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April 2019

The Legacy of Post-War UXO Looms Large

Dear UXOInfo.com Readers,

This month we are reminded that the "legacy" of historical UXO continues to present issues both in the United States and abroad decades after conflicts have ended. Congressman Duffy, Sean P. [R-WI] has introduced HR 2097, 'Legacies of War Recognition and Unexploded Ordnance Removal Act' to recognize those in Southeast Asia who supported US Troops in the Vietnam conflict by calling for continued US assistance to support activities relating to clearance of UXO and other explosive remnants of war. Read the entire story and proposed legislation in the article below.

UXOInfo.com also brings you news this month of how historical UXO continues to make its way into museums, private homes, coastlines and even a cemetery!

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8 April 2019

UXO Find Causes Temporary Pier Closure

Essex, United Kingdom The Southend recreational pier, a popular tourist attraction, was temporarily closed after the discovery of a UXO item approximately 30 meters from the pier. A Royal Navy Southern Diving Unit 2 (SDU2) Bomb Disposal team responded to remove the ordnance identified as a British projectile.

The SDU2 Bomb Disposal team waited for low tide before relocating the item further away to dispose of it through an underwater controlled detonation.

Following the incident, HM Coastguard Southend posted the following on their Social media page: "The Southern Diving Unit team arrived this afternoon, removed it from the vicinity of the pier and carried out a demolition of the shell by controlled detonation. Not bad for a day's work!"

22 April 2019

Warnings Issued For Unexploded Avalanche Control Explosives

Denver, Colorado the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) issued a warning for hikers to be aware of UXO as they traverse many trails and pathways through the mountains. Due to the record avalanche season across the state, over 1,500 explosives were deployed statewide in avalanche control efforts. Of those, 22 failed to explode and were recorded as duds.

Although CDOT has dispatched a team to look for the UXO, there is a chance that members of the public may encounter the items before CDOT finds them. CDOT is warning hikers to stay clear of any suspect items and report findings to law enforcement for proper follow up.

4 April 2019

HR 2097 Introduced - Legacies of War Recognition and UXO Removal Act

Washington, D.C. Rep. Duffy, Sean P. [R-WI] introduced HR 2097, 'Legacies of War Recognition and Unexploded Ordnance Removal Act' to recognize the Hmong, Khmer, Laotian, and other ethnic groups commonly referred to as Montagnards, who supported and defended the Armed Forces during the conflict in Southeast Asia and to authorize assistance to support activities relating to clearance of UXO and other explosive remnants of war.

The Bill mentions the tragic legacy of the conflict in Southeast Asia and the UXO which continues to "litter forests, rice fields, villages, school grounds, roads, and other populated areas hindering development and poverty reduction efforts" in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.

The proposed Bill states that, "Since 1993, the United States has provided more than $3,400,000,000 in assistance to more than 100 countries, including more than $132M in Vietnam, $200M in Laos, and $140M in Cambodia.

To honor the Montagnard Freedom Fighters with recognition for their support and defense of the Armed Forces, it calls on Congress to "continue to support activities to clear UXO and other explosive remnants of war in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, and strengthen people-to-people ties and reaffirm America's long-standing commitment to Southeast Asia."

The draft Bill proposes an authorization and appropriation of $250M over a five year period (i.e., $50M for each of fiscal years 2020 through 2024).

The Bill currently has four other supporters including Mr. McCaul, Ms. Eshoo, Mr. Castro of Texas, and Ms. Speier of California and has been referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

Download HR 2097 from UXOInfo.com.

14 April 2019

UXO Uncovered in Cemetery

Gaya Island, Malaysia Grave diggers at the village cemetery in Sabah found a UXO while preparing a grave site for a recently decreased village resident.

The workers called the police who responded to investigate. The police called in the bomb squad unit of the Sabah police to dispose of the ordnance. The item was only reported as a WWII era UXO (i.e., the specific type or nomenclature was not reported). The area was cordoned off during the investigation and disposal operation.

Following the disposal, the acting district police chief thanked the grave diggers and members of the public for reporting the find as "it helped to protect the safety of the community."

UXO-Related History Remembered

1945 - "New" Japanese Grenades

This month we bring you an excerpt from the 1945 Bomb Disposal Technical Information Bulletin No 53 issued by the Ordnance Bomb Disposal Center, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD published on 1 June 1945. The excerpt below is from the section of the bulletin titled "New Grenades Found On Luzon."

"The majority of the new type grenades found on Luzon were improvised grenades that could readily have been made up in the field. New types recovered are:"

  • 25mm shell case hand grenades
  • 30mm hollow-charge rifle grenades
  • Incendiary rifle grenades
  • Gas pipe hand grenades

The bulletin described each as follows:

"25mm Shell Case Grenade: This improvised grenade is simply a 25-mm shell case filled with chipped cast type 98 explosive in the base and an unidentified explosive in the upper portion of the shell case. The safety fuse leading to the detonator is set in wax and cotton thread plug in the nose of the shell case. Apparently the safety fuse is meant to be ignited by hand. There is a 4-5 second delay. Explosive charge weighs 806 grams."

"30mm Hollow Charge Rifle Grenade: This grenade is an exact reproduction of a smaller scale of the 40mm hollow charge rifle grenade. It is 6.5 inches long. it has a 30 degree cone in the nose with a 1 inch stand off. The tail section of the two grenades are interchangeable."

"Incendiary Rifle Grenades: Three types of gas rifle grenades are filled with what appears to be entoyaku (potassium chlorate 80%, DNT 16%, castor bean oil 4%; light brown in color, very hygroscopic and sensitive. The fourth type is believed to be filled with ennayaku (potassium chlorate 80%, MNT 15%, castor bean oil 5%; characteristics same as entoyokul. These are substitute Army explosives."

"Gas Pipe Grenades: The gas rifle grenades have been found in four sites, all basically the same in design. A short section of iron pipe, closed at one end is filled with explosives. An iron disc fits in the other end of the pipe. In three types, the disc is held in by friction fit, in the fourth type it screws into the end of the pipe. A short iron tube with an internal diameter of a .22 caliber bullet is fitted into the center of this disc. Safety fuse and detonator ignited by a .22 caliber blank cartridge detonate the grenade. The cartridge fits up into the blank cartridge. Apparently the cartridge is meant to be set off by striking it with the some hard object. One design uses the fuse for type 91 grenades."

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19 April 2019

Flare Scare - EOD Responds to Beach Find

Outer Banks, NC Park rangers at the Cape Lookout National Seashore contacted the U.S. Marine Corps after a civilian found a munition related item on the beach. EOD responded and identified the item as a canister for a marine marker. The item did not present a hazard but was removed from the area by EOD for proper disposal.

National Park Service (NPS) Rangers shared photos on Facebook of the find and also warned the public to report anything suspicious to authorities. The warning read in part: “If you find what you believe to be UXO, do NOT attempt to move or disturb it." The message continued with "Move to a safe location and call 911. Notify the dispatcher of what you found and any other relevant information. Photographs can also be useful in identifying the object, but never put yourself in harms way to get additional information!”

8 April 2019

Real Estate Agent Finds Box of Munitions

Telarah, Australia A real estate agent inspecting a vacant property found a motorcycle and an unmarked box left the property. The agent suspected that the motorcycle may have been stolen and was about to contact the police when he looked inside the box and found a variety of munitions.

The agent called the police who responded with technical support from a Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) EOD team. The munitions were inspected and reported to be inert shell casings (type not reported). The items were removed from the house for proper disposal. Police also seized the motorcycle for further examination.

25 April 2019

Man Attempts to Sell Live Ordnance on Craigslist

Fort Bragg, California Mendocino County Sheriff's Deputies were notified of a Craigslist Ad posting the sale of Vietnam era military ordnance which promptly initiated an investigation in order to determine if the ordnance was inert. Upon visiting the would-be seller, Deputies learned he acquired two pieces of ordnance from a relative who passed away which he believed were inert.

Sheriff's Deputies contacted the Humboldt County Bomb Squad and the Beale Air Force Base (AFB) EOD Unit for support. Air Force EOD reported that one item was inert but the second item was potnetially live. EOD safely transported the ordnance for proper off-site disposal.

Following the incident, through their website, the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office thanked the Humboldt County Sheriff's Bomb Squad and the Beale AFB EOD unit for their involvement and assistance. A thanks was also issued to the community members affected by the evacuation during the lengthy process that was required in order to ensure the items were properly inspected and removed.

29 April 2019

Civilian Brings Ordnance To Police Station, Resulting Investigation Leads To More

Redford Township, Michigan A resident brought in an artillery shell to the police station as he was concerned that it may be live. The incident sparked an investigation of the man's house where more than two dozen ordnance items were recovered.

In all, the Michigan State Police (MSP) Bomb Squad has recovered 29 items from the house including some reported as live (type and nomenclatures not reported). Police are investigating how the man obtained the ordnance in the first place.

MSP-BS03.jpg MSP-BS02.jpg
19 April 2019

Man Brings Artillery Round To Fire Station

Chicopee, Massachusetts A local resident brought an ordnance item to the fire department on Front Street sparking an evacuation and subsequent bomb squad call.

The Massachusetts State Police bomb squad responded and safely transported the item before conducting a controlled detonation to dispose of the explosive hazard.

Prior to the controlled detonation, police issued a warning to the public that they may hear a load 'boom' sound associated with the disposal operation.

5 April 2019

Musuem Cannonball Identified As Live After 20 Years on Display

Pleasanton, Kansas A Civil War era cannonball that had been on display for 20 years at the Trading Post Museum was safely detonated by EOD after it was determined to be live.

The 90-pound cannonball, originally purchased in the Chesapeake Bay area, was donated to over two decades ago.

However, a recent visitor to the museum noticed a fuse in the cannonball and alerted museum officials that the ordnance might still be live.

Museum officials contacted authorities who turned to the Fort Riley EOD Unit for assistance. EOD removed the cannonball and conducted a disposal operation to dispose of the hazard.


Cartridge, 60mm Target Practice, M50A3 (M50A2E1)
Filler Type and Weight
Main Filler: Inert plaster filler
Spotting charge: Black Powder
Body Type and Weight

The 60mm M50A3 mortar has a forged steel or pearlitic malleable iron body with a total weight of 3.15 lbs. The mortar is blue w/ white markings and a brown band.

TM43-0001-28 April 1994

The complete round consists of the projectile body, a point detonating (PD) fuze, a fin assembly with a 2 inch extension, 4 increments of propellant charge, and an ignition cartridge with a percussion primer. The body is loaded with an inert plaster filler to simulate the weight and ballistic characteristics of a HE. A pellet of black powder for a spotting charge is loaded in a cavity just below the booster casing of the M525 PD fuze.

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