April 2020
PTG has pledged to continue to serve and connect with members - and chapter leaders in particular - during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your service is important to PTG. Included here are some ideas and resources that can help you continue to come together as a chapter, protect people, and serve your members.
Chapter Leader To Do List
  • Check on your members – find your chapter list in the Member Directory at www.ptg.org. Use the Chapter Search option and choose your roster from the dropdown list.
  • Log in to your my.ptg.org chapter community. Click on Communities in the menu, then My Communities to find yours. Send out a welcome message and ask for a reply to see who’s online. Stay engaged with members by encouraging them to post updates and share information.
  • Plan an online meeting – see below for software ideas and an offer from PTG to set up your meeting.
  • Check out the PTG Academy Online for technical presentations. Keep the learning alive!
  • Continue to stay in touch with your members via email or phone. Recruit other members to help.
  • Share information with your members about local and state resources for businesses and individual assistance programs.
  • See www.ptg.org/covidresponse for the latest nationwide information for individuals and businesses.
  • Contact the PTG Home Office staff for help and ideas. We are working from home and available to help you with ideas and resources. Email is the best way to reach staff members. See staff contact information.
Online Meetings and Elections
We’ve published some bylaws guidelines for chapters that wish to meet electronically in lieu of in-person meetings. There are several options available depending on whether or not you want to include a business meeting. Your chapter bylaws, special rules of order, and standing rules will determine which option is appropriate for it. View the guidelines at www.ptg.org in the Chapter Resources Area. Please contact Barbara Cassaday at barbara@ptg.org if you have additional questions.
PTG Zoom Account Available for Chapter Meetings
Interested in setting up a chapter meeting online? PTG can do that for you. Contact Jim Fariss at  sec@ptg.org  or Barbara Cassady at  barbara@ptg.org  to set one up. Visit to learn more about using Zoom. Visit the Zoom Help Center to learn about using Zoom features, system requirements and more.
Web Communication Resources
See a list of virtual meeting and online conferencing resources . Find these in the Chapter Resources area under Chapter Communications. Need help? Please contact Clint Sears ( clint@ptg.org ) or Kathy Maxwell ( kathy@ptg.org ).
Chapter Health Survey
Thank you to all the chapter leaders who completed the Chapter Health Survey. Results are being compiled and reviewed. The Chapter Health Committee will be using the data to make suggestions and develop new resources for helping chapters develop and grow.
Chapter Resources Available Online
PTG Academy Online - video and audio recordings you can use for chapter technicals
Chapter Tool Kit - a management guide for chapter leaders
Chapter Leader Community  - Share and find ideas for managing and building chapters
Parliamentary Procedures - Learn how to lead professional meetings
Explore templates, samples, program ideas and more in the Chapter Resources area at www.ptg.org.

Chapter Challenge
Looking for an interesting way to kick off your chapter meetings? You can find the complete list of Chapter Challenges developed by John Parham, RPT in the Chapter Resources Area or download the PDF .

Online Chapter Leadership Training
Coming soon! Watch future LeaderLetter emails and the Chapter Leader community for announcements.
Deadline Calendar
May 22, 2020 - Bylaws & Policies proposals due to Bylaws Committee. Bylaws Committee info page .
June 11, 2020 - Committee, Task Group and Board Officer Reports - Kris Schweizer, kris@ptg.org
June 11, 2020 - Council Delegate and Alternate Names - Kris Schweizer, kris@ptg.org
RVP Contact Information
Region 1 - Northeast - Christopher LaBarre, RVP   nervp@ptg.org Online Community  
Region 2 - Southeast - George W. R. "Bill" Davis, RVP servp@ptg.org Online Community  
Region 3 - South Central - Doug Garman, RVP scrvp@ptg.org Online Community  
Region 4 - Central East - Michael Gutowski, RVP cervp@ptg.org Online Community  
Region 5 - Central West - Jim Coleman, Jr, RVP cwrvp@ptg.org Online Community  
Region 6 - Western - David Stoneman, RVP wrvp@ptg.org Online Community  
Region 7 - Pacific Northwest - David Stocker, RVP pnwrvp@ptg.org Online Community  
Executive Committee
Paul Adams, RPT, President , pres@ptg.org  
Marc Poulin, RPT, Vice President , vp@ptg.org  
Jim Fariss, RPT, Secretary-Treasurer , sec@ptg.org  
Executive Director, Barbara Cassaday , barbara@ptg.org