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by Brooke Fossey

When Josie, a lost young woman, climbs through Duffy's window at the Centennial Assisted Living home, his life is turned upside down. Not only does she awaken his old demons, she gives him the opportunity to change her life and make a difference. While Duffy struggles to help Josie, he has to attempt to not draw attention to himself, or he risks being deported to the dreaded nursing home. A heartfelt debut about a man being given a second chance to live life.
-Maxwell Gregory
by Sara Sligar
(releases April 28, 2020)

Debut author Sara Sligar has written an incredibly mesmerizing psychological thriller. Her writing is stunning, the plot is original, and the characters are as real and broken as the rest of us. Sligar tells the story from two perspectives, the artist/photographer, mother and wife whose life was over too soon, and the present day archivist who is unearthing her secrets. Their lives become intertwined as the archivist finds details previously unknown, and her own secrets threaten to derail her work. Highly recommend this thought provoking thriller.
-Beth Mynhier

by Steve Cavanagh
(direct to paperback)

Cavanagh does not disappoint with this new, gripping page-turner. No one knows the identity of best-selling author J. T. LeBeau, until one night when Maria stumbles upon paperwork hidden in her husband's desk that reveal a multi-million-dollar bank account and the possibility that he could be the notorious author. Yet Maria has no idea the Pandora's box she has opened and the chain of events she has unwittingly set in motion. Just when you think you know where this thriller is taking you, a new twist emerges. Not to be missed!
-Maxwell Gregory

by Alison Hammer
(direct to paperback)

Tommy receives a terminal cancer diagnosis and decides to not pursue treatment in hopes for a better quality of life in the short time he has left. His partner, Alexis, and their daughter, Cece, all head to the beach for one last summer at their beloved beach house. It is a summer of firsts (Cece's first crush and kiss) and a summer of lasts (Tommy slowly says goodbye to those he loves). Not without drama, Cece is a sullen teen who does not like her mother, and Tommy's movie-star ex-wife happens to be filming just down the beach. Though the subject matter is heavy, the tone of the book is light as we read this family's journey of finding love in a time of loss.
-Morley Vahey
by Jason B. Rosenthal
(releases April 21, 2020)

A beautiful love story, a profound loss and a testament to an unforgettable woman, wife, mother, friend and author, Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Jason takes us along on the journey he and Amy shared together, from their first blind date through her death from ovarian cancer. This is Jason's personal story of grief and healing by reflecting on Amy's words in her New York Times, Modern Love article to fill the blank space and find a way to make a fresh start.
-Maxwell Gregory
by Paulette Jiles
(releases April 21, 2020)

The author of News of the World is back with a beautiful new piece of historical fiction again set in Texas in the 1800s. The Civil War has just ended and Simon, an accomplished fiddle player, is travelling the state with his ragtag band trying to eke out a living and win the heart of a young Irish girl who has crossed his path. Jiles has created another atmospheric piece, placing the reader squarely in the middle of Texas' stunning, violent frontier.
-Laura Skinner
by Sue Monk Kidd
(releases April 21, 2020)

Another masterful story from Sue Monk Kidd, this one telling the story of the women who lived by Jesus's side.  The central character in the story is Ana, a strong-willed scribe born into a family who worked for Herod.  She marries Jesus, a deviance from scripture, but Kidd points out that the Bible doesn't say he wasn't married, either!  The women live difficult lives, but support each other through hardships and ultimately Anna finds her voice.   An interesting look at what could have been...especially relevant with Easter this month.
-Beth Mynhier
by Janelle Brown
(releases April 21, 2020)

If you like a good mystery thriller, do not miss this one!  Janelle Brown gives us a real page turner in this well written novel.  The Liebling family is rich but disturbed; the con artists after their money are smart, disturbed and lacking in moral value.  When these people collide at the family's mansion "Stonehaven" in Lake Tahoe, secrets are exposed and life lessons abound in this twisted plot with innumerable turns.  I could not put it down until reaching the unexpected ending!
-Katha Plack
by Jeni McFarland
(releases April 21, 2020)

Returning home is never easy, especially if you come from a small town and have never come to terms with your past. When three very different women return to their hometown of River Bend, Michigan, both their past and a chance at new beginnings await them. McFarland's book explores all the complicated relationships that make us who we are and how we eventually learn to deal with the hand we have been dealt.
-Maxwell Gregory

by Mary Pauline Lowry

I couldn't put this book down! You will laugh out loud at twenty-something Roxy's unconventional path to salvage her job at Whole Foods, get out of her sexual drought, hopefully stumble into love, find a real career path and above all to save her hometown of Austin from gentrification. Curl up with a big glass of wine and The Roxy Letters for the perfect guilty pleasure!
-Maxwell Gregory
by Maria Scrivan
(For a Middle School Reader)

A sweet, funny graphic about a girl, Natalie, starting middle school and realizing on the first day her best friend has dumped her for the "cool crowd" and she doesn't feel like she's good enough, cool enough, athletic enough, and just not enough of anything. This story has wonderful lessons of being true to yourself, dealing with girl drama and shifting friendships, and what it means to be a good friend.
-Kirsten Starr

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