Jacksonville Beach, District 2
Community Newsletter
April 2020
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We will get through this together...
 while social distancing!

A quick note...
I hope that everyone who is reading this is well, and that your family and friends are safe. We often hear that these are unprecedented times, and they are. But in situations like this, community matters more than ever. We will get through this, together. Call your friends. Face-time loved ones (parents and grandparents will really appreciate it!). Follow the CDC's guidelines. Instead of being put off because you have been asked to stay home, be grateful that you get to stay home, and be thankful you have a home to stay in.

This newsletter provides information on how you can help our community, and how the community can help you. We are all impacted by this pandemic differently. While I work from home, I am well aware that I have students who no longer have employment and cannot pay for their rent or food. I have friends in this same situation, and the number continues to grow.

If you are like me and are still receiving a paycheck, there are links to resources below on how you can help others in our community who need it now, more than ever. We also have some local restaurants that are still open for take-out orders. Take the night off from cooking and order out.

If you are an individual or a local business who needs help, there are also links to resources for you to use during this crisis to help with the sustainability of your business as well as to help your employees.

We all need a little help from time to time. Today, we truly understand that what community means: neighbors helping neighbors. Be well.

- Georgette

While City Hall may not be open to the public, the City is still open for business. Please call or email the department you need to speak with. All contact information can be found on the City's website .

BEAM (Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry) is a local nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide emergency assistance and a path to economic stability.
BEAM provides emergency:
  • Financial Assistance
  • Food Assistance
  • Senior Resources
If you, a loved one, or a neighbor is in need of any of these services, please reach out to BEAM.

If you are fortunate enough to still be receiving a paycheck, please consider donating cash to BEAM's Emergency Food Fund. Every little bit helps. Besides, think of all the money you are saving on gas if you are working from home!
Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or comments.
April Events
Public Announcements:

Starting April 1, the following are closed until further notice:
  • The Beaches
  • The Skate Park
  • Volleyball Courts
  • Basketball Courts
  • All playground equipment
  • All organized recreation programs

Tennis courts remain open for single play only (no doubles)

The golf course is open, but one person per cart (family members may share a cart)

City parks are still open to the public. Please, per recommended guidelines, no groups larger than 10.
Beaches Energy Customers
To help our residents and customers from neighboring communities during this time, the City is suspending the Bulk Power Cost Adjustment (BPCA) for April. Residential customers who consume an average of 1,000 kwh per month will see a $21.84 (21%) reduction in your electric bill.
Beaches Council on Aging (Dial-a-Ride)
Dial-a-Ride is still offering transportation for necessary medical treatments. Its normal offices have moved to a temporary location at BEAM since the Bennie Furlong Center is currently closed. The phone number is the same, but please leave a message and someone will get back to you shortly.

Dial-a-Ride is also working with BEAM to deliver food and medicine to their elderly clients, as well as with Beaches Community Kitchen to deliver meals. If you would like to help any of these local nonprofits during this time, donations are always welcome.
Business Resources
Here are a couple of reputable resources to help you and your employees due to restrictions on operations due to the pandemic.
Chamber of Commerce

You are eligible if you are:
• A small business with fewer than 500 employees
• A small business that otherwise meets the SBA’s size standard
• A 501(c)(3) with fewer than 500 employees
• An individual who operates as a sole proprietor
• An individual who operates as an independent contractor
• An individual who is self-employed who regularly carries on any trade or business
• A Tribal business concern that meets the SBA size standard
• A 501(c)(19) Veterans Organization that meets the SBA size standard
In addition, some special rules may make you eligible:
• If you are in the accommodation and food services sector (NAICS 72), the 500-employee rule is applied on a per physical location basis
• If you are operating as a franchise or receive financial assistance from an approved Small Business Investment Company the normal affiliation rules do not apply
REMEMBER: The 500-employee threshold includes all employees: full-time, part-time, and any other status.

More Small Business Resources

Stay up to date on the impact of Covid-19 in Florida at the
[Please call ahead to ensure their hours have not changed.]
The Jax Beach Pier
I have been asked if work on the Pier has stopped, and if so, why. It turns out that the contractor is waiting for approval from the U.S. Fisheries to be able to work over the water. The USF's questions have been answered, but the contractor is still waiting for approval. It is just taking a while.

I was smiling as I listened to this song on a recent walk, and I wanted to share it with you.

I'm so glad
It's gonna be fine.

I learned my lessons from a real good kind
They said
Be helpful and be on time
And you can be happy for the rest of your life.

I broke down when I was traveling alone
A little lady took me into her home
She said, "You're OK"
I think I have what you need
I learned my lessons from a real good breed
They said, "Be gracious
And be real kind, and tread lightly on the land that you find"

When you can, you try to be on time
And you can be happy for the rest of your life.

Do what you love
And what you believe in.

I learned my manners from a real good team
They said, "when you have to, you change your ways
And you'll be healthy for the rest of your days
So be thankful and speak your mind
Give love to the treasures you find
When you can, try to be on time
And you'll be happy for the rest of your life."

Source:  LyricFind
Songwriters: Jennifer Anne Ognibene
Learned My Lessons lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
Together, we will make a difference.
Let's continue to work together to ensure that Jacksonville Beach remains one of the greatest places to call home! Reach out if you have any questions or concerns about what is happening in your neighborhood or City.
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