April, 2020 HDSA Newsletter
HDSA Mission Statement
Our mission is to promote, preserve, and improve the downtown historic district as the heart and soul of the
City of Snohomish.
Virtual Tip Jar $$
Looking for a way to support your favorite bartender, server, hair stylist, or other member of the service industry during the shutdown ? Virtual Snohomish allows you to send tips directly to service workers who share their Venmo and PayPal handles. Check it out at Virtual Snohomish.
Charm Walk – May 9
Wine Walk – June 13
The HDSA is hoping to hold these community events. However, due to restrictions involving COVID-19, we are still in limbo regarding our events. Please check our website and Facebook frequently for updates. Thank you and be safe!
The HDSA Board is now holding all meetings via Zoom . If you would like to join us, please email Terrys.HDSA@gmail.com

Life has changed in downtown Snohomish and we are engaged in aggressive measures to protect public health and safety amid the coronavirus pandemic. Our hearts are with our small business owners, their families, and their financial sustainability . These vulnerable local small businesses are likely to feel a disproportionate impact from this ongoing crisis. The HDSA is confident that together we’ll be well equipped to bring you the most up to date information, resources, and support to keep our community strong.

Click here on our website and filter by business type to find contact and operation information for your favorite historic district business.

Ways you can support local businesses during this crisis:
·        Buy Gift Cards – buy now, redeem later!
·        Order Food by Takeout & Delivery
·        Shop online
·        Book in advance to ensure future business
·        Write a heartfelt review for your favorite local business
·        Like, Share, and Promote local businesses!

America’s Main Street Contest – Vote Today & Everyday !
We need your votes to win! 
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Rick Alles , President, Board of Directors
Terry Schuler , Executive Director, HDSA