April 2021
A-Tech's National Honor Society Welcomes New Members
Pictured left to right: Padam Sidhu, Vanessa Welker, Austin Griffith,
Candice Rader, Abigail Escobales, and Ben Allen.
Pictured left to right: Vincent Schismenos, Lydia Jerina, Chris Klotzbach,
Matt Van Epps, Conner Bramer, Alex Kennedy, and Micheala Bateman.
A-Tech's 2020-2021 National Honor Society is proud to welcome their new inductees: Benjamin Allen (Power Sports & Outdoor Equipment I),
Micheala Bateman (Small Animal Care I), Connor Brammer (Carpentry I), Lydia Jerina (Health Care Academy I), Alex Kennedy (Architecture & Engineering Design I), Christopher Klotzbach (Carpentry I),
and Matthew Van Epps (Architecture & Engineering Design I). 
The induction ceremony will be held on Wednesday, April 14th. New inductees will be joining our current National Honor Society Members: Austin Griffith (Horticulture, Landscaping & Parks Management II),
Padam Sidhu (Health Care Academy II Pharmacy), Vanessa Welker (Early Childhood Education II), and Candice Rader (Visual Design & Imaging II).
Students Earn ASE Certification
Automotive Collision Technology I students (back to front) Jack Brown, Alexzander Rounds,
Matt Mitcham, and Kasey Reho,take the online portion of their ASE Certification test.
Automotive Collision Technology I students are gaining a competitive advantage working on their ASE certification! It is just one of the many industry-recognized credentials available to students at A-Tech!
For more information on the Automotive Collision Technology program,
check out our website www.atech.edu or contact Ms. Schumann
at 440-576-6015, ext. 1115 or amanda.schumann@atech.edu.
Abriel Rood repairs a fender.
Tanner Meade prepares for ASE Certification.
Online Plant Sale
Pre-order online at

Cash or check will be accepted at pick up.
Our plants are growing. Orders begin in late April or early May.
Pick Up Times:
Annuals, Perennials, Garden Plants, and
Tropical House Plants.
Call 440-576-6015, ext. 1128
Mammal Madness
Austin Griffith makes a selection in the “March Mammal Madness” project in his Environmental Science Class.
It is March Madness time in the Science Department at A-Tech! Our science department has its own version of the annual tournament which includes filling out brackets, upsets and “Cinderella” teams. It “simulates” combat between many creatures in the animal kingdom.

The project enables students to celebrate animals, ecosystems,
and science. Scientific literature is used to determine likely outcomes
of the battles based on the attributes of the two species, while also
considering the battle environment. 

“I love the enthusiasm students have shown while completing their
brackets and the great discussions about animal adaptations and survival potential as they defend their choices,” said A-Tech Environmental Instructor, Mrs. Cheryl Bornino.

“It really gives you an in-depth understanding of the defenses these animals have and how they would use them in the wild, with a bit of a twist and a few funny match-ups along the way,” said Austin Griffith, who is also a senior in the Horticulture, Landscaping & Parks Management Program.
FCCLA Regional Competition
Congratulations to
Kaitlyn Schlote for earning a Bronze medal for her
Job Interview project at
the Regional FCCLA competition. Kaitlyn
is a senior in the in
Early Childhood
Education II program.
Signing Night!
A-Tech Signing Night
Thursday, April 15th
A-Tech's incoming students for the 2021-2022 school year are invited to attend Signing Night on Thursday, April 15th.

Watch the mail for more information!
Adult Workforce Development
Financial Aid available for those who qualify.
Interest-free payment plans also available.
For more information about
Adult Workforce Development programs, call 440-576-6015, ext. 1040
or email lynn.leary@atech.edu