April 2021
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Resurrecting Joy (and Hats) on Easter!

Here’s a little history for you.

The first Easter parade was in New York after the Civil War. People had basically been dressed more like they were in mourning, in black, but that Easter they really wanted to come in bright clothes and Easter hats. The history and the tradition behind the hats really stems from that. For years, people were known to buy new hats and new spring clothes to wear for Easter.
As years have passed, people have dressed less formally for church (for those who still attend) and the hats have disappeared. However, in some churches in the south (especially African American congregations) they have never left. Sadly, Unitarian Universalist congregations were among the many that ceased wearing hats. However, many years ago, one of the members of UUCG, the late Myra Albert (pictured), began encouraging others to wear hats for Easter and a new tradition was born. Last year, when UUFS met jointly with UUCG, I encouraged Statesboro folks to join in the tradition. So, this year, our second (and hopefully last) Easter of the pandemic, we will once again don our Easter hats for our Zoom Service. Now you don’t have to buy a new one, of course. You can resurrect an old hat by decorating it with a scarf or flower. Perhaps the resurrection of hats can assist us in resurrecting some JOY this Easter, which is the real focus of my message. See you on Easter in my Easter hat!

Join our ONLINE SERVICE* on your computer or smart device. (You will be asked to download ZOOM software if you haven't before. It's safe!) 
Enter this MEETING ID when asked: 479 325 3254

NOTE: Even when Jane is not conducting our online services we use this Zoom link & ID. *However, most 3rd Sundays there is a different meeting ID number. Be sure to check below for the special link to the 3rd Sundays' Zoom Room when applicable.
Unitarian Universalism 101

We are a small religious association. Yet, I believe we have SO much to offer at this critical time to people in our communities. And UUs have much to offer to one another within our communities. The first step is an understanding of Unitarian Universalism, because we are, indeed, different – in a good way! I am going to be sharing a UU 101 class online this April 18 at 9:00 am and I invite you to come and/or invite others to come to find out more about our wondrous faith. We especially invite you if you are new to UU and are interested in becoming a member or a more committed friend. I’ll be providing some historical summaries of both the Unitarian and Universalist faith traditions as well as our history since our merger in 1961. There will be some overview of our associational governance and an exploration of how our movement has "Sided with Love" through the generations.

We will be using a special Zoom Room for this class at this link: https://uuma.zoom.us/j/91971439896.

Please share this link and information with others who may be interested in learning more about our faith tradition. Feel free to email me if you have questions at RevJanePage@gmail.com.

“Resurrection of Joy and Hats”
Rev. Jane Page, Worship Leader.
After so much difficulty in the past year, Easter seems an appropriate time for us to resurrect some JOY in our lives. In her message, Rev. Jane will explore ways that we can work intentionally ourselves and with one another to do this. One way is to follow the tradition of wearing hats on Easter Sunday. We will not be together in person on this Sunday, but we invite you to don your favorite hat or Easter bonnet then come to our Zoom Sanctuary!

Anthems: "De Colores" and "Lo, the Earth Awakes Again," UU Virtual Choir

April 11 (Send your photos...see information below.)
“Spirit of Life RE class: A Celebration of our Flower Communion”
Carolyn Wallace, Worship Leader
 The Spirit of Life RE class, led by Carolyn Wallace with participants from both the Brunswick and Statesboro congregations have planned this service for all of us. Come participate and commune with beauty!

Anthem: "What is Beauty?"Abby Thompson Trio

April 18 (NOTE: There is a NEW Zoom Room for 3rd Sundays. See below.)
"Durkheim and Religion in a Time of COVID"
M. Alyson Prude, Ph.D. Guest Speaker.
The 19th c. French sociologist, Emile Durkheim, conceived of religion as inseparable from society and the social dynamics that can only occur when people gather together in groups. Our current inability to meet in person allows a unique opportunity to reflect on Durkheim's view and on the nature of "religious" communities in the 21st century American context. What is it that brings individuals together as a church? Are religion and politics more intertwined than we think?
To access the NEW Zoom room, use this link:
Meeting ID: 99733189940
April 25
“We Are…” (SJ1051)
Rev. Jane continues her series using songs from the Singing the Journey (aka the Teal Hymnal) as sacred text and inspiration. Unitarian Universalist and musician extraordinaire, Ysaye Barnwell, wrote the words and music. The song has inspired Jane to think and share more about our identities and connections as we look to the future.

Anthem: "We Are..." UU Virtual Choir

At our Sunday service on April 11, we will be having a Flower Communion ceremony to celebrate our congregational communities and the beauty of spring. This service is being organized by the Adult Religious Education workshop group, Spirit of Life, members. During a flower communion, UUs typically share flowers to show how we make a big beautiful bouquet! Since we are currently on Zoom, we are going to do this part electronically by presenting a slide show of flowers or greenery, along with our members and friends.
We need photos of you! In anticipation of our Flower Communion service on April 11, we would like every member, visitor, and/or family to send us one to two photos of themselves with flowers or greenery. Please take a picture of you with flowers or greenery from a special place, from your yard, or with your favorite flower. Please also let me know what name or names we should identify with your photos. 

Send these photos directly to Carolyn Wallace at carolynswallace@yahoo.com(Please do not send an email to Reverend Jane or by replying to this email.)

The goal for getting these is Friday, April 2.

Thanks so much. We’d love to see you there!

Carolyn Wallace
And, if you have already submitted your photos...thank you!
2:00-3:30 P.M.
Attention, parents and grandparents. An egg hunt is planned at UU on Sunday. Please contact Chief Bunny helper Abby about delivering 20 filled eggs. Abby4waters@yahoo.com
SUNDAY, APRIL 11 at 3:00 P.M.

Bring your own lawn chair if you want to sit. We can enjoy the beautiful grounds and the children can enjoy the playground. And, of course, it will be good to see folks in three dimensions. We will continue to follow CDC guidelines. Greg and I will be at a UU ministers gathering at The Mountain in NC so we will miss this one - but will be thinking of you as we travel back home.

The month of April is the “Prevention of Child Abuse Awareness Month.”
The month of April is “Sexual Assault Prevention Month.”
April 7th—World Health Day
April 12th—International Day for Street Children
April 17th—Youth Homelessness Matters Awareness Day
April 22nd—Earth Day
April 28th—Pay It Forward Day
April 29th—Victims of Chemical Warfare Awareness Day

Karen Lambie
UUFS Social Justice Team
Pandemic does not stop the business of the church, as witnessed by a screen shot of a recent Zoom meeting with Rev Jane, Committee on Shared Ministry Chair Dee Liston and COSM members Michael Williams and Shari Barr.
Statesboro UUs gathered to enjoy spring weather & socially distanced conversation.
Our tradition of giving away half of the offering that is not designated as a pledge continues in 2021, with some adjustments. Rather than designating a charity for each month, the board decided to designate a charity by quarter for now. All offerings received in April, May, and June not designated as "pledges" will be shared with Reverend Jane's Helping Hands Fund to directly help people in our community.

Thank you for your continued support and faithfulness to our congregation, which allows us to remain steadfast in our commitment to serving our community.
You are invited to join  
INGE online for yoga classes every Thursday, 9:30 am.

Please send her an email at ingespencer@me.com
if you want to join her ZOOM classes.

Classes are beginner friendly and there is no fee.
For more information see mindbodycenteryoga.com 
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