Duval Head Start Success!
LSF FACES worker leaped into action after several follow-up phone calls to a family during the first week of virtual learning in Duval County. After speaking with them, it was discovered one parent and their four-year-old Head Start child were sleeping in their vehicle and bathing in a public store.

The FACES worker acted quickly to look for shelters and explore living options. Local shelters were not accepting new clients, however a family friend was able to provide a temporary unfurnished room for the parent and child to live in. The FACES worker engaged a community partner to provide the family with numerous household items and furniture. This is a perfect example of how LSF Head Start programs provide more than virtual learning, but essentials for daily life to create a strong family!
Spreading Love through LSF
Our first CINS/FINS non-residential intern Rachel had to quickly finish her internship at LSF with her college graduation being cancelled. Congratulations Rachel! We couldn’t thank you enough for all that you’ve done for us. You will be missed!
Lizz Greenburg, Senior Accountant at LSF shares a positive message found in her local neighborhood, amid COVID-19 pandemic.

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Leading Virtually or Information Overload
As you know our leaders have been meeting every morning to discuss the impacts of COVID-19 and meeting the needs of employees and clients as we navigate through this unprecedented time. Everyone is inundated with information right now through the media, social and e-mail. We are aware of that and want to be sensitive as you navigate working virtually to serve our vulnerable population. That's why we want to hear from you in the field. Would it be helpful to hear about what’s happening around LSF and the overall state of the agency from our leaders through a virtual town hall?
Should we hold a virtual Town Hall
Hi there! I’m Kate, it’s great to (virtually) meet you. I just came on board with LSF, as the new Communications Manager working under the VP of Communications, Terri Durdaller. I’ll be handling the employee newsletter from now on and I would love if you would send me any stories in your program area that you’d like to see featured! Let’s showcase all the great work LSF is doing around the state! Kate.Smith@lsfnet.org - I look forward to working with you all!

You can see me below in the bottom right square. It has been interesting to start a new job during this time, but I am here, focused and engaged. And I may just write a blog about it to share with all of you! (That's another plug for sending me stories too.)