April 2020

When there is an urgent need, the Salus University family is always ready and willing to step up and contribute.  During the nationwide COVID-19 pandemic that has swept the nation, healthcare professionals on the front lines have been short on much-needed supplies. This has included medical facilities in the Philadelphia area, which were running short on personal protective equipment (PPE). And, Salus answered the call.

Dr. Verma
Satya Verma, OD '75, FAAO, DPNAP, Diplomate, has been named as one of the 2020 inductees into the National Optometric Hall of Fame. Dr. Verma started the first low vision service at PCO's clinical facility and wrote the first lab manual for low vision. He was clinical supervisor for the Philadelphia Interdisciplinary Health and Education Program (PHIHEP), Contact Lens and Low Vision service  and has been part of the Externship Program since its inception. 

 Four-Legged and Winged Friends Invited into the OT Online Learning Experience

First-year Occupational Therapy (OT) students sometimes face long classroom hours. With all classes being taught online during the COVID-19 pandemic that has closed Salus for the rest of the semester, five hours can be a long time for students to sit on their couches while learning virtually. So OT instructor Sharon Marcy came up with a "Bring Your Pet to Class" day to help break up the monotony for students and encourage them to incorporate their fur babies into learning.

It's hard to believe how different things look right now than they did just a month or two ago. Earlier this year, Salus students were attending class on campus, serving hundreds of community members in our clinical facilities, and planning to triumphantly walk across the stage at a commencement ceremony attended by loved ones and friends.
Now, they are completing coursework from home, missing their rotations and clerkships, and deciding if they want to attend a virtual graduation this May, or defer that final walk to October.
While it's difficult to know exactly how things are going to evolve, at Salus, one thing still feels true - the work we do, the education we provide, and the future medical professionals we train are essential, perhaps now more than ever before.

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