Unlike recent years, the Yard Waste disposal site off Juve Road will not be open round-the-clock this summer. Spring hours will be limited to Saturdays and Sundays in May . The gate will be closed Mondays through Fridays during May and closed daily after the last weekend in May. Fall hours will be announced later.

The town annual meeting cannot be conducted by electronic attendance. State statute requires electors to be physically present to vote. Some Wisconsin towns are postponing the annual meeting, but the only way to accomplish that is to convene the meeting and then immediately adjourn it to a later date.

The St. Germain Town Board has several topics it needs to have the electors make decisions on, so the Board has decided to proceed with the meeting as previously scheduled. The rules of social distancing and sanitizing in the Community Center Gym will be practiced and the meeting will be conducted as quickly as possible. Electors in attendance will be asked to make several decisions by a paper ballot majority vote.

Three resolutions will be presented for elector consideration:
  1. Should the Town accept transfer of the cemetery property and all assets of the soon to disband St. Germain Cemetery Association?
  2. Should the Town transfer ownership of land parcel 24-432, on which the Lost Creek Dam is located, to the Lost Lake Protection & Rehabilitation District? (The lake district already owns the physical dam structure.)
  3. Should the Town contract with the BoBoen Snowmobile Club Board of Directors to reconstruct the portion of the BoBoen groomer barn that collapsed this past winter, using proceeds from the insurance company claim? (This is the same procedure that was approved by the electors in 2019 to reconstruct the first part of the building that collapsed the previous winter).

Results of St. Germain ballots cast in the April 7 election are available for review at the bottom of the Voting & Elections page of the Town website.

While nearly 75% of voting was done by absentee ballots, there were approximately 240 people who came to the polls to vote in person. The entire voting process was accomplished within the gym area of the Community Center. The space was arranged to ensure compliance with social distancing rules and each area a voter occupied was disinfected prior to another voter using the same area or touching anything a previous voter had touched. Only a few voters were allowed in the building at any given time.

All of this was accomplished with planning by the Town Clerk, and full day presence of three paid poll workers, most of the Town Board and some Town Board spouses. Town Supervisors Ted Ritter and Brian Cooper were prohibited from being present as their names were on the ballot. St. Germain Ward 2, County Supervisor Carolyn Ritter was also prohibited from assisting as her name was also on the ballot.

Many compliments were offered by voters and veteran poll workers who felt the voting process was safe and efficient. It is anticipated the same procedures will be employed for the May 12, Congressional District 7 special election.
This message is brought to you by the St. Germain Town Board of Supervisors.