April 22, 2021

By Tom Sponsel, CPA/ABV, CFF
Managing Partner

Do you see all the NOW HIRING signs everywhere? The single most current challenge to all businesses is adequately securing the talent to run their businesses — at all levels! We hear this from every business owner and manager we talk to. Alert: Your competitors are coming after your workforce!

With the COVID-related federal unemployment benefits and multiple stimulus payments, many people aren't eager to re-enter the workforce. And because in many cases these enhanced benefits are surpassing normal earned wages, job seekers are wanting more money to come to work. In addition, the economy is predicted to boom in the second half of the year, which will drive up wages and increase competition for the needed talent to serve the growth.


By Lisa Purichia
Partner, Director of Accounting Services & Retirement Plan Services

Now that the fog of COVID seems to be lifting, it’s time to get a clear view of how your business is performing. With the significant disruption in regular business operations over the past 12 months, you as a business owner and manager may be wondering, “What and how do I measure how my business is doing?” One of the best ways to do that is by looking at your specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These are specific data measurements that measure your business operation’s performance in terms of:

  • Financial Strength
  • Profitability
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency

Just to name a few general KPI categories.


Andrea Sloan is "always up for a challenge and going down the path less followed." That's evident in how she went from serving in the United States Army Reserves to owning GroundBreakers, LLC, one of Indiana’s leaders in hydrovac excavation services.

Next week, Andrea will own 100 percent of the company, making it an official woman and veteran-owned business.


Abigail Hedges has been with Sponsel for almost five years now. She joined the firm on the heels of her graduation from Taylor University, where she earned bachelor's degrees in accounting and management. Since her graduation, she has earned her CPA designation.

As a Staff Accountant in the Tax Services department, her role involves preparing and reviewing tax returns. She has experience working with not-for-profit entities, individuals, partnerships, S-corporations and C-corporations.

A Big Thank You to the Sponsel Team!

Our "busy season" seems to grow more challenging each year, but our team continues to rise to the occasion. We'd like to give them and their families a big thank you for their patience and the sacrifices they've made during this time. Our team members' professional energy is stunning, and they always deliver the goods. Much appreciated!

Tax Day Extension

If you missed the April 15 deadline, have no fear! Remember that the IRS extended the filing and payment date for 2020 federal individual income tax returns from April 15, 2021, to May 17, 2021.

Another Friendly Tax Reminder

One more heads up about taxes: Your personal property tax returns are due to be filed by Monday, May 17!