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Volume 31 - April 2020
Happy Spring and April Fools Day!
As many of you may know the Legislative Session has been suspended until further notice.  The Iowa Legislature approved authority to Governor Reynolds to what is needed to keep the state of Iowa safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.   We are Iowan's and we are strong! We will get through this and it will be one for the text books - or rather online, since digital print is something of the past!

COVID-19 is the infectious disease caused by the novel coronavirus. This new virus and disease were unknown to the population before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.There is a website that provides information, maps, and resources about the coronavirus response in Iowa, for more information go here.

Learn more about the Congressional response to COVID-19 and what is included in the FFCRA and CARES bills in ZERO TO THREE's new legislative summary .

Stay safe, healthy and practice social distancing.
Debra Schrader
4 R Kids Executive Director
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Seeking Board Membership
The Iowa 4 R Kids Early Childhood Area Board is seeking applicants who want to help children age 0-5 grow, learn and prepare for Kindergarten. With the state financial resources, our twelve member board awards Early Childhood grants to ensure young children will be healthy and successful. 

Board membership is available to anyone wo work or live in Adair, Dallas, Madison, or Warren County, and do not directly or indirectly receive funds from the Board. For more information download the 4 R Kids Board membership application or contact the ECI Director, Debra Schrader.
Free Webinars!
Due to the Child Abuse Prevention Conference being cancelled two Some conference presenters are offering their sessions via webinars in May and are free of charge. These will be live as well as prerecorded.  Keep checking the Prevent Child Abuse Iowa website for login information.

Nick Leerhoff presents "How to Navigate Addiction within the Family" on Monday, May 4, 10-11 AM via Zoom.
Joyce Westphal presents "The Impact of Parental Stress on the Social-Emotional Development of Children" on Monday, May 11, 2-4 PM via Zoom.
Child Abuse Prevention Month
This April, Adair, Dallas, Madison and Warren Counties will join hundreds of communities across the nation in celebrating Child Abuse Prevention Month.  All children deserve a great childhood because our children are our future.  How are we going to achieve this?  We're going to do it together, one simple, everyday action at a time, where we support both the families we know and all of the families in our neighborhood and community.   If we work to turn small actions into big impact not just during April, but every day, we can go a long way toward creating the kind of world where all children have the great childhood they deserve and abuse and neglect never occurs. 

The blue pinwheel has become the symbol for child abuse prevention.  Pinwheels symbolize the happy, carefree childhood that all children deserve.  Throughout the month of April, pinwheels will be on display throughout our four county area and each community will have activities planned to celebrate Child Abuse Prevention Month.   Show your support for child abuse prevention by wearing blue on Blue Out Day April 3.  For more information about local activities in yo ur community, contact:
Success 4 Kids Council (Adair County)
Stephanie Claussen, President

Dallas County Children's Advocacy Council 
Dena Owens, President

Madison County Child Abuse Prevention Council 
Johna Sullivan, Member

Warren County Child Abuse Prevention Council:
P.O. Box 417
Indianola, IA 50125
www.facebook.com/warrencountyca pc
Early Childhood Iowa
Stay up to date with Early Childhood Iowa.  The  Early Childhood Iowa website has a plethora of information. 
Height of Mom
Moms who have multiples are an average of 1 inch taller than other moms. A hormone that taller women have more of insulin-like growth factor, or IGF, may be the reason.
Did You Know?
24 Children are abused every day, thats 1 per hour.
Babies Like to Face Right
Only 15% of newborns prefer to turn their head left when lying on their back. It seems to be related to a gene, like having dimples. This bias lasts for a few months, and it may help explain why more people are right-handed, too.
Iowa Kids Count Data
Iowa  ranks 3rd nationally in the national KIDS COUNT ® Data Book, go here for the report. 
Your Face 
Can Do 
Weird Things
Babies learn by watching and interacting with their environment. You'll find yourself acting goofy to encourage your newborn. After the first few weeks, you'll see your baby studying and eventually imitating your silly faces. Smile, stick out your tongue, or make a funny sound to attract their attention.
Changes to Food 
The Department of Human Services has taken multiple steps to ensure food security, including new online options through Amazon and Walmart. Go here for more information.
Want to increase your chances of having twins? Then eat more yams. A tribe in Africa whose diet consists mostly of yams was recently found to have exceptionally high rates of twins and multiple births.
Save The Dates
4 R Kids 
Board Meetings
Board meetings will be held electronically until further notice.
Arpil 16, 2020
May 21, 2020

Debra Schrader, 4 R Kids Executive Director

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