Career Services Newsletter
April Edition | 2020
The mission of Career Services is to support and empower students and alumni in developing, evaluating, and effectively implementing their career plans. In collaboration with faculty, staff, employers, and community partners, Career Services provides a variety of resources to prepare students and alumni to become career-ready professionals.
Virtual Career Services Program
Virtual Career Support Groups
Career Services will be offering group support for students and graduates who are unemployed and underemployed. Participants will have a chance to chat with Career Services and one another in regard to overcoming the employment barriers they are facing in this current climate. Stay tuned for dates and times.

Lunch-In with Career Services
Career Services, Goodwin Program Directors, and select employers will be engaging in conversations surrounding career readiness and industry trends. Participants will be able to join in and ask what’s on their mind. Stay tuned for weekly topics, dates and times.
Navigating The Unemployment Process
Navigating Your Career Search -
College Central Network
If you are a Goodwin University student or graduate and would like the Career Services team to review your résumé, we encourage you to register and upload your résumé with  College Central Network  (CCN), our online job search resource tool. Visit the site at to activate your account using your student ID # and begin reaping the benefits of building your online career portfolio:
Job Board — Use the social tools to search for careers. Recruiters are still hiring and more than 1.2 million employers are registered and posting opportunities on CCN!

Career Podcasts — Easily access educational career podcasts. Stay engaged and informed on critical career issues without disruption!

Build a Career Portfolio — It's the perfect time to engage and build your online career portfolios for free — for life — on College CCN! Showcase your skills and achievements to employers.

Build/Update a Résumé — Use this time wisely to create or improve your résumés on CCN. Goodwin University provides guidance so job seekers can upload better, more competitive first résumés, or improve their existing ones.

Special Announcements — Communication and guidance are critical in virtual situations. Stay informed of the latest announcements and developments from Goodwin University Career Services.

Stay safe and rest assured, the Career Services team is here to assist you during this time. Reach out to us and we'll walk you through the available tools and options.
Helpful Employment Resources
Online Career Assessments: Focus2
The Focus2 Career Assessment guides students through a reliable career and education decision-making model that can help them choose majors, explore occupations, and make informed career decisions. All Goodwin students are encouraged to take the Focus2 Career assessment.

Speak to your Academic or Career Advisor today about taking and debriefing your Focus2 Career Assessment. The assessment takes approximately 25 minutes to complete and will provide to you with your Holland Code. There are seven individual assessments within the Focus2, two of which were taken when you came through Admissions. 

Go to the Focus2Career Assessment    
Access Code: Goodwin
Username: email address
Password: create your own — must be at least 8 characters long, containing both upper and lower case letter and at least one number.
Can you explain the importance
of your transferable skills?

What is your value proposition?
How can you navigate your change from one career to your new career?
How can you personalize the mission to make it meaningful for you?
Take another looks at the Career Services Mission Statement
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