April 2019 Newsletter
Department News
For State Employees
VTLIB is proud to present another speaker for the state employee speaker series Tuesday Talks. This month the event will be on April 16 from 12-1pm at the Pavilion Auditorium.
Jolinda LaClair will lead our April 16th Tuesday Talk, “Vermont’s Response to the Opioid Epidemic: Notes from the Field.” Ms. LeClair is Director of Drug Prevention Policy, with oversight and management of Vermont’s Opioid Coordination Council. She and her invited guests will highlight some inter-and-intra-agency initiatives that have been developed in the areas of prevention, treatment and recovery. She has two children, two grandchildren and a labradoodle named Nelson.
For more information, please see the event poster here ( https://bit.ly/2YuaDPb) . Please feel free to share the poster and event information in your departments. For more information please contact April Shaw ( april.shaw@vermont.gov ).
Tuesday Talks is a speaker series presented by VTLIB during the lunch hour one Tuesday each month. The topic and speaker will change each month, but will always be relevant to events or trends in Vermont that affect State Employees.
Information & Access
Geo-Authentication for Vermont Online Library

In collaboration with Gale, we’ve recently made an update to authentication on the Vermont Online Library website ( www.vtonlinelib.org ). The site is open to everyone in the state of Vermont, but users must show that they are in-state or otherwise eligible. They will now see a popup which gives them the chance to share their location from their web browser. This technique is much more accurate than the previous technique, which was based on cross-referencing their IP address. This data will only be used for authentication, and will only be stored for debugging. Users who do not want to share their location or who aren’t recognized as being in-state will still be able to fall back on the earlier authentication techniques.
Vermont Online Library features a wide range of online resources, for all ages and interest levels. It offers research assistance, from full text journal and magazine articles (for adults and high schoolers), to “In Context” offerings like Opposing Viewpoints, to Kids InfoBits (for younger students), but it also targets lifelong learners with products about books and authors, automobile repair, small businesses, and more.
If you have any questions about Vermont Online Library or the new geo-authentication, please contact Joshua Muse at joshua.muse@vermont.gov .
Governance & Management
Town Officers Education Conferences
In April, VTLIB will be participating in the annual Town Officers Education Conferences (TOEC), because this year the conference will have a library track – HUZZAH!
The theme for this year’s conference is “Collaboration, Communication, and Dialogue for 21 st Century Democracy” – and we feel that this theme is perfect for VT Libraries.
There are two dates for the Conferences – April 4 th at Lake Morey in Fairlee and April 11 th at the Rutland Holiday Inn (you pick one).
Joy and Lara will be presenting, along with Jenny Prosser from the Secretary of State’s Office, a session titled “We Are All In This Together: Division of Powers and Effective Collaboration Between Public Library Trustees and Select Board Members.” Those of you who attended the VT League of Cities and Towns’ Conference in October had the opportunity to see this presentation then.
There are a wide selection of presentations for Town Officers (a group to which trustees and directors of all public libraries belong), including information on assistive services from the ABLE Library, agenda building and meeting management, the Board of Libraries, community engagement, the upcoming census, a documentary about Front Porch Forum, and survival responses to violence.
Online registration has closed, but attendees can register on-site the day of the conference for $85.

Safe Sharps Disposal Community Toolkit
In Lara's travels around VT, she's heard a few librarians and trustees express interest in potentially providing sharps containers in their libraries. They are curious about the best practices around doing so and why a library might want to do this.
What are “sharps”? From the Toolkit: “Every day, hundreds of people in Vermont self-inject both licit (e.g., insulin for Diabetes, beta interferons for Multiple Sclerosis, etc.) and illicit drugs (e.g., heroin, cocaine, etc.), but many do not know how or where to properly dispose of sharps. A sharp is a needle, syringe or lancet. When these items are improperly disposed of, (e.g., thrown in the trash, flushed down toilets, left in parks), they put sanitation workers, community members, children, and pets at risk of injury and disease, including HIV and Hepatitis B and C infection.”
Lara recently learned about a document created by the VT Dept. of Health in Barre and the Greater Barre Safe Sharps Alliance called the Safe Sharps Disposal Community Toolkit. It looks incredible, and she wanted to share it with you. It mentions libraries as a place where sharps boxes could be effectively used. (And the Aldrich Public Library in Barre has had sharps boxes for some time now.)
Here’s a link to the VT Dept. of Health webpage where the Toolkit is mentioned: http://www.healthvermont.gov/response/safe-needle-disposal-vermont
Please feel free to let Lara know if you find the toolkit useful and if you have any questions about this topic: lara.keenan@vermont.gov or 802-636-0026.
SAVE THE DATE: 2019 Trustees and Friends Conference

When : Tuesday, May 21, 2019, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., followed by a Q&A with the Endnote Speaker until 6:30 p.m. (Breakfast and Registration start at 8:15 a.m.)

Where : University of Vermont’s Davis Center, Burlington, VT

Why : Brush up on your knowledge, reinvigorate your board, network with VT trustees and friends, and walk away inspired and informed!
More details – including theme, sessions, cost, and registration - coming soon!
Special Populations & ABLE Library
ABLE Library Virtual Book Club
The ABLE (Audio, Braille, Large-Print and Electronic) Library’s next virtual book club will take place on May 1, 2019 at 2pm.
We will be discussing “Sandcastle Girls” [2012] by Chris Bohjalian. 

TEASER: When Elizabeth Endicott arrives in Aleppo, Syria she has a diploma from Mount Holyoke, a crash course in nursing, and only the most basic grasp of the Armenian language. The year is 1915 and she has volunteered to help deliver food and medical aid to refugees of the Armenian genocide. There Elizabeth becomes friendly with Armen, a young engineer who has lost his wife and daughter. When Armen leaves Aleppo for Egypt to join the British army, he begins to write Elizabeth letters, and comes to realize that he has fallen in love…

ABLE’s virtual book club is open to anyone who is interested. We hope you can join us!
Please contact Sara or Wendy to sign-up by phone or email:                
1-800-479-1711 | LIB.AbleLibrary@vermont.gov
Memorable Times Ca

The ABLE Library is a proud co-sponsor of the “Memorable Times Café” with local partner, the Central Vermont Council on Aging. The Café meets meets on the 3 rd Wednesday of every month at 60 Washington Street in Barre from 1:30-3:00pm. Here are the dates for the rest of the year:

April 17, May 15, June 19, July 17, August 21, September 18, October 16, November 20, December 18
Volunteers Needed for ABLE Library Recording Program
The Vermont Department of Libraries ABLE Library (Audio, Braille, Large-print, Electronic) is looking for volunteers to work as narrators and/or monitors in our local recording program. We are recording books about Vermont or by Vermont authors to augment our already expansive national collection of talking books.

A monitor works with a narrator, reading along as the book is read exactly as it is written on the page. Monitors must be precise and detail oriented and must also be comfortable with technology to be able to record, edit and save files on a desktop computer. An effective narrator is prepared, reads accurately, speaks clearly and enunciates, keeps volume steady, is expressive without being dramatic, reads at a normal, conversational pace and understands the author’s intent. The time involved is approximately two hours per week, and scheduling is somewhat flexible and is determined by the narrator/monitor team. Recording takes place at the Vermont Department of Libraries building in Barre, VT. If interested, please contact Wendy at 802-636-0020/1-800-479-1711 or LIB.AbleLibrary@vermont.gov
Quick Links
  • “Black Is the Body - Race, Trauma and Family. UVM Professor Emily Bernard’s New Book”:

Continuing Education & Small/Rural Libraries
April Updates
Spring is full of CE opportunities at VTLIB! It will be nice not to have to obsessively check the weather the day before each workshop! Coming up soon are more chances to attend one of the “Opioids, Narcan, and Your Library” workshops, and a couple of follow-ups to the marketing workshop featuring specific projects as examples for ways to market your library and connect with your community. Also, two core courses for the Certificate of Public Librarianship program, Cataloging and Reference. Full calendar and details here: https://libraries.vermont.gov/services/continuing_ed

This month’s small and rural library theme is simply that small and rural libraries are awesome, especially in Vermont. The ARSL conference coming to Burlington in September has already been interesting and informative. Joy is getting to know some of the conference committee members from all over the country and it is fascinating to see where we have commonality in our library experiences and where there are differences.
Joy is also learning a lot from reading applications for the VTLIB grants to attend the conference: the range of library budget size, the range of the level of support librarians receive for continuing education, the dedication of the librarians. The dedication part Joy already knew, but seeing it put to words in this context is pretty amazing. Announcements of grant recipients and registration for the conference will happen early-mid April. Now is a good time to join the association if you haven’t already, because registration opens first and at a discounted rate to members. http://arsl.info/membership/

For some international library love, here is a link to librarians all over the world saying why they love being librarians: https://bit.ly/2YIchwr
Youth Services
Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award Voting & Conference
The deadline to submit votes for the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award is Monday, April 8 th by 11:59pm! Don’t be late! Please visit this link to put in votes: https://bit.ly/2CJqMXz
And, don’t forget to register for the Dorothy Canfield Fisher Book Award Conference that is happening on Friday, May 3 rd at the Department of Libraries. Registration is only $50 this year.
Register here: https://bit.ly/2VqzYan

Gear Up for the Summer Reading Program!
This year’s Summer Reading Program theme is “A Universe of Stories” and celebrates space. Most Vermont public libraries start celebrating in June, so plan on stopping by your local library and participating. Until then, entertain yourself with NASA selfies! Find out how to take your own selfies here: https://go.nasa.gov/2T6zAkH
Vermont Sci-Fi & Fantasy Expo

VTLIB is sponsoring two booths at the Vermont Sci-Fi & Fantasy Expo ( https://bit.ly/2GOTGJK ) on April 27-28th to promote the Summer Reading Program. Representatives from VTLIB and several Vermont public libraries will be staffing the booths throughout the event, so come say hello!
From Our Neighbors at the Vermont Historical Society
VHS News & Events
New Book: The Law of the Hills by Paul Gillies

“The Law of the Hills” is the first general history of the judicial branch in Vermont, chronicling its birth and development from the earliest settlement to the present. Covering dramatic events of the court’s past—including times when a constitutional uncertainty caused the entire court to resign, as well as armed capture of the court by angry “regulators”-- to the more structured court of today. Paperback, $24.95. Available through our online store ( https://squ.re/2UgGZO8 ) , or at our museum shops in Montpelier & Barre.
Third Thursday: The Tool and the Tool-Maker
April 18, 12:00 pm
Vermont History Museum, Montpelier

A spinning wheel bought at auction began a search for its maker. Five years later, a simple tool has become emblematic of a complex American story of the way women's and men's roles and identities were challenged by the Industrial Revolution. Nora Rubinstein will discuss the ways in which cultural change is revealed in the flax wheels and great wheels of this Vermont tool maker. Free & open to everyone.
Planting History: Abenaki Planting School
April 20, 1:30-3:30 pm
Vermont History Museum, Montpelier

It is almost planting season in Vermont! Join the Vermont Historical Society for "Planting History" a short, two-hour workshop on Historic Abenaki crops and planting techniques, complete with tips on choosing ancient regional crop varieties available locally or online, as well as a examination of brush clearing and designing indigenous-style gardens and fields. Free, but registration is required: https://bit.ly/2FHGKCu
Before Your Time Podcast: The Power of the Press

Our latest Before Your Time podcast in partnership with the Vermont Humanities Council and VTDigger, focuses on "The Power of the Press,” examining the crucial role that journalism – the press – plays in a democracy. Listen at this link ( http://www.beforeyourtime.org ) or on your favorite podcast streaming platform.
History Adventure Raffle- Get Your Tickets Soon

Donate for a chance to win cash or a dream vacation for TWO to Ireland, Rome, or South Carolina!
Raffle tickets are 1 for $25 or get 5 tickets for $100. All proceeds benefit the Vermont Historical Society’s Annual Fund.
Tickets can be purchased online: https://vermonthistory.org/give/adventure-raffle or at the Historical Society. The winners will be announced on April 26, 2019. For more information, please contact Tori at 802-479-8516 or Tori.Hart@vermonthistory.org