April 2020
COVID-19 Update
as of April 23, 2020
The JFS Orlando building continues to be CLOSED to the public for safety reasons during COVID-19.

 Although the building is closed, our programs and services have been and continue to be OPERATIONAL.

The Pearlman Emergency Food Pantry is distributing food to an increased number of clients.

Mental health counseling is continuing virtually via telehealth.

Family Stabilization Program caseworkers continue to advise and refer necessary resources to individuals and families who are struggling .

•The Reliable Independent Drivers for the Elderly (RIDE) program continues to arrange rides to medical appointments for seniors and disabled adults.

•The JFS Community Rabbi continues to provide spiritual guidance via phone.

Now more than ever we need your help to continue our vital community services!

Scout & Cellar Fundraiser
ends May 4, 2020
Now through May 4th, 10%  of your Scout & Cellar wine purchase will be donated to JFS Orlando.

It's a win-win! Get delicious Clean-Crafted TM  wine with no added sugars, no chemicals, and low sulfites while also helping provide vital services to those most affected by COVID-19 in your community. All from the comfort and safety of your home!

Thank you to our fundraiser sponsor, Megan Minkow Kessler, a Scout & Cellar independent consultant and granddaughter to David and Audrey Pearlman.

Coffee Connections
Upcoming Coffee Connections have been postponed. If you are interested in attending at a later date, please RSVP below and stay tuned for any updated announcements.

In case you missed it, JFS Orlando's Counseling, Growth and Development program was featured in the Spring 2020 issue of JLife Magazine :
The Power of Giving: Volunteer Program
This Volunteer Appreciation Month and every month, we're saying a BIG t hank you to all
JFS Orlando volunteers!
More than volunteers, to us you're all...
We miss our volunteers! Due to COVID-19, the JFS building has been closed to the public, including our wonderful volunteers. The building isn’t the same without you! 

Thank you to so many of you who have offered to come and help during this difficult time. It's a very sweet gesture that truly shows your generous hearts. We wish we could have you here, but for your own safety its best for you to stay at home for now. We can't wait to welcome back all of our volunteers. 

Happy Volunteer Appreciation Month! Despite not being able to tell you in-person, I hope you know how truly appreciated you are. On behalf of the people we serve and our staff and Board, thank you for all of your hard work this year.
Stay safe and healthy!
-Audrey Cohen, JFS Volunteer Coordinator
"When action meets compassion, lives change."

In 2019, 126 JFS volunteers gave more than 4,000 hours of their time for others.
Interested in helping your community by volunteering with JFS? Click below to start your application now and be ready to come in once the JFS building opens again!
Volunteer Spotlight:
The Gift of Time
Briggett Marquina

Between babysitting for Family Stabilization Program (FSP) workshops and volunteering in the Pearlman Emergency Food Pantry, Briggett Marquina pulls double duty as a JFS Orlando volunteer. When she’s not volunteering, she’s studying Clinical Psychology at UCF to become a child psychologist, going to the gym, or playing with her dog, Saige. Briggett is also an army veteran and...

Beyond the
Counseling Couch
Life Interrupted: Dealing with what “might have been”
By Dr. Eloise Stiglitz, PhD,
JFS licensed psychologist  

Sometime in the middle of March, life stopped. Students stayed home from school after spring break ended; businesses closed, sending workers to offices in the basement in their homes; plays got cancelled, the NCAA went from the hottest thing to talk about in March to basketball with no...

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