April 2020 Newsletter
Introducing the SEALKIDS Challenge

SEALKIDS was founded by two children in the Naval Special Warfare community, ages 6 and 9. They proved that you are never too young to make a difference. Right now, we all have the opportunity to do something positive. That’s why we are introducing the SEALKIDS Challenge as an easy way for kids to help other kids!

Our SEALKIDS Challenge bingo card includes a variety of easy activities your child can do at home! Most of these tasks can be done independently, but they may need your help on a few squares. Check off a box each time your child completes one of these tasks. When your child earns a bingo, they will receive a SEALKIDS sticker. When your child fills their entire card, they have completed the SEALKIDS challenge and will receive a SEALKIDS Challenge Coin!

Visit www.sealkids.org/challenge to get started!
Tips for Adapting to Homebound Instruction
Many parents must now take a more direct role in their child's educational instruction than they ever expected. Suzanne's latest blog post includes advice for successful homebound instruction from parents with previous homeschooling experience.

Advocacy During the
COVID-19 Crisis
If you are struggling to know how to advocate for your child during this difficult time, Wrightslaw offers some advice on navigating this challenging situation while doing what is best for your child and their unique needs. 

Thank you to our service providers!
SEALKIDS is incredibly grateful to our service providers, who continue to adapt to the changing situation. Their skills, knowledge, and adaptability have been key to SEALKIDS' ability to continue to support our students throughout this crisis!
More Resources for at Home Learning
Are you looking for additional ways to keep your children engaged during the ongoing school shutdown? 
WideOpenSchool.org  has some great resources for both families and educators, organized by grade level.

Navigating the Storm:
Lessons Learned from Leaders in the Field
Exclusively available for Friends of SEALKIDS
Thursday April 30, 2020
5:30 PM EDT-6:30 PM EDT

Join us for a live digital dialogue!

Former Navy SEALs and current business leaders, Scott Moore and Chris Fussell share their expertise on leading disparate teams in complex circumstances. They will field your questions and offer insight on how every business, organizational, or family leader can communicate effectively across new platforms, strengthen team culture, and guide their organization through the uncertainty of constant change. 
Donate to SEALKIDS today to help us provide essential educational services to children throughout this crisis. Support for the academic success of the children we serve is more relevant than ever as students and parents adjust to homebound instruction.

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