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Funding Your Business
Use Your IRA/401K
to Fund Your Business
If you have retirement funds that you have not yet paid taxes on, you can access those funds to capitalize a business. You can then use those funds to buy a business, for any business expense, and to pay salary!


You are in control, you decide how much of your retirement funds you wish to use for the business. When working with a company that specializes in this funding option, and follows all of the IRS guidelines, you are able to buy a business Debt Free and Equity Rich (from the rollover of your IRA/401K funds). Additionally, you'll have a new 401K/Profit Sharing Plan that you can begin to contribute Tax Deferred.
Click here to learn more about using your retirement account and other funding options that are available.
Fun Facts
FASTSIGNS was founded in Austin, TX in 1985 by Gary Salomon and Bob Schanbaum.

The first franchise was sold in December 1986, with its first international franchise sold in 1991. The company was bought in October 2003 by Roark Capital Group.

Today, there are over 700 locations worldwide.
The Fear Factor of Buying a Franchise




Author and Philosopher Bertrand Russell once said "To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom."

Buying a franchise is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make, so feeling fear is not only normal, it is entirely appropriate to the situation.

Who has fear? Everyone! Fear prevents us (most of us, anyway) from jumping out of a moving car or going over a waterfall in a barrel. Fear helps us make choices that are less likely to endanger our lives. Fear also prevents us from gambling our life's savings on a horse race or marrying someone we've known only a few days.
However, when we feel we have enough information about a subject, we can often get over fear and do things that were beyond our comfort zone.
If you are one of those people who has done your homework and found the franchise opportunity you've always dreamed of but can't seem to commit to a decision, then the final doubts you have are probably about your own abilities rather than the franchise itself.
This is where a qualified franchise consultant can help you. By assessing your interests, skills and experience, a consultant can guide you to a decision where risks are at an acceptable level and the benefits, while not certain, are well worth the effort.
The only problem with fear is when you allow it to stop you from doing something you know will make a positive difference in your life. Don't let fear stop you from reaching your goals! 
Buyer Checklist 
green checkmark

1. Work with a consultant, he/she already knows the answers to most of your questions.

2. Take your time.

3. Identify your financial goals.

4. Understand your marketplace. 

5. Compare several franchise options.

6. Attend the Discovery Day.

7.Validate information with current franchisees.

8. Consult with a franchise attorney prior to signing any documents.

9. Begin your journey as a successful business owner.

Did you know... 

One out of every 12 businesses operating today is a franchise.


What are some of the benefits to owning a franchise?

1. It's an established, successful brand.  
2. There are proven operating systems in place.  
3. Volume purchasing power. 
4. Shared experience with other franchisees. 
5. Formalized training and marketing programs to help ensure your success.


We've helped many aspiring business owners, just like yourself, realize their entrepreneurial dreams by matching them with their ideal Business or Franchise Opportunity.  If you're ready to take control of your future but need expert assistance finding just the right business, we can help.
You are never charged a fee for our services.
This Month's
Featured Franchise Category
Advertising & Marketing
Cash Needed: $200K
Total Investment: $300K-$2M
Current Locations: 270             
Allegra (Marketing*Print*Mail) is a full-service marketing, printing and mailing services company.  They offer multiple solutions and flexibility to accommodate their customers' business needs.  Their team of graphic designers and business communicators work with  their customers to find unique and creative solutions to the biggest business and communication challenges that they face.
Allegra is a B2B business model where you deliver a full array of high quality marketing communications services to businesses of all types.  Their core customer is the small to mid-sized business, organization and non-profit who need help with marketing their business.  Allegra is more than a printing company - their centers provide website and graphic design, social media and email marketing campaigns, printing, mailing, promotional products and marketing services.   
Allegra is a world leader in marketing and visual communications with 300 centers in the U.S. and Canada and has a proven history of success that spans 40 years.  
Allegra is the only company in its field to have the Profit Mastery program which benchmarks all of the key financial indicators of this business and has proven to help improve the bottom line performance of their franchise members.  
The Allegra business model offers you a healthy Work/Life balance as you will only be open Monday through Friday during normal business hours.  And with a well-trained staff of professionals, their franchise owners can take vacations and not worry about the business. 
For more information, Click here 
Or call 800-401-9154
Boulder Designs
Cash Needed: $64K
Total Investment: $110K
Current Locations: 135   
Boulder Designs was founded in Rantoul, IL as a complementary business to their sister company, Border Magic, a landscape curbing company, which was founded in 1992.  When the weather in the midwest turned cold each season, all landscape work came to a halt.  This meant many Border Magic franchise owners were without work for several months.  Boulder Designs was born to fill the gap caused by the cold months.
Boulder Designs is the only franchise that creates beautiful monuments and boulder signage.  What does this mean to you?  It means that you have an opportunity to buy into a business with significant growth potential.  Being a Boulder Designs franchisee gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you would like with multiple types of products to sell.

While other companies create synthetic boulders using an eggshell type process such as chicken wire or styrofoam, Boulder Designs constructs boulders out of specially enhanced concrete that is 100% solid, giving it the characteristics of a real boulder and the strength to last a lifetime.  From commercial business signage boulders, benches, and monuments, to directional signage, planters, mailboxes, water features, and address boulders, Boulder Designs has a diverse product lineup that attracts attention and can turn any business into a landmark. 
For more information, Click here 
Or call 800-401-9154
RSVP Publications
Cash Needed: $30K-$120K
Total Investment: $45K-$175K
Current Locations: 81                                  
RSVP Publications, first established in 1985, is now one of the largest direct mail advertising companies in the nation.  RSVP designs, prints, and mails 4-color picture postcards, advertising the more "upscale" local businesses to the wealthiest 20% of North American homeowners.  RSVP eliminates wasted circulation by mailing to the homeowners who are most likely to buy.

RSVP offers a time-tested and rewarding franchise opportunity. Thousands of clients have used RSVP for over 30 years.  With this experience, they know what works for their clients.  RSVP is a concept that gives their franchisees a winning combination.
  • Very affordable, turnkey system
  • No inventory or equipment needed
  • Home or Office based business
  • Over 30 years of history & building brand awareness
  • Five days of intensive training held at RSVP Corporate Headquarters
Some RSVP franchise owners have begun with little or no sales experience and no experience running their own company.  Included with this franchise opportunity is a full five days of training to fully learn how to run your business and sell the product easily.  Plus, you will receive support to help you on a daily basis to help make your RSVP franchise as successful as possible.

If you are professional, self-motivated and organized, RSVP Publications may be the franchise opportunity you're looking for.

For more information, Click here
Or call 800-401-9154
SpeedPro Imaging
Cash Needed: $80K
Total Investment: $266K-$286K
Current Locations: 131          

With over 20 years of experience, SpeedPro Imaging is the nation's leader in large format imagery.  They specialize in a variety of high quality products including wall murals, event graphics, tradeshow displays, vehicle wraps, and window graphics.  Through extreme resolution levels and unparalleled quality standards, SpeedPro Imaging takes visual communication to the next level.

SpeedPro Imaging's business model is a balance of B2B sales and light manufacturing.  They provide their franchisees with proprietary software for CRM, pricing, workflow, marketing and operational support; that means your business has the technological and training support it needs to meet customers' expectations.

No prior experience in printing or graphics is necessary to be a successful SpeedPro franchisee.  SpeedPro's experienced team of trainers will guide you through every step of operating your own studio.  Their step-by-step kick start solution encompasses everything from obtaining your business license, finding a location, and getting your turn-key start-up package installed and operational.  They also provide a robust sales & marketing program to help you begin to grow your business before your doors are even open.

For more information, Click here
Or call 800-401-9154
Cash Needed: $24K-$49K
Total Investment: $24K-$49K
Current Locations: 26  
BirthdayPak is an award-winning marketing platform that brings local upscale businesses together with their best customers. Through a powerful convergence of disruptive offline and online marketing techniques, BirthdayPak effectively creates first time engagements for an exclusive group of upscale businesses with an exclusive group of affluent consumers.

BirthdayPak is a the perfect opportunity for seasoned Sales & Marketing professionals who want to develop their own business with the support of a proven brand within the direct mail industry.  BirthdayPak franchise owners do what they do best - they work with local business owners who want to feature their brand in a unique cooperatively mailed gift package sent directly to affluent women in their community.

BirthdayPak only works with a limited number of upscale businesses such as restaurants, day spas, salons, and boutiques.  On the consumer side, BirthdayPak is only sent to affluent female consumers who happen to be celebrating their birthday and live local to those businesses featured in their BirthdayPak.  It's the perfect combination leading to advertising success.

What makes BirthdayPak offers even more appealing to the recipient is the fact that the offers are presented in the form of gift cards, not coupons.  Connecting the best businesses in the community with their best customers, at exactly the right time, is what BirthdayPak is all about.  There is no other direct mail franchise on the market like BirthdayPak.
For more information, Click here  
Or call 800-401-9154
Master What is an Area Representative or Master Franchise?
Some franchises have opportunities known as Area Representative or Master Franchise.  An Area Representative Franchise involves the development of a geographic region that can be as small as a single city or as large as an entire state; while a Master Franchise is normally reserved for the development of an entire country.  You purchase the right to develop a designated area and share in the franchise fees and royalties with the franchisor.  You work closely with commercial real estate agents, business brokers and consultants in the development of your area.  The investment needed to secure an Area Representative or Master Franchise opportunity can start as low as $150K depending the franchise, size of the population and the geographic area.
For more information, Click here  
Or call 800-401-9154
Master This Month's Featured Resale

Houston, TX

Most franchise systems offer resales.  To find out what's available in your area, Click here
If you would like to learn more about this month's Featured Business Opportunities or have questions about business ownership, you may contact me directly by calling the number below. 

Dave Struck 

Dave Struck


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As a way of saying "Thank you" to our Veterans, many franchise companies offer our Veterans discounts on franchise fees ranging from 10%-50%. Some also offer discounted royalty fees of up to 50% for your first year in business. Call us and we'll be happy
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