Volume 30 No. 4 | April 2020
Heart Lines Newsletter
Beloveds, what can I say? This week has been heartbreaking, peaceful, prayerful, annoying and waaaay out of the norm for all of us. I want tos tart by counting our blessings. Our Heart Connection volunteers have been absolute power houses in terms of checking up on people and creating a sense of connection. Rev Lezli and her team have been my hero by keeping us in line with how to do all things digital. I’m grateful for technology that at least allows us to stay in touch, if in a new and sometimes challenging way.
The whole central idea of this teaching is that we let go of what doesn’t work for us anymore and allow ourselves to find new, more effective ways of being in the world. Well, this is our time. Although I miss seeing everyone on Sunday, and I miss the hugs, we have an opportunity to connect with each other over the phone. We can open our digital doors to hundreds of people we would never meet in our physical sanctuary. And most of all, we all have the opportunity to hold each other in prayer, to minister to one another and to find new ways to speak love.

Bright Beginnings is our theme for the month of April and it is so appropriate! We can claim a bright, new beginning or choose to hang on to what is not available to us right now. This month, each of the Abrahamic traditions celebrates a major holiday. For Christians it is Easter – the celebration of resurrection in the spiritual body. For Jews, it is Passover – the celebration of freedom from slavery in Egypt. For Muslims, it is Ramadan – the celebration of Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) receiving the Quran in 610 CE. Each holiday has something to teach us about stepping out of darkness and into life, away from ignorance and into truth.
We still have each other. The Divine Presence is still here in and as all of us. We can be still and know what the Spirit within us is calling us to do and be. And we can, and will, walk through this life speaking love, celebrating each other, growing spiritually and including everyone.

Rev. Kathleen Sibley


Rev. Kathleen Sibley
Phone: (928) 830-9443
Email: revkathleen@cslprescott.org
Please reach out for prayer, conversation and emotional support during this challenging time. We can only be there for you if you reach out and let us know what you need. Remember, we love you so much, and it's our pleasure to be there for you.


Hazel Bowman: (928) 541-1521

Diane Gesell: (928) 308-8759

Mel Hirsch: (928) 282-2461

Jon Haass: (928) 632-2711

Sally Kasner: (928) 636-1874

Grace McManus: (562) 595-3462

Karen Rader: (928) 710-1908

Richard Rader: (928) 710-6079

Dave Sharer: (928) 771-2791

Diane Gesell: (928) 308-8759

Mel Hirsch: (928) 282-2461

Jon Haass: (928) 632-2711

Please DO NOT show up in person in April.
Join us ONLINE instead!
While we are practicing necessary distancing as ordered by the CDC, CSL Prescott is still here for you and Sunday services will still be happening. Join us on Facebook Live every Sunday: 10:00 AM for meditation and 10:30 AM for service. While it's not quite the same as being together in the sanctuary, this miracle of technology allows us to come together like the powerful spiritual community that we are.

Meditation: 10:00
Service time 10:30

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Every Tuesday evening from 6:00-7:00 PM, we gather to discuss the Science of Mind Magazine. Join us online via Zoom to deepen and share every Tuesday through May 12.

Hosts:  Andy & Chris Hoefer
When: Tuesdays, 6-7 PM

If you would like your Circle to meet online, call Rev. Kathleen and she'll set it up!
Board Report
Hello to all.

Hello Beloveds. Ernest Holmes says, “The answer to every problem already exists in the Mind of God, and you are in the Mind of God, and the Mind of God is flowing through you this
minute.” We are in difficult times, times of uncertainty, but we will prevail as an individual, a Center, a community and a nation. We as a nation of people will find the answers through our
combined efforts with God, with Spirit. We are learning more every day about COVID-19, how to test for it and create a vaccination for it through combined efforts of government and the
private sector. We are learning as individuals what measures we can take to safeguard ourselves and our loved ones. Given 7.5 billion people who inhabit the Earth, it might seem that each individual can’t make a difference, but that’s not true, each of us can and will make a difference.

We can look up on the CDC website for information that is up to date. We can be responsible for remembering our thoughts are things, so our thoughts are creating our world. We need to stay positive. We need to Know that this is ending, that we are manifesting a better place because we are all learning from our experiences and our efforts. What a great time for being responsible and respectful for ourselves and others.

Having said this about responsibility, if anyone in our Center is in need of anything, contact myself,
Rev. Kathleen, a Practitioner, a Board Member or the Heart connection. Whether you need groceries, a ride, a prayer or financial assistance all you need to do is ask. Your request will stay confidential if you so desire. Know that all of us are part of a community that will help each other through these unprecedented times, and no one needs to be alone. We all have God within us, a fellowship outside us and a rich community to support us.

Blessing to all,
Sandy Kimmerle & Tom Kimmerle (President & Wife)
Spring in the Air
Spring has arrived with the green of the trees along the creeks leading into Watson lake, flowers now find homes above the ground and the menace of a hard frost seems remote on this day. 
April showers are definitely something we can all affirm, bringing moisture to the fields and gardens on this high desert plateau. And the equivalent of loving moisture for relationships in our lives is the attention we can lavish on those that show up. Have you noticed how good it feels when someone stops and takes the time to really listen to what is going on in your life? Rather than just hello and how are you as they already recede, when someone stands and looks at you it is like that nourishing spring rain. Ahhhh.

So how would it be if you became one of those givers of attention and love? This month take on a conscious practice (if you want to play) and perhaps after Sunday service or when you encounter a friend in the store… Just stop, feel their life in front of you. Don’t think of the next clever response but open your heart to them. What is happening in your life? I am interested in learning more about you. There is an old song it says “I don’t need clever conversation”, when we are seen just the way we are; healing begins somewhere deep inside. 
Now that I have put out this challenge to myself, I might also just have to go to the mirror and talk to this old friend. How is everything? What can I do today to bring a little more peace, love and understanding into my life?
Jon C. Haass, RScP
The Heart Connection Circle's purpose is to reach out to all at CSLP, and the circle is continuously thinking of new ways to connect people.   During this period of quarantine and distancing, please let your Heart Connection person or Rev. Kathleen know, and we'll get it to you.

Call whether you need:
  • Groceries
  • Medications picked up
  • Supplies for the house

It's our honor to support you through whatever comes. That's what community does -- we take care of each other.

We sincerely thank you for your participation,
Beth Mosier, Sharon Tice & Kyra Molitar
An Unexpected Visitor
Karen S. Rader

An unexpected visitor,
Corona, is here
Oblivious and innocent
On surfaces and people
She appears.
Before today, I thought she was a beer.
The world feels weird
Upside down and outside in.
Continuously we are challenged—
Choose Fear; Choose Love
Choose Blame; Choose Learning
Choose Anger; Choose Patience
Choose I/Me/Mine; Choose tender care
For the Expanded Community.
Is it possible, this Unexpected Visitor
Has a gift to reveal?
We all are called to do our part,
How can we serve, share, help,
Pray, meditate or be?
We are called to live in Supportive Harmony
Loving Kindness is free
Join in One World, One Life, One Heart
Together we make a difference, each of you and me.


Theme for the Year: 20/20 Spiritual Vision

April Theme: Bright Beginnings

"Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light."

Dumbledore, Harry Potter series
written by JK Rowling

April 5: Bright Beginnings

April 12: Broken Open (Easter

April 19: Unwritten

April 26: Fire in the Belly
Guest Speaker: Beverley Strutt, ministerial student

God is in everything. God is friends, family, and the good stuff. God is caring, love, joy, helpful, kindness, peace, safe, and power.

God's good is for everyone. Since God is everything and everyone, we are everything and everyone. God is love and we are love. Bunnies, bows, butterflies, kittens, puppies, sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows are all a part of God.

I know that there is a peaceful planet Earth where there is an abundance of clean air and water and people who care about one another. There is a healthy rainforest that has a wolf and husky with wings. I know there are bunnies, pet foxes, rainbows, and sunshine. 
I know there are macaroni volcanoes and statues. I know there is a giraffe that lives super far away that is super, super tall and that lives on another planet. I know that the CAA has 10 more kids by January 1, 2021 every Sunday. I know that we can have vitality and time to ourselves on school holidays.

Thank you God for life, the law, food, orange water, the Children's Association of Awesomeness, the holidays, and pets.

With a deep breath, we bring in the good stuff and release the bad stuff.
And so it is!

Also, check our CSLP Facebook Page for more goodies for our children while we weather this storm together. ( FACEBOOK LINK)

Diane and Erin. 
Bob Joslin (414-581-3519, boppinbobjazzman@yahoo.com)
Chris Hofer (914 262-8599, 
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Co-Coordinators: Beth Mosier (928-445-7135,
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Kyra Molitar (830-837-4155   kyramolitor@msn.com )
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Diane Gesell Sally Kasner • Mel Hirsch
Dave Sharer • Hazel Bowman • Grace McManus Richard Rader

Albin Wisniewski • Sudra Tolbert
Joanne Carson
Thank you, Volunteers! Your time, talent and
energy are greatly appreciated!
During the month of February, 2020, eight (8) team members reported visiting (actual or telephone), seven (7) separate individuals. A total of 18 visits were made during the month. In a addition, the team participated in 2 (two) Virtual Prayer Circles for individuals who were undergoing a medical procedure,

Would you like a visit, telephone visit, telephone call, Prayer Circle or Virtual Prayer Circle by the Visitation Team for yourself or another? A Virtual Prayer Circle is performed when it is impractical to be at the hospital. A Virtual Prayer Circle is where each member goes into prayer at a designated time, wherever they are, for an individual undergoing a medical procedure. If this is for you, please contact the Pastoral Care Coordinator, David Sharer RScP at (928) 771 2791. The team loves to serve by making visits and praying with you.

Love & Light,
David Sharer, RScP

Beverly Kent, 4/02
Carolyn Baker, 4/04
Charles Dockter, 4/17
Margaret (Peggy) Beaupre, 4/21

"Now suppose there were at the center of the being of each one of us a clear channel to the Infinite, which is forever pouring out through us in a unique way, because it never does two things alike, nor does it ever repeat itself."

Ernest Holmes
Ernest Holmes Papers, "Ideas of Power"
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