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April 2020 Newsletter
President's Message

Happy Easter!
As we adjust to life in exile, some members of your executive board have shared their experiences in this newsletter. Life is different, but it is still good. We have internet, electricity, running water, bicycles, food, water, and so much more. Most of all, we still have each other. In my eternal quest to find the good in all things, I smile at all the families outside during this time of distancing. People are walking, running, working in the yard, and spending time with their kids. At the Jackson house, we finally pumped up the basketball and played some hoops. No big surprise, but I lost. We are biking to see grandparents and visiting poolside. As my college kids attend classes remotely, my son is learning to skateboard and my daughter is doing housework. My husband even deep-cleaned the kitchen floor. I could easily get used to this new normal. Not all bad that's for sure.

Perhaps there is something more that we can take away from this forced shutdown. During this time of reflection on God's sacrifice of His son to wipe away our sins, we are likewise being forced to sacrifice. For some of us, that sacrifice is small. For others who are facing economic uncertainty or the loss of a family member, that sacrifice is enormous. However, we are being reminded that the little things matter most. We should be grateful for a hug, a shared smile, our community, a paycheck, and the opportunity to make each day better than the last. I hope that all of you are finding the good in this life. We will soon return to squabbling and politics, but not today. While I have much to say about the legalities of this lock down, it is Easter after all.

May God bless us all,
  Bonnie Jackson
Winter Park Election Results
City Commission Seat 1
Jeffrey Blydenburgh received 3604 votes for 45.08 percent of the vote.
James (Marty) Sullivan received 4390 votes for 54.92 percent of the vote.

City Commission Seat 2
Carl Creasman received 2420 votes for 30.26 percent of the vote.
Sheila DeCiccio received 5577 votes for 69.74 percent of the vote.

Click here to see the outcome of the charter amendments that were on the ballot.


How We are Passing the Time
We will rise above this horrible situation & become stronger than ever🙏🏻

I have been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, cooking, cooking & cooking. Also playing pool, corn toss & triominos with my husband.

Looking forward to a great TRUMP 2020 campaign👍🏻 🇺🇸

Sharon Burnight
Hello from the Sullivan House! After the initial shock of all of this I got busy and cleaned like a crazy person and took care of neglected projects. The biggest challenge has been our trips to the grocery store. I have not worn a mask but I do put on gloves and disinfect everything before bringing it into the house. Not Fun!

The positive side of this quarantine is that I’ve enjoyed cooking and baking and trying new recipes. Morning walks with my husband and long breakfasts and lunches are a special treat since Andrew is now working from home. A beautifully set table has become the norm because I have the time, so why not make it fun. I must admit that there is a bit of a domestic goddess inside of me.

For fun, I’ve dusted off my bass guitar and have been playing some old favorites. I listen to a lot of smooth jazz to keep me calm and happy. Also downloaded the audiobook The Rational Bible by Dennis Prager for a spiritual connection and learning.

I’ve reconnected with my sister-in-law in Italy as well as an old high-school friend in Denver. So much fun!

It looks like we will be doing this a while longer, so what will my next project be?

Be well my friends,
Hello to my WPRWF friends. I miss you all and understand more clearly how important our organization is to my political motivation and psyche. Like minded friends are truly a tonic and our meetings are important.

In seclusion I've focused on a social media mission called Assume the Media is Lying. I had a follower tell me that this name is grammatically incorrect and I had a moment of dislike for her similar to that for Mrs. Campbell, my 6th grade grammar teacher. The title is meant to portray a singular monolith of ideology, all of one mind, so I chose 'is' over 'are'. Hear that, Mrs. Campbell? Anyway, I share articles and examples of media bias on the FB page. Sometimes there is lively conversation. My hope is to reach folks that might not be in the know on this topic (for them I use the softer 'assume' instead of 'know' in the title), and through information, reduce the stranglehold of media propaganda. During the China Virus, the examples are more egregious and dangerous than even I could have imagined.

Check it out sometime and add your voice! Hope to see you all very soon.

Ellie Warner
These are strange times indeed. What has affected me the most, is not being able to go to Mass, or even visit a church. Even during the crisis of a hurricane, we can gather together to worship. This lock down is unprecedented. It’s hard to keep a good thought. To that end, I have a little happy hour in the evenings with a glass of wine to review what I have accomplished that day with satisfaction. Sunday Masses and Holy Week services are available online and I take advantage of them. Even though I sit at home in front of my computer, I dress as if I were attending in person. The Easter season is here. Put on that Easter dress, shoes and all the rest. Give yourself something to look forward to!

Rejoice! He is Risen!

Patty Bender
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