Volume 21, Issue 7 | April 2020
Kristen Normann,  President
Olya Katsman , Vice President
Michelle Chi, Second Vice President
Millie Chiem , Treasurer & Parliamentarian
Fonny Chandra , Corresponding Secretary
Ruth Zhou , Recording Secretary
Jung-Hee Park , Membership Secretary & Referrals Chair
Grace Cheng,  Director
Gloria Ho,  Director
Maria Ehlert,  Director
Katherine Valdez , Director
David Ross,  Director & Student Recitals
Lu Huang,  Director & Website Administrator

Sandy Fong & Maria Ehlert, Hospitality
Sr. Andre Marie Fujier & Ruth Zhou,  Historian
Carmencita Aspiras,  Sunshine
Lu Huang , Composer Today
Olya Katsman , MSSL Community Outreach
Dr. Jiang Wu,  VOCE

Gloria Ho,  CM Chair and North Region Chair, (Piano, Strings, Woodwinds and Voice)
Grace Cheng,  CM South Region Chair
Millie Chiem,  North Region Honors Recitals
Karen Wolff , South Region Honor Recital
Katherine Lee & Ruby Cheung,  Theory Site Coordinators
Important Dates
April 30 (Thurs) - Mariam Safinia's Lecture (Online)
  • See Flyer below for more information

May 10 (Sun) - New Deadline to apply for Scholarship: (See flyers below for more information)
  • Senior Scholarship
  • Young Artist Guild Scholarship
  • The Regina Mastrantonio Memorial Fund Community Music Service Recognition Award

May 30 (Sat) - Zoom Live, for Scholarship Presentation
Important Links
password: mta1

Please visit our website for more information!
CM Chair's Note
Dear Teachers,

I hope that all of you are healthy and safe in this very strange and sad times. I am sure all of you are thinking of creative ways to keep your students busy with music. Those north region teachers who still have students that need their performance tests must also have creative ways to either keep the pieces your students prepared for exam fresh, or by now learned new music to present. Remember, the syllabus piece still has to be the same.

As for theory exam, I now think that we may never be able to have the exam at Chabot College for this year, just because of the danger of infection. But I have ideas that may be possible to have the kids take the exam while respecting the 6 feet distance, keep the integrity of the testing by making sure the student does not take the exam with their own teacher, and still complete the testing. It would require all teachers participating to help out. But let's see what the State council will do

The State office is sending the occasional message to everyone to tell us their thoughts and decisions. Please look for these messages.

Keep happy thoughts. Be safe and vigilant. Eat well and get your sleep. Keep your distance. Wash your hands. Wear a mask.

I hope to see you again soon. Music has been a comfort to me. I hope it is the same for you.

Gloria Ho
CM Chair
Mariam Safinia Lecture
Scholarship Opportunity (Deadline Extended!)
We will have Zoom Live meeting on Saturday May 30, 2020 to present all scholarship recipients. Stay tune for more information!
Accepting New Students
David Ross
Phone: 510-586-9163

Kris Palmer
Flute, Piccolo, Alto Flute, and Bass Flute
Phone: 650-868-3150

Alice Huang
Phone: 510-709-8293
Location: Castro Valley, CA 94546

Julie Chang
Phone: 510-366-2193
Address:716 Solstice Court, Fremont, CA 94539