April 2020 Newsletter
Vol. 8 No. 07

So much new stress has been brought into our lives recently and it is a direct result of this global challenge we now face. Few hardships you are dealing with now are being dealt with by only you, and it is important to remember this. Financial pains, drastic lifestyle changes, well-being and health are problems we are all now dealing with, together. All of us, now, are in the same boat.

This is all the more reason to take a deep breath, focus on what’s important, and create a daily regiment that’s healthy for you, whatever that might mean. 

#1 Financial Plan – If you have not already done so, workout your financial game plan.
#2 Physical Well-Being – What’s your excuse now to not exercise? 
#3 Mindfulness – Mental health is EVEN MORE important than physical health.
#4 Stay Healthy – Eat well, wash your hands. Practice physical distancing, but don’t be reclusive.

Always remember, take care of you and your loved ones. The end is far over. Let’s plan what’s next on our journey.  
Your friend, 

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New Dawn Charters

Regional News

MIAMI EATS: Order Out. Help Out.
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and its dramatic impact on the hospitality industry, the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau (GMCVB) has launched MIAMI EATS – a new program to help our restaurants and their employees during this crisis.

Now more than ever they need our support so we are asking all Greater Miami residents to please consider ordering out when possible. In turn, many of these restaurants are offering special deals. While there are many great food delivery services available, we are also encouraging everyone to please call the restaurants directly. Check back often for updates.

Boredom Busters

Billboard.com is keeping you up to speed with top artists who have virtual concerts or music events happening each week.

The New York Times wrote a feature on how to have these successfully with your friends and family.

CNET offering tips to keep up appearances.

If you need a few moments to disconnect from the current events and re-center yourself, check out the Basic Steps for Beginning
Meditation below, by Psychology Today.

Parade Magazine is helping families avoid cabin fever by offering a great list of 125 ideas to keep kids entertained.

Travel and Leisure wants to be sure you can still explore some of the most famous museums around the world. Take virtual tours of world renown museums and see famous works of art, ancient artifacts and important pieces of history, all from the comfort of your living room.

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Concierge Birthdays

04/01 Lenny Gabriel-Regis, Ritz South Beach
04/01 Jose Varella, St. Regis Residences
04/03 Richard Luna, Pritkin Longevity Spa
04/04 Alia Nassar, Marriott South Beach
04/06 Irina Movilean, Fontainebleau
04/06 Jorge Rocha, W Miami
04/07 Veronica Gherardi, Beach Hotel
04/10 Francois Calixte, Conrad Miami
04/11 Mauricio Rodriguez, EPIC Hotel
04/11 Kevin Doran, Private Tours Miami
04/16 Jorge Jerez, Loews Miami Beach

04/20 Alex Barba, Royal Palm
04/21 Mauricio Botero, InterContinental
04/23 Cindy Perez, Ritz Carlton Res.
04/25 Venet Smith, Turnberry Ocean Colony
04/25 Luisa Chu, Williams Island 2000
04/27 Jack Damian Vega, Four Seasons SC
04/27 Peter Paul Jodin, Marriott Harbour
04/27 Michael Del Toro, St. Regis Residences
04/27 Mirlanda Marcellus, Turnberry Ocean
04/29 Ilana Sigal, 1 Hotel South Beach
04/29 Alejandra Rivera, Sheraton MIA Airport
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