April 2020 - AIR Newsletter!
March Statistics:

March Adoptions - 52

Dogs currently in our care - 55
(this number changes daily)

COVID-19 Business

Hello my dog loving friends,

This has been a very different time for us as I'm sure it is for you all as well. It has been very busy and luckily with the help of many, we've been able to keep up with intakes and adoptions. Without volunteers and fosters, none of this would be possible. We are grateful everyday for donations, volunteer work, and support from our community. We believe we are making a tremendous difference in the mindset of our community towards care and compassion for our animals. We have changed how we do business but haven't stopped saving our island's dogs.

In Rescue,
Daylynn Kyles
Aloha Ilio Rescue

Adoption & Owner Surrenders by Appointment ONLY !

*Please be patient as we weather this unknown time together!

*Hours of Operation: 9 am - 5 pm (808) 960-1704
Pupdate Showcase
What we strive for. What we live for. Our passion. Finding the right home for the right dog.

Check out Zorro! He is loving his new home with his fisherman pal.

We are so happy to get these updates. These are the moments we live for and make our day! Keep the updates coming!
Welcome to TEAM AIR:
Meet the newest asset to TEAM AIR, Tiffany. She is a big blessing when it comes to daily dog activities, like intakes, exercise, and keeping our dogs happy and healthy. As you can see, the dogs absolutely LOVE and adore her as do we!

*Macy thinks Tiffany ROCKS!

Foster Spotlight!
Thank you Melanie Aki for stepping up during these strange times and helping with office work, transportation, and phone calls. We also appreciate your help in fostering our animals. You have been with TEAM AIR for years now and we wouldn't know what to do without you. Thank you!

Petco Foundation!

Aloha Ilio Rescue was honored to receive a $10,000 investment to help extend our efforts and to serve the @PetcoFoundation's mission, which is to help raise the quality of life for not only the pets but also the people who love and need them. This aligns with our overall mission and beliefs: changing lives...one dog at a time!

Thank you Petco!


Did you know?
When you shop at Petco, they ask if you'd like to save a life and donate $2 at the register?
These small donations help sponsor the lifesaving funds and it not only works, it HELPS!
Patiently waiting for their FOREVER!

Caesar is a 2 year old, brindle, terrier mix.

He is okay around cats. Caesar loves to play with his toys and chase after any toy you throw for him. He needs to be an inside dog and go to a very loving home.

Do you have a lap for Caesar to cuddle in?

Star is a senior terrier mix who would love a lap to sleep in. She is sweet as pie and gets along well with other dogs. She is not a yapper, so would be perfect for apartment life.

Let us know if you would like to meet our little Star!

Sprinkles is a 4 year old Pitbull Terrier. She was raised with goats, pigs, and etc. May not be as keen about cats but she loves children. Sprinkles would make a fantastic walking partner.

Are you looking for a sweet new walking buddy? Sprinkles is your girl!

Hina is a 3 year old, gray/blue brindle, pitbull mix.

She is a mellow girl who likes to play with well-socialized dogs. She is good for walks, play time, or just watching Netflix.

Let us know if Hina would be a good addition to your life.

Rad is a little under a year old, border collie mix.

He is good around cats and completely house trained. He loves to play and does great with others.

If you're looking for a great medium size dog...look no further!

Ehu is a 2 year old, whippet.

She is a gentle, sweet and loves to learn new things. Ehu would make a fabulous running partner and couch potato combo deal.

Any whippet lovers?
Ways to help us help more animals:

Max and Neo

"You can help just by doing your normal shopping."

They donate a product for every product purchased. Dog lovers can now donate to a rescue simply by shopping for their own pet. Dog owners no longer have to do anything additional to help their local rescues. They simply purchase products as they normally would. This relieves them from spending additional money and burden gone. There is also an option to donate additional money directly to rescues too.

If you buy something and designate Aloha Ilio Rescue as your rescue of choice...we get the exact same item!

Max and Neo collars are amazing! They can't slide out and the clip has a lock on it too. Purely AWESOME!

Check them out! Their products are great!


Follow them on social media:

Facebook: Max and Neo
Instagram: @MaxandNeo
Here is Lily modeling her beautiful, pink Max and Neo collar and leash.

As you can see, Lily loves it and her new found home!