April 2020 news & updates
We wanted to keep you up to date on large unit 3/4" thick pavers and an in depth article of using pedestal systems for your project. Further questions please direct them to Bob Stark Tel: (808) 349-3384 or email at bob@sunsettileandstone.net
2020 New Frontier 20 Pavers from Landmark Ceramics
20 mm pavers in 44 flavors, multiple sizes and trims The most complete package for exterior tile. Please click the link below to see their new catalog:

Landmark World of Solutions Digital Event
Introductory video of Landmark Ceramics. The company, new products, architectural support
Please note to view the video you may be required to fill out a short form. 

In Depth Presentation of Pedestal Systems
Profilitec UPTEC Training Module
Pedestal Systems is a topic where many are confused. The purpose of these training modules are (1) to educate the audience on a particular subject matter (ie: Raised Floors) and (2) promote a Profilitec product(s) that addresses that specific subject matter.
Click on the link below