 2019, will be my last day at the WSCC. I am stepping away as I feel it is best for the organization (a change in leadership is always a good thing), it is good for me, as well as my family. I am not sure what is in store for me next, but what I do know is I am leaving an organization that gives excellent service to our stakeholders and claimants of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. For me, that is all that matters.

Thank you to all of our stakeholders for your support. We didn't always see the issue the same way but we were always able to work through it.

To the Governance Council of the WSCC, thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead this organization. I'm grateful for your support during my 8 years as President.

And finally to all the employees of the WSCC, you are my co-workers, but more so you are my friends. Be safe everyone. DG

Safety and Health Week

Safety and Health Week is coming! Formerly known as NAOSH Week, the 2019 event is officially happening May 5-11.

This year, we are bringing it back to basics, helping you plan and deliver your own Toolbox Talks! We will work with you or your company's safety representative to plan and deliver safety messaging to your team. Using a topic of your choosing, we will guide your team in preparing material or information beforehand, and be on site to answer any questions that come up. We will visit during your morning or afternoon coffee break and even bring the coffee and donuts!

For full details on dates, times, and locations, check out our Registration page.

Are you a Government Department interested in participating? Register here!

Questions? Feel free to email us!

Territorial Skills competition

Barb Hemming, WSCC Senior Safety Officer with the medalists of Skills NU Workplace Safety: Gold Medalist Kenia P. from Whale Cove, NU, Silver Medalist Ben H. from Iqaluit, NU, and Bronze Medalist AJ N. from Pangnirtung, NU.
Every year Skills Northwest Territories and Skills Nunavut host the Territorial Skills Competition testing student's abilities in the trades and technology. These organizations have a mission to promote trades and technology for young workers.

The Territorial Skills Competitions will mean that students from across the NT and NU will have the opportunity to test their abilities in a variety of different trades and technologies. This is an opportunity to provide training and education in the field of safety, looking at opening careers for students as safety professionals. Here is a little more about the competitions in Workplace Safety:
  • Skills Nunavut took place April 27th and 28th in Iqaluit, NU. Our competitors from across Nunavut were tested in 3 different categories of the competition including hazard assessment, hazard control, and a safety presentation. The competitors were judged by a number of local safety professionals based in Iqaluit including Chris Lahure, Junior Safety Officer with the WSCC and Derek Allerton from QEC. The end goal is for participants to come away with important knowledge and experience in identifying and controlling hazards in their workplaces! In addition to our participants working through their competition, the WSCC hosted a Try-A-Trade/Technology with a mock warehouse simulation where everyone could practice their hazard identification skills!
  • Skills Northwest Territories will take place on May 3rd in Yellowknife, NT. Similar to Skills Nunavut, our competitor will be asked to prepare and complete in the 3 components of the competition, but this time, in a professional kitchen workplace. Vicki Lloyd, Senior Safety Officer, along with a panel of judges made up of safety professionals, will guide our competitor through the competition, evaluating their progress along the way. A mock kitchen setup will additionally be available in Skills NWT's Career Expo and Try-A-Trade/Technology event, which will be held at the Multiplex. We encourage you to pop by!
Good luck to all of the participants across the NWT and NU! The WSCC is proud to support the education and development of youth in the field of Occupational Health and Safety, and we hope to see you at Nationals!

New: Harassment Code of Practice

Workers have a right to a healthy and safe work environment, free from harassment. Employers are required by legislation to take reasonable steps to prevent and stop harassment connected to a worker's employment.

Our latest Code of Practice guides employers through the process of developing and implementing a harassment policy, how to handle harassment complaints (including conducting investigations), and moving forward after harassment occurs in the workplace. 

The code also includes a sample policy, procedure, actions to stop and prevent harassment, employer formal harassment complaint form, and investigation template.

Read it today.


WSCC's offices are closed for Victoria Day Monday May 20th. The office will reopen on Tuesday, May 21st at 8:30 AM.

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To report unsafe work, use our Report Unsafe Work service on WSCC Connect.

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