Ashby Village has been overwhelmed with support during these difficult times. We’ve been so grateful to see the way our volunteers (and members) have stepped up to serve each other.  

In the last two weeks, volunteers have shopped and delivered groceries to over 19 members! In addition, medications have been picked up, packages delivered, virtual tech support has been provided and 29 callers reached out to members in need of friendly connection. It didn’t stop there -- they’ve even picked up prescription cat food for a member’s beloved kitty!
At a time when older individuals are more vulnerable than others, the efforts of those who are helping to make home deliveries of vital essentials to our members have been invaluable. Heartfelt thank you to all volunteers and members who’ve helped us emulate exactly what a community does for one another.
But this coronavirus is far from over.  If you part of Ashby Village community and one of the lucky ones who has the time and enthusiasm to support our members during this national health crisis, your help will be appreciated. Please check Volunteer Connect emails to know what services our members are asking for or contact Pat Carvalho to see how you can help.