April 2021 | Issue 2
Community & Alumni Spotlights
David Murdoch, Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum CEO & Chairman
“I think you just have to love people, and you have to like history. And when you see these little kids' faces light up when you’re standing there with all your stuff on and they come up and ask if they can hold your hand or take a picture with you, it pulls at your heart strings.”

Community Leader Spotlight: David Murdoch
When someone helps build something as grand as Cleburne’s Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum, one might think it was a realization of a lifelong dream. And although history is a love of the museum’s charter president David Murdoch, he just happened upon what will undoubtedly become a great part of his legacy.

“There were two other gentlemen involved, and they had just moved the courthouse there,” said Murdoch of the beginning of his involvement with the museum. “My ranch is right around the corner from there, so I just stopped by to see what they were doing, got to know them, and it became obvious pretty quick that they needed a quarterback. So, I just started to help them.”

That was in 2003. Pretty soon, Murdoch was dressing in chaps saddled with ropes and six-shooters as one of a handful of cowboys for the museum’s first annual event, Pioneer Days.

“The first time we had Pioneer Days, my wife walked past me three times asking people where I was. She didn’t even recognize me because I had on my 10-gallon hat and my chaps,” Murdoch laughed.

Murdoch’s John Wayne attire may have been a disguise during that first event, but after 17 years of Pioneer Days, it eventually became a staple look for the museum’s current CEO and chairman.
Alumni Spotlight: Francisco Rodriguez, 2013
Francisco “Frankie” Rodriquez was in awe of jazz and marching bands from the time he was a student at Coleman Elementary School in Cleburne ISD. The Cleburne High School jazz band performed for Rodriquez and his young peers as part of a tour to showcase the band program.

“I thought it was the coolest thing in the world,” Rodriquez recalled. “As soon as the opportunity came to fill out my elective sheet for middle school, I already knew what was going to be my first choice.”

From that moment, Rodriquez’s musical journey was set in motion—leading him from aspiring Cleburne ISD middle school trumpet player to current Fort Worth ISD Stripling Middle School head band director.
Francisco "Frankie" Rodriguez (right)
2013 Hill College Alumni
"My goal is to provide the highest standard of musical excellence while creating a meaningful atmosphere where students can learn to take on any challenge.”

Program Spotlight: Continuing Education
Affordable Continuing Education certification, enrichment courses beginning in April
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