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April 2021
Save Money Through Managed Print Services
There's no question about it - the office world will never be the same post-COVID compared to Pre-COVID. Although we may find ourselves back in the offices at 100% capacity by the end of the year (we hope), there has been new precedence set for people's ability to work remotely.

Snowstorm? Is a kid home sick from school? Staying home waiting for a delivery? Instead of taking the day off - how likely are you to work remotely?

For almost 10 years, Copier Fax Business Technologies has been offering the service of scanning your paper files, and digitizing them so they are safely stored in the cloud, easily searchable and accessible, all while giving the entire office the ability to view, edit and share files any time, anywhere.

A good majority of the businesses we have serviced used our program as a way to save space in their offices. Instead of having entire rooms full of filing cabinets - the space is utilized for more office space.

Any and all files can be digitized - including architectural drawings, photos, booklets, etc. from any age.

With the transition back into offices, we are shining a light on this incredible service that we offer, and we are offering a complimentary "Banker's Box" scan for any new or current DocuWare Customers looking to utilize our scanning services.

More information can be found below. Get in the digital world!
How much office space is used for files?
Reduce Costs. Increasing Productivity. Save Time. Save Space.

In real estate, the cost per square footage could make or break the deal. Maximizing how you use that square footage should be equally important. How much rent are you paying for space to store your files? How necessary is it to have the physical paper files in your office, versus digital access?

We created a guide to help you estimate how much paper fills up certain spaces. From there - we can determine a cost to digitize those files, while you can determine the money you save by better utilize that space!
Copier Fax Named One of Best Places to Work
Last month, CFBT was honored by Buffalo Business First for being named one of the Best Places to Work in Western New York!

This is our sixth time achieving this honor, which is extra special after a year full of many challenges and uncertainties from COVID.

This would not be achievable without the incredible team working together to create the special work environment we've enjoyed over the years. Thank you for all that you do in contributing to this great achievement!
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