Volume 81, No. 8, April 2020

April 2020
  1 … Communications*
 X … League Day canceled
  3 … Immigration*
 8 … Board Meeting
10 … Natural Resources*
14 … Events*
15 … Unit Meetings
17 … May Voter articles due
23 … Education*
27 … Advocacy*

May 2020
 X … League Day TBD
13 … Board Meeting
15 … June Voter articles due

*Committee meetings. See “The Grapevine” page in this issue for times and places. Check with your committee chairs on how meetings will be held during the COVID outbreak. 
LWV-PA Board Issues COVID Policy on
Face-to-Face Meetings

The LWV-PA Board of Directors decided at the March Board meeting that for the immediate foreseeable future, LWV-PA will hold no further aggregate face-to-face meetings. We will investigate technological resources to leverage ongoing communication as we continue with our work. This policy will be reviewed every thirty days.
—Patricia A. Coulter, President
Avoiding COVID-19
Some thoughts about the recent COVID-19 outbreak from Margan Zadjowicz, MD, MPH. Nothing to sneeze at, take lightly, or ignore. Don’t panic—instead, understand your risk, and learn what you CAN (and must) do.
Earth Day Greater L.A. 2020! Is Canceled

Earth Day Greater Los Angeles 2020! (EDGLA2020!), an event co-sponsored by the LWV-PA, was canceled when organizers were unable to realize the financial support necessary to produce it. Planning is in progress for Earth Day Greater Los Angeles 2021!
—Maureen Johnston

Considering LWV as a movement, Pat looks back at making democracy work—from the recent primary process and how the new L.A. vote centers worked to a call for new leadership in the first year of LWV’s second century.
Understanding the Housing Crisis

The April League Day has been canceled in compliance with the LWV-PA’s COVID policy on social distancing to help contain the virus. We plan to welcome our speakers on affordable housing in the future. In the meantime, here is a summary of the program, which will address another compelling crisis, that of homelessness and housing affordability in L.A. County. 

By April 30, 2020
Mail your Census form!

May 7, 2020
League Day (TBD)
Women’s City Club, Pasadena
TBD— Watch LWV-PA.org
LWV-PA on the Front Lines of the 2020 Primary
This four-part series looks inside and out at the recent Presidential Primary voting experience, from GOTV activities to a poll worker’s long days at the new vote centers, to one voter’s positive experience. Read more at  Getting Out the Vote A Poll Worker’s Experience Ways to Improve VSAP , and  A Voter’s Experience .
March 2020

The LWV-PA Board met on March 11, 2020. Get an overview of this month's key League business, activities, and decisions during the meeting!

April Units

Unit meetings empower, encourage, inform, and uplift. Come join the Units this month on the third Wednesday, April 15.

March League Day Recap

Professor Jennifer M. Chacón described the obstacles to a well-functioning national immigration system in the United States, discussed the policies of the previous and current administrations, and identified what it would take to accomplish meaningful immigration reform. 
Centennial Corner: Our Founding Mother
Ida Rust Macpherson not only was LWV-PA’s founding member; she was already a national figure in the women’s suffrage movement by the time she got to Southern California from Michigan. A lesson in what one woman can accomplish through love, kindness, a genuine interest others, and a genius for organization.
Wanted—Susan B. Anthony

Calling all would-be Susan B. Anthony surrogates! Renee Chanon is looking for a replacement to take on the mantle of the famous suffragist and tell the story to new generations. You don’t need to be an actor—just someone with a passion for women’s history, an outgoing personality, a desire to educate, and a love of fun. What an opportunity! And Chanon will guide you along the way… 
DEI Spotlight

The presidential field was impressively talented, broad, and diverse—diverse in age, gender, ethnicity, and orientation. What happened?
School Board Observations

 LWV-PA’s School Board Observers register their reports on developments in the Arcadia and Pasadena Unified School Districts.
An Equal-Opportunity Disease

As we listen to reports of increasing COVID cases and a rising death rate, let’s not forget: It’s an equal-opportunity disease. How to avoid passing along the social contagion of the illness. 
LWV-PA History

From the November 10, 1943, minutes of the Pasadena League of Women Voters: A perspective on domestic economics during wartime. Playing the roles of legislators in the House of Representatives, League members took a novel approach to studying taxation and other issues of the day. 
Book Corner: Border Wars

New York Times reporters Davis and Shear demonstrate the inherent difficulties the federal government faces in managing immigration and help us understand that these problems will continue to be with us in the future. The dynamics of immigration policy in the current presidential administration. 

News from your League committees. You are always welcome to join or just sit in. Committee membership is both rewarding and fun, and it does the good work for which the League is known. 
Printing Your Voter

A step-by-step, illustrated mini-tutorial on printing your own copy of the  Voter . Piece of cake (or, rather, paper)! 

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