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Medical Home Portal Updates
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Coronavirus Cancellations & Changes
  • We had to cancel annual Learning Session scheduled last month.
  • The May UCCCN Meeting tour of Shriners won’t be able to happen, but will be rescheduled

Update - Shriners Hospitals for Children - SLC
Shriners SLC is still open, but all elective surgeries cancelled. They are still accepting new patients - priority given to time-sensitive care. The club foot clinic still running, very busy. Don't forget about the fracture care Shriners can provide. There is no ER on site; M-F.

Dora and Jill are available to answer any questions related to our service lines and assist with new patient referrals. Our contact information is as follows:

  • Jill Conner, Director, Business Development; 801-536-3550 office | 801-657-8818 cell, jconner@shrinenet.org
  • Dora Requena, Professional Relations Coordinator; 801--536-3623 office | 801-889-7219 cell, drequena@shrinenet.org

Congratulations ! Natalie: Noemi Gay with Wasatch Peds just finished her Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) program through the U. Fantastic! Congratulations, Dr. Gay!

 Discussion about how everyone is coping during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Utah MHP Covid-19 page … we are trying to find a balance. What is useful, what isn’t?

Natalie Allen, ISP - trying to use some telehealth options, having discussions in their org about how to help families. She says it’s not as hard as it may seem. They just want support. Mentioned “how about using a timer.” Is working from home … making calls using a cell phone. 

Noemi - Wasatch Peds… things change daily. All well visits are in the mornings - try to get patients bak very fast. Sick visits in the afternoons. Car visits … providers start visit by phone, go outside and child sits in the parents lap, do physical exam. They use a portable box for tools and are in full PPE. Lots of telehealth visits; in Willowcreek, all the mental health providers are doing all their appts via telehealth (2 platforms). Many well visits have been put off. All Wasatch practices are open. It’s been quite a bit slower.  May be doing Covid-19 testing eventually … likely in the next month. Gina Money: wonders if there are restrictions on who can come to the visit - both parents allowed? Noemi: no one with any coronavirus symptoms, and no extra siblings. 

Support for families … includes careful listening, reassuring parents, helping approach issues "one bite at a time." Families not getting OT, other IEP services. Parents are tired. Hopes that the expansion of telehealth is here to stay. Chuck: an effort to get telehealth to expand ongoing for years but many strategic players have been resistant. Technology may come up to the job with privacy, bandwidth. The U seems to be recognizing the value. Hoping for leadership to see this happen. Lennea - seeing that other kinds of visits may be able to go to telehealth (ABA for example). How insurance providers will respond … always concerned about fraud and abuse. Commercial payers approaching this? Noemi - commercial payers are paying for telehealth during the crisis. Said that her providers were very resistant to do telehealth before the crisis but are now doing many and triaging this way. Noemi doesn’t know the rates payers are paying. Eric: CPD codes have telehealth modifiers, but are relaxing many requirements.  Noemi: she checked: during Covid, telephone visits and telehealth visits are being reimbursed at the normal rate. 

Eric: Tip - be sure to get up and move during the day. Let the Apple Watch boss you around. Gabi: sets reminders to get up, move around. Tania: at noon, takes a walk around the block with family.  Tania's boss is doing a call twice weekly with whole team. Has a virtual lunch on Fridays - no work talk. Heidi - a big shout out to teachers. Her child is struggling emotionally and academically.  Understands what teachers go through now! Erin: Friday nights talk with friends using the House Party app.  Lennea: special Passover shabbat via Zoom. Chuck: finished a 1500 piece puzzle! Tania: kids are doing small service projects for friends to help deal with the stress. Facetiming to feel connected. Great suggestions everyone!

Case #1: Katie, University Pediatric Clinic - a family needs a spacer for inhaler; it’s $30 out of pocket. Heidi suggests calling Brittany Parry with the Asthma Program if the family is in SL County - she should be able to provide that for free. 

Disclaimer: These resources come from our members as part of the meeting brainstorming session; please check with your providers to make sure they are appropriate for your patient/families.

You can find a custom list of these service providers that can be printed, emailed, and more, here : April 2020 UCCCN Resources of the Month
Presenter: Tania Tetz, MPH, CHES, Health Program Specialist, UDOH - Becoming Askable Adults

Askable adults are those that an adolescent trusts, considers to be approachable, makes a space for any questions, a source of information and values . Helps to act as a protective factor for risky behavior. CYSCHN participate in more risky behaviors … substance use, sex at a younger age, etc.

A grant from the Center for Persons with Disabilities - helped to create a toolkit to help improve communication between adults who live and work with adolescents that have IEPs (foster parents, for example).

•          SEL practice toolkit from U of Michigan - well-known for this work
•          Sparks - improve communication and engage with youth including their environment
•          In-person training, 4 hours - strategies to improve communication

The website should be complete by the end of June. Teachers, paraprofessionals and parents can sign up for the in-person part to be done online. Videos by Michigan on how to use the toolkit and use the strategies (TeenSpeak). 17 people in Utah have been trained to present the program. Open to all, but priority would be for families with kids with IEPs.

Will be looking for partners … Tania will send out the website link and info at that time. Trainings will be scheduled in cohorts. The trainings build on the previous one so it’s important to go in order. Down the road, it may be possible to do trainings in person. It’s mostly Tania who would do the trainings. Noemi is interested in that eventually. Jodi Hansen has been trained to provide trainings through the Utah Parent Center. See the slides: https://ut.medicalhomeportal.org/link/7601.
Our next meeting date: May 20th, 2020. We'll be demonstrating Medical Home Porta l new custom service provider list features.

Here is our YouTube UCCCN 2020 Playlist for archived meeting recordings. Have a wonderful weekend!

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