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Hoping you are enjoying our beautiful spring weather and the emerging blossoms. Have you heard the peeps? A favorite spring sound!

Please see below our lovely poem, by our very own animal lover and local poet laureate, Marie Higgins.

There are many things going on in the world today, but our focus is still on the animals and building our Sanctuary.

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Have seen our newest blog about cat shelters? Check out the project we are currently working on - the flyer is below. For only $50 you can help sponsor a shelter, (materials to purchase) that our volunteers build and place in local cat communities.

May 15th is our Yard Sale! Over 20 spaces purchased to benefit Harmony. There will be new items, old items, and $20 brow waxings. Please see the flyer below!

Spring time is also the time when we see an abundance of kittens being born. We are always looking for donations of food, litter pee pads, toys, bedding, etc. If you would like to donate, please contact us at [email protected]..

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With gratitude and appreciation for your support,
Judy Dyke
By Marie Higgins
In summer I like to walk my dog
Down a country road
On an early day with rains just done
We happily spy a toad
Intently we watch which way it hops
And follow it along
To wetlands or the creek bed
While howling its own song
I never know which way I’ll go
‘Cause you’re here with me…
Your nose might spy some flowers
Where I’ll notice honeybees
Sometimes it’s in to brush you go
To flush a singing bird
Or a hidden woodland meadow
To rush a deer-filled herd
One time I let you dig a little
By a maple tree
Unfortunately, you disturbed a nest
Then yellow wasps set free
It’s good we learned the terrain so well
For we knew just where to hide
Not far away a large pond pooled
From rains that poured inside
Instinctively, we jumped in, we splashed
‘til all the stinging was done…
We swam to shore, to rest and bask
In summer’s unending sun 
I hate to see this season go
Because it’s the best of all;
That is, until the landscape changes
And you walk me in to Fall 
Tucker, the dog pictured, has inspired this poem and others by Marie Higgins of Willow Grove, PA. Tucker is Marie's rescue dog, and he's a real sweetie! Marie is the author of Sprouting Spiritual Growth, A Memoir 
TLC for Community Cats
& A New Project

March 28th was National Respect Your Cat Day, a day to celebrate all the hugs and snuggles with your favorite feline companion. We also want to call out community cats, who also deserve love and TLC. It’s easier than one might think to provide a safe, warm shelter for these furry friends.

Read more on this blog post. See the flyer below for more information on Sponsoring a Shelter!
Here are just a few of the colors and styles - Sizes from Small to 2XL! ALL proceeds benefit #Harmony Retreat and Animal Rescue!

Saturday, May 15th
7:30 AM - 12:30 PM
(Set up at 7:00 AM)
No early birds please!

All space proceeds Benefit
Building our Sanctuary!

Featuring New and Used Items.
Brow Waxing for $20!

Please wear your masks!
Keep what you sell or donate a portion back!

Place: 1255 Easton Rd, Warrington, PA 18976
Time: 7:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Rain Date: May 22nd

Do you have a compelling animal story to share? Do you provide a service that can include animals? Would you like to share a story with us. You can provide pictures and your information to be included in our newsletter and possibly our web-site Blog!
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