April Updates and Reminders
33rd Annual NCORE Conference
June 7-11, 2021
Registration is Live
Call for Nominations
NCORE Suzan Shown Harjo Systemic Social Justice Award
We call on you to submit a nomination for the NCORE Suzan Shown Harjo Systemic Social Justice Award. This prestigious award is an annual recognition of the work of an individual or organization whose actions have been transformational on social justice issues of race, ethnicity, and sovereignty at the systemic level by affecting laws, policies, organizational structures, and community practices.

Deadline: April 30, 2021
NCORE Webinar Series
April 28, 2021
3:00 - 4:30pm CST
Diversity Senior Leadership Roles within Higher Education: Are You Ready?
NCORE Job Board
Check out our Job Board to submit a listing or view dozens of national employment opportunities.
The Southwest Center Film Series
Our newest program brings regional filmmakers, collaborators, and co-conspirators together for discussions on identity, creativity, and activism.
Check out our first session with Laron Marquez Chapman and Rev. T. Sheri Amore Dickerson!
Oklahoma Higher Education Network:
Oklahoma Indigenous Higher Education Webinar
April 21, 2021
Outcomes for the webinar include: 
· Better understanding of the significance of sovereignty for Native Nations and what this means for citizens in education; 
· Better understanding of the importance of cultural competence among faculty and staff in educational institutions; 
· The ability to recognize needs for structural changes in institutions to address inequity, access and success; and, 
· Establishment of networks in Oklahoma for partnering to increase access, retention and educational attainment.
Request for Proposals:
Consultant in Areas of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
The POD Network is a professional society for people who work at (or with) colleges and universities to improve teaching and learning. They provide professional development and a community of practice for scholars and practitioners of educational development and serves as a leading voice on matters related to teaching and learning in higher education.
From the POD Network
NCORE is a program of the Southwest Center for Human Relations Studies at the University of Oklahoma Outreach/College of Continuing Education.