ODFL April 2019 Newsletter
We CAN change the world!  We ARE!  But are YOU? If you haven’t donated a dollar to ODFL yet, what are you waiting for?  It’s only a dollar.  Go to  odfl.org , pick a project to support, and watch the world get better.  It’s easy, it’s fun, and it’s one of the most rewarding things you will ever do.  Most importantly, if we all do it, we will create a TIDAL WAVE of goodness coming into the world.  For example…
Kenya Classroom Almost Completed
These two pictures say more about ODFL than any words can.  They are the “Before” and “After” photographs of the new classroom at the Ngungu school.
The classroom will be there for 50 years and will help educate THOUSANDS of Kenyan students.  It only cost $12,500 because local residents helped.
One of the schools here in the U.S. that helped fund this classroom was Los Altos High School in Los Altos, CA.  They have helped with 10 ODFL projects before. THANK YOU LAHS STUDENTS!  You have  literally changed the world.  
Can UCLA Students Change the World?
They think they can! Students in the Global Health Initiative at UCLA are raising funds to build a Birthing Center in  NEPAL .  ODFL has completed 14 prior centers. 

These centers reduce the number of mothers and babies dying in childbirth by more than 90%.
To see an “Impact Statement” documenting these results with data from the Nepal Ministry of Health, click here .   Click the UCLA photo, above right, to see a short video about the campaign.

THANK YOU UCLA ! Imagine if every university in the country had your vision and courage!
Girls’ Equality Project Kit Distribution in Kenya
ODFL’s Girls’ Equality Project (GEP) provides washable sanitary supplies to thousands of girls in developing world countries.  They help teenage girls manage their period, so they can stay in school for an additional three years. 

Brenda Birrell, ODFL’s Program Director for GEP, was in Kenya recently overseeing distribution of kits to girls in Nyeri. 
She commented on the attendance at one distribution: “We had expected 30 people, but as word got out about it, we ended up with 90!” 

The kits cost $5 each but are provided free of charge to the girls.  They are made at the sewing center ODFL has established with its local partner, Kiiini Sustainable Initiative.  By making them ourselves we have reduced the cost by more than two-thirds. 

If you would like to sponsor a kit to help one girl stay in school,  click here .  
Thank You!
Upcoming Projects
Bali Latrines
ODFL has built 71 latrines in the village of Ban on the island of Bali in INDONESIA . They are helping get E.coli bacteria out of the water supply for the 30,000 residents. 

We’re now beginning a campaign to build 24 more. ODFL provides the materials.  Our partner, East Bali Poverty Project, supplies the design and oversight.  The local people do the work.  Because of that, each unit only costs $250.  It’s an astounding value.  Watch this video to learn more or to help,  go here .

Ecuador Water Project

These children in  ECUADOR have been without water service to their homes since the 2016 earthquake. ODFL is working with Green Empowerment to drill a new well, rebuild the piping system, and add composting latrines. YOU can help. To learn how,  go here  
Social Media

Last October, ODFL had 1,000 “Page Likes” on its Facebook page .  As we go to press today, we have  70,000 !  Clearly, something is catching on here.

We’re now extending the conversation to Twitter.  PLEASE FOLLOW US ON TWITTER .  And please encourage your friends to do so as well.  

What we’re really building is a movement of people who have the vision and the courage to DO SOMETHING to make the world a better place. 
Final Word

What is the real meaning of ODFL?  Is it the projects that are helping people “out there”?  Is it the way we feel better about ourselves when we help others?  Or is it that together we actually have the power to bring great goodness into the world?  

It’s all those.  The irony is that the projects “out there,” though beautiful, are actually the least of it.  The reason is that once people experience themselves as “bigger people,” they move differently in the world.  They have more to give.  More to share.  They are more effective human beings.  And an entire culture empowered like that will truly move the world.  

WE have almost unimaginable power to bring goodness into the world.  All that’s required is that we each do the smallest bit. ODFL’s motto:  “Even the greatest waterfall starts with a single drop of water.” 

So, whichever of the three meanings are right for you—and it might well be all three—we’re glad you’re here.  There’s much to be done.  

One Dollar For Life