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Celebrating Student Success
Expanding Pathways for our Students' Futures
April 2021
Lily and Peter with donated Ford vehicle outside of All Saints Catholic Secondary School
Exploring Pathways
"Is It Ever Too Early to Start Planning?" Event
Durham Catholic District School Board's Student Services and Student Success departments hosted a virtual information session for Grade 7-9 students and families on April 20, 2021. This session focused on what students can do now to help prepare for post-secondary life. This session was recorded and can be viewed below.
All Saints Catholic Secondary School Receives Vehicle Donation from Marigold Ford Lincoln and Lincoln Canada
This month, Lincoln Canada and Marigold Ford Lincoln donated a 2020 Lincoln Aviator to All Saints Catholic Secondary School to be used in its Transportation Technology courses.

“Our team at Marigold Ford Lincoln has continued to support students in the Automotive, Cooperative Education Program and Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) for over 20 years,” said Peter Souch, Service Manager, Marigold Ford Lincoln. “We’ve sponsored several student apprentices, many of whom upon graduation have been hired at our dealership full time. This year we’re excited to have Lily Matheson, one of the Grade 12 students at All Saints Catholic Secondary School continue her apprenticeship in the Ford ASSET program here at Marigold Ford Lincoln.”

The donation is part of a nationwide initiative in which Ford of Canada is donating a total of 95 vehicles to automotive technology educational institutions across the country. These vehicles were damaged due to flooding last year and have been deemed irreparable. As such, Ford of Canada saw an opportunity to bring some of the latest in vehicle technology to automotive programs across Canada. Marigold Ford Lincoln prepared the vehicle for this donation that will provide a hands-on learning experience for the students.

As part of this donation, Ford of Canada is providing students at All Saints Catholic Secondary School access to their online Automotive Career Exploration (ACE) training. ACE is a partnership program between Ford Motor Company of Canada, Ford dealerships, and secondary and post-secondary institutions that aims to raise awareness and increase interest in career opportunities within the automotive industry.
“This vehicle represents the latest technology, and in order for our students to have the best training, they need to experience this firsthand,” said Mike Canning, Transportation Technology teacher at All Saints.
“We are so thankful to Marigold Ford Lincoln and Ford of Canada for this donation,” said Flavia De Monte, Cooperative Education and OYAP teacher. “This partnership between our school and Marigold Ford Lincoln is an example of the valuable learning and employment opportunities created when industry collaborates with education to promote skilled trades to our young people.”
As part of the Ford ACE program students gain valuable knowledge of Ford vehicle systems through specialty training in areas such as New Model Training, Electrical Systems, Steering & Suspension and Brakes. These are a subset of the same program current Ford technicians complete to receive specialty training in dealerships.
Experiential Learning
Reflection on a Cooperative Education Experience Job Task
Kalysta, a student at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School, is completing a co-operative education placement with a local elevator company. She is working in the warehouse learning about the elevator maintenance trade.

Kalysta created a short video highlighting one of her job tasks that she has learned through her placement. This task includes preparing fish plates and hardware for elevator maintenance service off-site. Kalysta showcases the steps in this job task including safe work procedures and examples of numeracy.

  • Ms. Wilson-Clark, Cooperative Education Teacher at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School
Student Voice
The Riveters at All Saints Catholic Secondary School
The Riveters is a girls empowerment group, dedicated to creating a safe space for girls at All Saints. We discuss topics regarding women’s issues and self-growth, in hopes of educating others in the school community. The name comes from the iconic World War II campaign, Rosie the Riveter. The idea for the Riveters was developed at the beginning of the school year when we were learning how different this school year would be. We were missing the social interaction of extra-curriculars and simply talking to others in the community. This group was very needed at our school. We are so thankful that we persevered through the process of getting the group started. This group has brought a great deal of joy to many people in our community.

Back in January, we were discussing how 10-12 people joining the group would be a success. Now, in April, we have over 70 members and growing. The overwhelmingly positive response to the Riveters clearly displayed how necessary a group like this was. The positivity continued to radiate throughout our very first initiative, a menstrual drive, in association with Bleed the North. In a few short weeks, the school community was able to bring in over 13 000 menstrual products and raise over $1000 in monetary donations. All our donations were picked up by Bleed the North to be given to women’s shelters and menstruators who cannot afford products. Right now, we meet every week to have self-improvement workshops, participate in discussions, or plan future initiatives.

To see us speak more about The Riveters’ success so far, check out our interview on CTV news.

The Riveters have many upcoming plans in the works. After the success of our menstrual drive, we are excited to see what the future holds for our group. Currently, we are working with Durham Victim Services on an initiative regarding human trafficking. After attending several different workshops and seminars, we were inspired to make a change in our community where needed most. We are aiming to get educational posters put up in local hotels and motels, with resources and supports for victims of human trafficking. This initiative could help plenty of people across Ontario. The Riveters would like to continue to educate and spread awareness of women’s issues in our community.

Other than planning future events, our long-term goals are set on continuing to grow the group and have our voices heard. We are so incredibly proud of how far the girls have come and where they are going to go. As one of our teacher moderators, Mrs. Arseneau, would say, “we’ll give the girls the tools and the voice to make their ideas into a reality.” We would also love to see similar groups, like the Riveters, get started in other schools within the DCDSB. We are so thankful for the continued support from our community.

  • Olivia E. and Victoria F., Grade 11 students at All Saints Catholic Secondary School
The Riveters with products from the menstrual product drive
Ms. Arsenau and students at the menstrual product drive
Grade 7/8 Regional Arts & Media Program Dance Students Use
the Arts as a Form of Environmental Activism for Earth Day
Four students onstage holding water bottles during dance
The Grade 7/8 Dance students from the Regional Arts & Media Program at All Saints Catholic Secondary School recently explored the idea of using their art form as a means of activism, specifically when it comes to building their knowledge of climate change and ways that we can help protect the planet. Students in Grade 7/8 spent time reflecting on their chosen theme and were responsible for creating and presenting a piece of choreography that used the power of their art form to help bring about social change. Artistic activism is really about generating experiences that lead to measurable shifts in power. In this case, educating others about the harsh realities of climate change and even highlighting some of the ways that we can help.

The featured group's piece is titled, Changing the Current and it is a mix of Grade 7/8 AMP dance students. The group members are Madelyn F., Kaitlyn H., Mia M., and Travi S. Below is the description of their piece:

"For our dance composition we chose to create a piece that really reflects the theme of clean water and sanitization, specifically when it comes to eliminating single use plastics such as plastic water bottles. We titled our piece, Changing the Current because we feel passionate about changing the amount of waste that we produce in order to protect our water and to prevent further water pollution. 

When we began the process of brainstorming an issue to present, we wanted to create a message that was clear about the impact that using a reusable water bottle can have on our oceans. Mrs. Lang allowed us the artistic freedom to not only choose our issue but design our lighting in order to help enhance our message even further. We decided to start with green lights at the beginning of our dance to show the billions of pounds of waste that ends up in oceans that will then take thousands of years to decompose.  We really wanted to use the sound effects of the water bottles throughout the piece to help prove that the entire life cycle of bottled water waste contributes to global warming and causes a mass amount of pollution. Halfway through the dance we decided to change both our lighting and costumes to the colour blue to represent how eliminating the use of plastic water bottles will help clean up our oceans, improve overall air quality and even save marine life. At the end of the dance we decided to feature a spotlight on the moment that Kaitlyn decides to ditch her plastic water bottle for a reusable one and then all join her on stage to raise our own reusable water bottles to a better, cleaner future. As Greta Thunberg said, "The climate crisis has already been solved. We already have the facts and solutions. All we have to do it wake up and change". "

  • Ms. Lang, Madelyn F., Kaitlyn H., Mia M., and Travi S. from All Saints Catholic Secondary School
Emmanuella O. from St. Mary Catholic Secondary School Named a 2021 Loran Scholar
Emmanuella Oladipo
Emmanuella O. is a Grade 12 student at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School. She has recently been named a 2021 Loran Scholar. Over 6,000 student applied to the scholarship, and Emmanuella is one of 30 students from across Canada to be selected!

Emmanuella co-leads a BIPOC unity committee that runs year-round initiatives to unify and educate at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School. She plays for the school rugby team and balances work at Boston Pizza. Emmanuella established an open conversation initiative to shine light on minority voices and the issues facing their communities, and uses social media to advocate for current issues. A big congratulations to Emmanuella on being named a 2021 Loran Scholar!
Student Services/Mental Health
Mental Health Poster Contest
Student with Mental Health Poster submission
Student with Mental Health Poster submission
The Student Services department hosted a Mental Health Poster Contest for DCDSB students. The two overall winning entries will be used to create a board-wide poster, and all winning posters will be featured on social media throughout Children’s Mental Health Week (May 3-7, 2021). Winners will receive a gift card and all students who submitted entries will receive a certificate of participation.

Congratulations to the Two Overall Winners:
  • Dimiana S., Grade 8 at St. Jude Catholic School
  • Naomi P. , Grade 11 at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School

Winners (first and second place) were also selected in each division:
First Place
  • Laritza A., Grade 3 at Durham Catholic Virtual Elementary School
  • Juliana S., Grade 6 at St. Marguerite d’Youville Catholic School
  • Dimiana S., Grade 8 at St. Jude Catholic School
  • Naomi P., Grade 11, St. Mary Catholic Secondary School
Second Place
  • Mila D., Grade 3 at Durham Catholic Virtual Elementary School
  • Galen J., Grade 6 at St. Patrick Catholic School
  • Nikki C., Grade 8 at St. Jude Catholic School* (tie)
  • Abriella A., Grade 7 at St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic School* (tie)
  • Emma F., Grade 11 at All Saints Catholic Secondary School

Thank you to all of the students who participated in the Mental Health Poster Contest. There were an unprecedented 295 submissions! The judges were inspired by the positive messages that were conveyed in the posters, and impressed by the thoughtful planning and creativity of the students. We’d also like to express our sincere gratitude to all of the teachers who supported this initiative, along with the continued work and priority placed on the mental well-being of our students!
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Adult and Continuing Education
Are You Thinking About Your Next Steps?
Two people holding diapers
Employment Training Programs at Archbishop Anthony Meagher Catholic Continuing Education Centre combine classroom learning with on-the-job-experience to prepare students who are 18 years of age or older for work or a post-secondary program.

Custodians are integral members of an organization. Their responsibilities provide staff with a safe, clean and secure environment. Today’s custodial profession requires a great deal of knowledge and skill, so students can prepare for entry-level custodial positions with the Custodial Services Training Program. Students build their resumes with certifications, become trained by knowledgeable professionals in the industry, and gain custodial experience in a work placement. Students can earn 5 high school credits in this program. Graduates of the program have successfully secured employment at long-term care facilities, hospitals, the City of Whitby, and two have recently secured employment with the Durham Catholic District School Board.

The Child Care Assistant Training Program is 18-weeks and gives students the opportunity to learn about theories and stages of child development, child care legislation, child care programming, and gain on-the-job experience in a licensed child care setting. Students can earn 6 high school credits and a number of certifications including First Aid/CPR, Durham Region Day Nursery Infection Prevention and Control, Safe Food Handling and more. Many graduates have secured employment at licensed child care facilities across the region, opened their own home daycares, or have continued their studies in the Early Childhood Education program at college.

Earn PSW accredited certification, marketable skills and work experience in this program. Students can earn 6 high school credits and certifications for employment as a PSW. Over 95% of graduates secure employment during placements in their field. Students must be 19 years of age or order.

Visit www.con-ed.ca for more information.
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Catholic Education Week and Children's Mental Health Week: Nurturing Hope: Cultivating Gratitude (May 3-7, 2021)

Daily Themes
  • Monday, May 3, 2021: Preparing the Earth / Préparer la terre
Nurturing Hope; Cultivating Gratitude Postcard Campaign

  • Tuesday, May 4, 2021: Sowing Seeds of Gratitude/ Semer la gratitude
YouTube Premiere event for the Distinguished Catholic Educator and Leader
Awards Celebration at 4:30 p.m.

  • Wednesday, May 5, 2021: Cultivating Relationships / Cultiver nos relations
Catholic Education Week Province Wide Virtual Mass at 11:00 a.m. with His
Eminence, Thomas Cardinal Collins

  • Thursday, May 6, 2021: Harvesting New Fruit / Récolter de nouveaux fruits
Distinguished Catholic Alumni Award Recipients Announced

  • Friday, May 7, 2021: Marvelling in Wonder / S’émerveiller
Sharing Messages of Hope and Gratitude in our Community
Nurturing Hope; Cultivating Gratitude Postcard
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