What post COVID-19 may look like

BACC Director Phil Hauck has facilitated CEO learning groups for 30 years, as part of the TEC/Vistage organization

Several threads have surfaced during recent discussions with three business executive groups regarding changes in the new, post COVID-19, marketplace:

1.Extensively communicate to employees that your environment is safe to work in. Precautions should be obvious. Such measures will do wonders for morale. Practical examples include automatic door opening mechanisms and increased hand sanitizing stations.

2.Implement situationally appropriate remote work practices. Apply remote working when it benefits your customer. If periodic office visits are necessary to maintain intra-worker engagement, require them. Consider practices such as virtual happy hours to foster employee unity.

3.Recognize that much travel may be easily replaced with teleconferencing.

4.If your organization was formerly dependent on customers leaving their home, change to make in house cooking and dining and video and sports entertainment as profitable to your company and its customers as possible.

5.There will be a reduction of human interaction; intentionally make fewer opportunities for interaction more memorable and significant.

6.Anticipate more acquisitions of smaller competitors. Many organizations will fail because they cannot adapt to change and the new climate.

7.Encourage more innovative thinking; change is a constant.