April 2020 Practice Updates 
We are doing nicely and hope you all are coping with the COVID-CHAOS as well!

Thankfully, we have had no patients come down with coronavirus syndrome, nor have any of our staff tested positive.

But one of our nurses, Donna Lyons, has developed cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer).  We would be happy to forward cards or you can her email directly.  

On a positive note, the chaos does indeed seem to be winding down!  For instance, we have not swabbed a single patient in the last 10 days.  Moreover, the NY Times reported yesterday that COVID admissions are down 70% from a month ago.   And that's despite earlier reports that some 3 million New Yorkers have already been infected -- the vast majority with no or minimal symptoms.

Like many, but sadly not all, small businesses, Bambini applied for and recently received a PPP loan to help us regain full momentum over the coming weeks to months.  As of this week, we are back to full staffing in the office, although our hours are slightly reduced.  Our hearts go out to the many families with breadwinners out of work as a result of this unprecedented shutdown.
As you can see from the expression on Lauren's face, we love doing telemedicine!  So far, insurance companies all seem to be covering the cost -- without copayments.  And some of us actually do them from home.  We all hope they are around to stay!  For more info, click here.

But there are some matters that just cannot be handled by a video visit.  Well-baby appointments, school & daycare physicals -- for instance.  We schedule these, as most ped practices are doing, in the morning.

Children with fevers, sniffles, stomachaches, etc are seen in the PM.  As you can see from the photo above, earlier this week, we gave our waiting room a new look!  The idea is that families contact our front desk by cell-phone from the parking lot.  They are then assigned directly to an exam room.  We hope the "no wait waiting room" works out well.  Maybe we can use it for bocce instead?
Bambini NPs Enter COVID Era
Children in our practice who have had fever, cough, and other flu symptoms that had close contact to confirmed coronavirus cases have been examined and swabbed out in the parking lot.

Interestingly, the first patient in our practice to test positive was a 20 year-old athlete whose only symptom was loss of sense of smell.  He was out jogging when we gave him the news.   Thankfully, we haven't had many kids test positive. 

We've been fortunate that our supply of masks, other PPE, and even toilet paper has held up -- with an occasional close call.  Hasn't shopping for necessities become a new source of anxiety and frustration for us all?!
Last last week, Quest Diagnostics advised us that they had a COVID-19 antibody test up and running.  Today April 29, Labcorp likewise informed us that they too have an antibody blood test for coronavirus, but were a little vague on details.

Does a positive blood test mean your child was exposed?  Yes.  Does it mean that they are immune?  Probably, but since the disease is so new we can't say that for sure.  

If a vaccine comes out next year that is mandated for school entry, would a child that has a positive titer be exempt?  Probably, as that is the case with measles, mumps, rubella, hep b, and varicella.  But again, we can't say for sure.

So who should get tested?  A child that lives in Westchester County that had a head cold or mild flu during the last two months?  Still early, but might be something to think about.  
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PS -- The Social Media Censors have gone into high gear since COVID erupted.  We've been locked out of our Facebook account twice in the last few weeks!  We likely will resume monthly newsletters, especially for integrative treatment suggestions, while limiting what we post to FB.