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April 2020
This month we celebrate Passover.
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Now Online
Friday Night Shabbat Services

Online Friday Night Shabbat Services with
Rabbi David Azen
joined by Rabbi Alan Greenbaum

Time: 07:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

 Every Friday all month

Rabbi David Azen
  Second Night Passover Seder 
Thursday, April 9th @ 6 PM
with Facebook and Zoom.

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Wednesday April 8th
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History Passover

The holiday of  Passover  ( Pesach  in Hebrew) is perhaps one of the most central to Jewish life and history. More widely observed than any other holiday, Passover celebrates the biblical account of the Israelites’ redemption and escape from 400 years of Egyptian slavery. Holiday rituals include a dramatic retelling of the Exodus story and many unique food traditions. We come together with friends and family to celebrate the great lessons of the story: the blessing of freedom and the reminder that since we were once slaves and were freed, it is our responsibility to work for freedom for all people, everywhere.
The word “Passover” is derived from the Hebrew word  pasach , which means "passed over,” referring to the 10th plague that killed the Egyptian firstborn, but miraculously “passed over” the houses of the Israelites (more on that below).

Passover  offers us the chance to learn in multiple ways and to think about some of the most important Jewish values. The ideas of moving from slavery to freedom, of welcoming the stranger because we were once strangers ourselves, and of thinking about how to pass on the story of our past to new generations – all are inherent in the celebration of the festival.
But how to pass on these ideas is almost as important as the messages themselves. Fortunately, our Talmudic rabbis gave us a roadmap for how to best do that.
One of the most important elements these rabbis included in the Passover seder is  the asking of the Four Questions . The questions themselves are important, but we are also instructed specifically as to who should do the asking. The youngest person takes on the responsibility, not only to learn a sweet tune but also to remind our seder guests what freedom is all about. By encouraging our children to ask questions, we teach them – and ourselves at the same time – that the difference between being a slave and being free is rooted in the ability to ask “why.”

Ask the Four Questions.

Mah nishtanah halailah hazeh mikol haleilot?   
How is this night different from all other nights?

Sheb'chol haleilot anu ochlin chametz umatzah, halailah hazeh, kuloh matzah.
On all other nights, we eat chametz (leavened foods) and matzah. Why on this night, only matzah?

Sheb'chol haleilot anu ochlin sh'ar y'rakot, halailah hazeh, maror.
On all other nights, we eat all vegetables. Why, on this night, maror (bitter herbs)?

Sheb'chol haleilot ein anu matbilin afilu pa'am echat; halailah hazeh, sh'tei f'amim.
On all other nights, we don't dip even once. Why on this night do we dip twice?

Sheb'chol haleilot anu ochlin bein yoshvin uvein m'subin; halailah hazeh, kulanu m'subin.
On all other nights, we eat either sitting upright or reclining. Why on this night do we all recline?
Test your Passover Knowledge and more fun ideas to celebrate Passover at home.
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The link is from Reform
You can find Stories, Recipes, and answers to all your Passover questions.

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Special passover message from URJ President
Messages from our Board President, Education Department, Men's Club, Sisterhood, Book Club, Membership, and Property Development.


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" Fresher Sacramento seeks to enable everyone to go to bed well-fed and build wealth from health for generations to come. With nearly a quarter of a million folks in Sacramento County lacking regular access to affordable, nutritious food, our team of Fresher Chefs are cooking up a brand new model for making sure everyone goes to bed well fed, by preparing affordable, convenient, delicious, and nutritious meals for folks who lack the time, knowledge, and resources to prepare their own."
URJ Passover and COVID 19 Message

Each year on Passover, we ask “Mah nishtanah,” “Why is this night different?” This year, though, we know why: Pesach 5780 is simply unlike any other.
As the global pandemic of COVID-19 changes life on planet Earth, there is simply no way that our holiday observance could resemble years past. Physical distancing, sheltering-in-place, and pervasive fears are significant obstacles to making Pesach happen at all, let alone embracing it as a time of joy and renewal.
But we are a resilient and imaginative community. We have faced challenges at almost every turn throughout our history – and that, my friends, is the story we tell from the Haggadah. So we will not take a year off this year; rather, with creativity, love, and defiance, we will adapt our Passover rituals to this moment.
Because we need this festival of liberation, now as much as ever. This year, we need our sacred ritual to temporarily liberate us from quarantine and fear. As we liberate ourselves from the limits of “the way we’ve always done seder,” let us tap into the essence of Reform Judaism, which inspires us to update our Jewish tradition to each new moment.
One of the most magical moments of seder comes when we open the door for the prophet Elijah, the same door once opened at the beginning of the seder with the words, “Let all who are hungry come and eat.” Long ago, this invitation was made early in the evening, allowing those in need to partake in the entirety of the meal and its meaning. Over time, though, our doors stayed closed for this invitation, because too many of our ancestors lived in places where it was dangerous to announce to the community that a seder was taking place.
Today, so too have our doors been closed to preserve the health of those inside. But as the saying goes, when one door closes, another must open – and so, this year, we can dramatically increase the guest list of our seders. In years past, with limited physical space, so too were our guest lists limited; on Zoom, though, we can easily set another place at our virtual table.
This year, let us throw open the technological doors to our homes to all those who may be feeling lonely or isolated or who need the connection and spiritual renewal that our seder can provide. This year let’s extend the tent of our Reform Movement to include “all who are hungry” for community, meaning, and hope.
May we all be nourished by this year’s Passover, and may we deepen our commitment to nourish those who have not yet found an open door to our spiritually rich Jewish community.
Chag sameach,
Rabbi Rick Jacobs
URJ President
NCJCC Presidents Message

Presidents Message
  “the role of the individual and his or her single acts
can determine the future of the world”
Talmudic Saying of Rabbinic Sages
Our roles as individuals is to take care of ourselves, our loved ones and our community. Please find the following resources to help during these challenging times.
B'ahava & Shalom, Iola

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CDC - Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19- Step by step instructions to make your own face mask.

COVID 19 Resources for Congregations - Includes resources for Passover, Online tools, "Doing Jewish" at home and more.

CDC -Frquently Asked Questions

Have you found a resource you would like to share? Please email and we will post it in the Schmooze.
Youth and Adult Education
Kinneret Vinitzky, Principal Religious, Hebrew School
for Children, Youth and Adults

Dear Sunday School Parents

I am missing all of your kids happy smiling faces and hope you and your family are healthy and safe.

 I would like to invite all the kids and teachers for a Zoom gathering where we can share our experiences and talk. I will send the ID number for the Zoom session by email. Please respond as soon as possible.

I would like to remind you that the challenges we face are offering us the opportunity to remember that we are a united community and we will prevail!

If you would like to be on the email list or share some fun activities you are doing please email

Here is a fun idea for a scavanger hunt.
Youth Activities
Dan Kalt, Youth Coordinator

We'll be planning more fun activities for our temple teens / tweens as the year starts and throughout the year. If anyone is interested in helping out, please don't hesitate to contact the Rabbi or myself at

Men's Club
Gordon Mann, President
The Men's Club meets the second Sunday of each month at 9:30am. We feature interesting speakers and presenters from the community. The activities include monthly meetings with stimulating speakers, and events such as a scotch and BBQ, wine and beer tastings, golf, and Poker games to prepare for the next Poker Tournament.

The Men's Club is open to the entire congregation and community, men and women alike. Speakers and events are scheduled on Sundays as well as in the evenings and we'll share the upcoming opportunities in the weekly and monthly announcements, as well as the website.

We appreciate your interest and support of our activities and look forward to seeing you. Our annual dues are only $20. When we meet on Sunday mornings, we serve lox and bagels, coffee, and orange juice for only $5.00 (such a good deal! Your mother would be proud).

Contact Gordon Mann at for more information, to suggest an interesting speaker, or to schedule an event .
Lee Nold-Lewis, President
Our 2019-20 officers:

Lee Nold-Lewis
Membership VP:  
Ruth Goodin
Programming VPs:
  Carol Brown and Yardena Bobys
Fund Raising VPs:
Cheryl Kelly and Virginia Herron
  Gail Atlas
Recording Secretary:
 Judy Silberman
Corresponding Secretary:
Lori Cohen

We welcome any women who would like to join us!
Please contact Ruth Goodin, Sisterhood Membership Chair,
at 925-354-2145 if you are interested
in attending a meeting and checking us out.
Sisterhood Book Club
Arlene Waxman
Book Club discussions do continue on the second Monday of the month. Contact Arlene Waxman at 530-478-9484 for additional information.  

Jan Brenner, Membership Chair
If you haven't already or you are new to the area, please fill out the membership renewal form and mail it to Congregation B'nai Harim at P.O box 1426. If you did not receive a copy in the mail, please reply to this email with your mailing address or call the office at (530) 477-0922.
Property Development
Mya Russell Property Development Chair,
Media/Public Relations Chair
Backyard Landscaping Project Update  
Great news! Thanks to a very generous anonymous donor, we have been able to make great progress on the backyard landscaping project! We were given a $50,000 matching donation to be able to get this project going! With that money and the money we had previously raised, we have been able to put in the fencing and gates, grading is in progress as are electrical and hot and cold water to the future pavilion, concrete patio pour for the future pavilion is complete and irrigation and grass will follow right after that. 
We are desperately in need of additional matching funding in order to install trees and shrubs, the concrete walkway along the side of the building and in front, safety playground chips for the children's play area, the pavilion with BBQ, lighting, sink and counter-top and the memorial rose garden (in that order for logistical, cost saving purposes). Once the project is complete we will put a plaque with the names of all our donors.
  Please make your 2020 tax deductible donation today,
so we can continue work on the project and have a beautiful and usable space for all our membership! If you know of anyone in the community that is not a member, but might want to contribute to this project to support our local Jewish community, please spread the word and invite them to come to an event and take a look at the yard. 
COVID 19 - Working together !!
A time for Innovation!
A time for Strength and Reaching Out to our community in new ways.

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