COVID-19 resources
We are continuing to conduct our business remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic, including updating property information, capturing new assessment, analyzing sales, completing tax applications and managing Requests for Reconsideration and appeals.

Stay up to date on our response to COVID-19 and access shareable resources for property owners and municipal staff at , including a conversation Dr. Marla Shapiro shared with MPAC staff on the latest medical information about COVID-19. T hank you for everything you are doing to support our communities and keep people safe.
MPAC welcomes new board members
The Minister of Finance recently appointed four new representatives to MPAC’s Board of Directors:

  • Lockie Davis, Municipal Representative
  • Wendy Landry, Municipal Representative
  • Jon Olinski, Provincial Representative and Vice-Chair
  • Paul Bernards, Taxpayer Representative  

It was clear during our Board meeting on April 16 that our newest Board members share our strong commitment to customer focus and serving our municipal partners and property taxpayers through MPAC’s role in the property tax and assessment system. Learn more about MPAC’s Board of Directors on .
Upcoming municipal webinars
MPAC’s Central Processing Facility and the role of building permits and severances in realizing new assessment

Join Robert Warnes and Jason McLaughlin, Managers in MPAC’s Central Processing Facility, at 1 p.m. on May 6 for an introduction to their role in supporting MPAC’s core business. Robert and Jason will also share highlights of key information about the building permit and severance process, and your important role in this process that will assist in creating efficiencies. 
You can watch all our past municipal webinars here .
MPAC’s 2019 Annual Report is now available!

For an overview of our operational and financial performance over the last year, view our new digital publication .
Sharing our cyber security journey
Earlier this month, we shared our top 10 data security tips for municipalities in the  Municipal Monitor , a publication by the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO). The article by Sujit Jagdev, Vice-President & Chief Information and Technology Officer and Stuart Irvine, Director, IT Security, shares free or low-cost ways municipalities can improve their security posture that we identified through our ISO 27001 certification experience. Read the article on page 20-23 of the Municipal Monitor’s Q1 edition .

On March 16, Sujit Jagdev and Carmelo Lipsi, Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer, also shared our cyber security journey and some recommended practices with the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) Digital Government Task Force as part of a virtual meeting.
Increased People Portal data refreshes
In November 2019, we moved from bi-weekly to monthly refreshes of data on the People Portal in Municipal Connect, the primary source of assessment-related information for Ontario municipal staff. This change was intended to streamline our operations while continuing to meet the needs of our partners and stakeholders.
After several months on the new schedule, we’ve received feedback from some municipal partners to indicate a bi-weekly refresh better meets your needs. As a result, we have resumed bi-weekly refreshes of our People Portal data.
In February, Prince Edward County invited MPAC to participate in an Open House to give residents an opportunity to find information, learn about and prepare for high water levels that have affected communities along Lake Ontario.

Prince Edward County staff, MPAC and other agencies answered questions from residents about flood preparation and proactively protecting their property. Staff from MPAC and Prince Edward County responded to questions about what owners can do if their property is damaged or destroyed as a result of flooding.

“Working with MPAC on this issue collaboratively ensures our constituents are receiving consistent messaging from both parties,” says Amanda Carter, Director of Finance for Prince Edward County. “It leaves no room for misinterpretations.”

Do you have a great story about our partnerships in action?  Share it with us .