APRIL 2020 - In This Issue:
3/27/20: PLEASE NOTE: All in-person church programming is currently suspended. We will post updates as they become available.

We are still worshipping together! Please join us online for:

  • Children's Worship 
  • Preschool & Elementary Group 
  • Virtual Worship service 
  • Community Coffee Hour 
  • Middle School Youth Group 
  • High School Youth Group 

We live our Mission through your generosity!

When you give, you help us:
 - Nurture your spirit
 - Care for one another
 - Change the world with our love

Where are We on Facebook?

On Facebook? We are too! Here are a couple places you can find us:

This is an interactive space where 359 members and associates come to share information, photos, and support with one another. To participate simply click "Join" and to request membership.

This is our outward facing page that give public information about upcoming events and programming at the church. Simply click the "like" button to get our notifications.

This is a new, interactive space for our church's families with children and youth to share with one another, and learn about family online programs. This group is only for parents of children and youth currently in our congregation. Click "Join" to request membership.

If you are looking for more humor, consider joining the national group UU Hysterical Society Coffee Hour to get a daily dose of UUism at its silliest.

Hope to see you somewhere on the book of faces!
Staying Connected 
by Dana Lundquist, Congregational Administrator
A Zest for Zoom Meetings
As we are all hunkering down in our homes, the staff at The Community Church has been working to create virtual ways for us to be  able to support one another and  stay connected. I want to highlight one of these ways: a platform called Zoom.

Groups and committees can meet online using our church's Zoom account. Simply send me the date, time, and duration of the meeting you are interested in scheduling, and I'll send you the invitation to forward to your participants. 

To learn more about how to use Zoom, you can:

A great way to try out Zoom Meetings is to join our Zoom Coffee Hour at 11 a.m. on Sundays by clicking here or calling 253 215 8782 and entering Meeting ID 325 616 333

I am also happy to provide individuals one-on-one online tutorials- feel free to email me to schedule one if needed!
Annual Pledge Drive! 
Our Annual Pledge Drive for our church's operation budget has begun!   As Mary Beth Powell and Bill Rote said in their stewardship letter, "The operating budget is the heartbeat of everything the church does day after day, week after week." We are so grateful to the pledges that help make this possible.

If you haven't already done so, we invite you to learn more and consider pledging for the 2020 - 2021 church year here. If you have any questions about the pledging or payment process please don't hesitate to email me or call 919-229-9452.


In an effort to reduce confusion and allow consistent, adequate time for the creation of this important material, the deadline for Monthly Newsletter Submissions is now on the 15th of each month. Thank you!
May Newsletter submissions are due April 15th.

The Community Church of Chapel Hill presents Grace Li Wang's art show entitled "Radiance of Nature" from March 7 through April 26, 2020. Grace Li Wang is an artist renowned for her ability to capture the radiance of nature in exuberant expressionist and moody impressionistic works. She wants her art to energize and enrich the spirit in each of us. Her vibrant colors and graphic forms infuse a sense of radiant vitality in an imaginative and captivating world. Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic of China, in 1953 and relocated to the US in 1964, she is currently a board member, with the Gregg Museum of Art and Design, NC State University in Raleigh. She is the recipient of numerous international art and design awards, including the Designers Choice Awards from the International Design Publications, the Distinguished Art and Design Graphics Awards from the International Society for Technical Communications, among dozens of other art and design awards. CLICK HERE for more information about the artist.
We help you recycle batteries, corks and tiny metal objects at our recycling collection. (LITHIUM BATTERIES should be kept separated, and CORRODED BATTERIES should be in a separate bag.) 

This April, coronavirus permitting, we'll also take EYE GLASSES (prescription or not, can be broken, includes sunglasses).
See our recycling page for more information on what, when and where, and thanks for helping to mitigate the climate crisis and to keep these items out of the landfill! 

Earth Day is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. April 19 is Earth Day at the Community Church. Coronavirus permitting, join ECO and Sacred Gardeners for fun activities in the courtyard: playing the Invasive/Native Plant Game; doing window art; playing with an inflatable "Earth Ball," etc.

The Share the Plate (STP) Steering Committee is accepting applications for STP Sundays for JULY- DEC 2020. Our mission is to support the outreach ministry of our UU congregation by developing and coordinating Share the Plate Collections: designated Sunday morning collections that support specific causes or organizations, which reflect the passions of the congregation. In 2019, we collected almost $40,000 for 23 worthy organizations both local and afar! Applicants must meet certain requirements to be eligible. Deadline: Sunday, MAY 10, 2020! Potential recipients MUST use appropriate and current application forms and submit to the committee as directed. CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION AND APPLICATIONS. QUESTIONS? CONTACT: Jill Baker; Jane Provan
HOLLY NEAR CONCERT CANCELLED Sadly, Holly has canceled her entire tour of the East Coast. She is working with her musicians to pay them for work they lost by committing to the tour.

If you would like to offer your purchase as a contribution to Holly and to the Community Church as well as Get out the Vote efforts, we truly appreciate your support, and no action is needed.

If you purchased tickets at coffee hour, e-mail Ginger Long who will put in a request for the church to refund your ticket price.

Holly's tour was geared to get people involved in voting and being involved in our nation's political process. All of us hope that you wonderful fans will get out there and get involved! Report back to us on your efforts! Let's all be part of the solution!

Questions? EMAIL Ginger Long.

  Abundant thank yous to all who brought filled Bountiful Bags for the IFC. They will help many local families in need of food assistance. Thank you also to Susie Hafer who was the delivery person for our contributions to the Pantry for 16 years. Her successor is Nils Brubaker, who will continue the delivery on a timely basis.

It is not necessary to bring a large bagful to be helpful. The blue canvas bins are in The Commons all the time. If nearly every family brought 2 or 3 items every month, Nils would have multiple loads to deliver, and more area people could be assisted all year long.

4/3 & 4/21  During a crisis, the poor and vulnerable are the hardest hit. Hunger is not reduced because of a pandemic - if anything, matters are made much worse . As per Gov. Cooper's mandate, all meals are prepared "to go", and "social distancing" is accommodated in the process.  Please   CLICK HERE to sign up to help and make an immediate impact in our community. Sign up once, or once a month - many hands make light work!
Although all in-person meetings of Community Clickers have been suspended until further notice, we can still work on projects to create comfort and warmth for our community. This would be a good time to work your way through your stash of #4 washable acrylic yarns, especially yarns that complement each other, to make 7" x 9" blocks with two 18" tails at opposite corners. If you want to create all 18 blocks and make a shawl, here are the instructions. In addition to blocks for shawls for UNC Hospice, we will also need baby hats for UNC Hospital for when we reconvene and scarves for Homestart and Holiday Bazaar items for December. We plan to send out periodic emails with pictures from home projects so be sure to join our email list by writing to us here. Stay home! Stay well! Stay connected!

One of the things that we in Rare Women have learned from our earlier discussions of the chapters in Joan Chittister's book, The Gift of Years, and from our more recent ones in which we shared some of the Seasons of our Lives, is that we are resilient. 

We have all experienced adversity in our lives, and we have phenomenal skills to draw upon as we face these difficult times. Keep this in mind over the next weeks as we move through this period in which our meetings have been suspended. Join our email list by contacting us here to get updates, which we hope will eventually include options for online meetings or chats. In the meantime, enjoy this talk by Matt Killingsworth about how to be happier.
NONFICTION BOOK DISCUSSION FOR APRIL On Saturday, April 18, at 10:30 in will now take place via ZOOM (contact the group  - below! - to participate). The Nonfiction Readers will discuss White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism, by Robin DiAngelo. The author has been a professor of multicultural relations and a trainer/lecturer on race and social justice for over 20 years. The book examines the universality of racism and deconstructs the efforts white people make to deny our own racism, based on the belief that to be racist means only to engage in overt acts of violence and discrimination. DiAngelo explains how unconscious racism and comfort with white privilege impoverishes white life as well as negatively impacting the lives of others. Jan Parker will be leading our discussion. The Readers meet on the third Saturday of each month. New members and drop-ins are welcome.    Click here to contact the group.

April 18: Warblers and Wildflowers on New Hope Creek. Carpool from the Church 9:00am. Lunch at Venables to follow. We can usually count on Pinxter Azaleas, Green and Gold, Dwarf Crested Iris and Foam Flower. Hopefully but less reliably, we'll be listening/looking for Parulas, N. Waterthrushes, Yellow Throated Warblers and ?
Look closely, closely./These barely present flowers/Fill the Universe. RSVP HERE

May 29-30. New River Rails to Trails. Bring/rent a bike or hike. Chose how and how far to go on an easy path before rendezvousing at Foster Falls State Park. Share a lovely cabin in Galax. Please decide soon so we can book additional space if needed. Two weeks cancellation required by Fiddler's Roost.

BARN QUILT PAINTING CLASS Create your own 24" x 24" barn quilt! Beth Ball, educator and instructor, will be teaching a barn quilt painting classes to benefit Close the Gap. Cost is $50 per person, including all materials. Barn quilts are created on pre-primed plywood and can be hung inside or outside. Choose your own pattern and color choices and learn how to draft the pattern onto the plywood. All paints are latex based. This is a fun class for novice or expert painters.
Saturday, May 23rd from 1:00-4:00 in the Community Room. Partial Proceeds go to the Close the Gap fund.

Beth has posted pictures from her classes on Facebook and Pinterest - Beth Ball Barn Painting, in case you'd like to see the finished products.
Maximum of 30 in the class. Registration and payment is required before the class. For more information, email Cam Blass - or call or text (386) 341-7380.
The C3HUU Board wants to hear from you! Click here to share with us your thoughts, comments, concerns, and questions. Click here to learn more about the Board, including viewing the Board and Congregational Meeting minutes.  
If you would like to learn more about joining the Community Church of Chapel Hill, please contact our Membership Director, Rachel Rose, by calling the office (919) 942-2050, emailing c3hmembership@gmail.com, or find her at one of our Sunday services. Whether you are brand new or a longtime attendee, and whatever your beliefs or background, we welcome you to our community of friendship and ideals.