We hope everyone is safe. We are very proud of our students and happy to report that everyone has been accepted to a school that is a great fit for them. It's nice to have some good news to celebrate during this difficult time.

For the first time, there were slight increases in acceptances among some of the most select schools. Wait lists are also larger as colleges try to manage their enrollment amidst increased uncertainty due to Covid 19 and international student enrollment next fall. Here are the acceptance rates at some of the most competitive colleges and universities for this year; another incredibly competitive year with ED acceptances filling 50%+ of the freshman classes at many institutions.

Congratulations for working so hard and we wish you the best of luck. 

Online Resources For Students and Parents

We have gathered a list of resources for you to refer to during these unprecedented times. This list includes everything from general COVID-19 stories to testing to admitted student resources. We will be sure to update the list as we gather more resources.

What's Happening Now
We are proud of you and enjoyed working with you through this process. We are available to meet to help you  make your final decision.   Please let us know your results. 

If you haven't already, please contact us to schedule a meeting to  create resume/activity  lists.

Freshmen / Sophomores: 
If we haven't already met, please contact us to develop a plan for the coming year and discuss some potential summer options now that the world is upside down.  
If you missed our webinar on visiting and researching schools virtually, you can watch it here .

Stay safe and sane!
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