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April 10, 2020
Message from Mazkirut
Musicale R.S.V.P.
Nathan's Notebook
Workshop Still Working
Tzedek Happenings
Thank You Donors
Randy Reminders
Camp Congratulations
Dear Tavor Community,

We hope you are finding joy and comfort in these strange and difficult times. We are thinking of all of you and hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Although these are unprecedented times, we have seen this community overcome life’s challenges many times before through love, unity, and creativity. We hope you are finding ways to bring the same kind of positive energy we see at machaneh and year round to your “new normal” lives today.

To our wonderful chanichimot (campers) : Please feel free to reach out to us to check in, share a laugh, and stay connected with the Tavor community. We would love to know what you have been up to! If you have done any creative projects or made any yummy foods, please share them with us. You are the most creative people we know, and we are in need of some inspiration! 

Plans for the summer are still underway, and we are working hard to put together an amazing time for all of you. As the summer gets closer, we are planning more and more. Tzevet (staff) for the summer has been hired, the mashatz (unit heads) have been training, and we could not be more excited for machaneh with you all!

We are forever grateful for this community and all of the wonderful people in it. 

We hope to see you all at the Tavor Musicale on Zoom this Sunday, and wish you a happy and healthy Passover.    

To a bright and peaceful Shabbat,

Mazkirut 2020 (Summer Leadership Team)
Sarah Pincus, Rosh Machane (Head of Camp)
Hannah Chonkan-Urow, Techni (Techinical Director)
Jackson Bicart & Frieda Greenthal, Tzevet Tarbut (Coordinators of Education and Programming)
Still Time to R.S.V.P.
Look for emails with link and password
Sunday, April 12th around 12 PM EST
Nathan's Notebook
The world needs to act as a Kvutsah now.
"I’ve been thinking a lot this week about the current state of the world as we enter Passover. More than ever, I believe, it’s vital that we think about how to bring the values of camp into our home lives. I think of the universality of healing that the world requires right now, and I think of the importance of the youth in shaping that healing."

Workshop Still Working!
By Alana Gross and Hadas Kluger, Workshop 69
For the past three weeks while living on Kibbutz Ravid, we, Garin Yesod, have been waking up at 5 in the morning to do vigorous labor for about 7-8 hours a day.

During this time we engage to our fullest extent by partaking in different tafkidim (jobs) on the Kibbutz.
This includes milking, herding and tending to almost 30 goats everyday. We hoe and dig, and plant and pick the vegetables from Ravids flourishing garden. As well as working in the mataim (plantation fields).

Here, our kvutza has picked clementines and avocados, trimmed all kinds of fruit trees, and most importantly planted avocado saplings.
So in only 4 days, with hard work and a lot of sunscreen, Garin Yisud and friends (a total of 23 people) planted just over 2000 baby avocado trees.

These past days have been immensely challenging yet overwhelmingly rewarding. We look forward to continuing our labor, and helping the people of Israel.
Tzedek Happenings
by Naomi Goldman-Nagel, Bonimot Tzedek Coordinator
Over 20 teens from Bonimot Tzedek and Jewish Council of Urban Affairs (JCUA) joined together on Zoom last week to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on our communities.

We specifically focused on economic justice and public well-being related to our ability to continue to receive an education through online school.
We learned about Illinois Fair Tax 2020 ballot initiative, and we were lucky enough to hear from Allie Lichterman,  Chief of Staff for State Senator Ram Villivalam, about   how youth can have power and influence politics at the state level!!

We left feeling inspired, grateful, and energized to fight for Fair Tax 2020 and a more economically just world for all.

Here are some quotes from our sikkum:
Allie Lichterman
"Allie's  confidence really paid off, and that’s super inspiring"

"She’s the coolest person and it was really inspiring to hear from someone so young and confident in their voice"

" It’s really cool to actually talk personally with someone like that. Being able to hear what it is like on the legislative side was really interesting"
"As a young person, I feel like I can make an impact in my community because we are the future of our communities, so if we can equip ourselves with the knowledge needed to make people listen to us, we can be very influential"
We are still seeking submissions for the QuaranZINE.

We're asking you to answer the following prompts through art, poetry, memes, comics, collage, whatever speaks to you...

What is COVID-19 teaching you about justice and equity in our society? How are the social issues that you feel most connected to being affected by this crisis?

How are you building community during social distancing? How do we adapt Jewish practice to meet this moment? 

What are you grateful for?

Save and scan your work as a PDF and email to (to scan, download Genius Scan on your phone, or use a scanner) with the subject line “QuaranZINE.”

Please include your name, age, where you’re geographically scanning from, and indicate if you’d prefer your submission to be anonymous. 
Thank You Donors
We want to take moment to thank everyone who has donated to
the Camp Tavor Scholarship Fund.
Randy Reminders
We're hard at work planning for the summer and we hope you are too!

Camper forms are due:

April 15th

You can find all the paperwork in your CAMPINTOUCH accounts under Forms & Documents.
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Camp Tavor is Better with Friends
Help us build the future by welcoming new chanichimot (campers) and their families to the Camp Tavor community by referring a friend.
If they register for summer 2020 you and your friend will receive $180 tuition credit* as an expression of our gratitude!

Limited credits are available.
Camp Congratulations
Stay safe... be well!